Content Creation with Midjourney

Learn how to utilize Midjourney for content creation
Content Creation with Midjourney
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Content Creation with Midjourney

What you’ll learn

Learn how to generate images on Midjourney
Learn how to write effective prompts on Midjourney
Learn how to build a short video content
Learn how to grow your audience and monetise your content
Learn how to utilise Midjourney from the perspective of content creator

Content Creation with Midjourney


No previous experience in Midjourney is required
Willingness to learn, be creative, and innovative


Welcome to Content Creation with a Midjourney course. Here, in this course, you will learn how to generate images using Midjourney from a content creator perspective where the course will put a heavy emphasis on optimizing your creativity and innovation to produce high quality, eye-catching, and valuable contents for your audience. In addition, you will be equipped with all necessary skills and knowledge to communicate efficiently with Midjourney by entering specific targeted prompts. Some of you might be wondering why entering the right keyword is important, well the answer is actually pretty simple, as we all know Midjourney is definitely not a human, as matter of fact Midjourney is an artificial intelligence program, therefore, it is very essential for us to make sure Midjourney clearly understands what we are asking for or what output that we are expecting to get.The course will also go over important aspects that you need to master when it comes to creating high quality and interesting contents, such as topics/ideas, utilizing AI to generate you content script outline, operating free text to audio and image to video AI platform as well as designing thumbnail to catch audiences’ attention. In addition, the course will also provide you with comparison analysis on social media platforms that you should choose to post your contents, you will be exposed to full comprehensive analysis on the pros and cons of Tiktok, Youtube shorts, and regular Youtube. Finally at the end of the course, you will learn multiple different ways to build up your audience and monetise your content or even turn it into full time business.Below are things that you will learn and master from this course:Basic prompts to generate image on MidjourneyFull step by step tutorial to generate image on MidjourneyGenerating content outline and script using ChatGPTTurn collection of images and content script into a short video using AIDesign eye catching thumbnailFull comprehensive comparison between Tiktok and YoutubeStrategies to build audienceStrategies to monetise your contentThis course also comes with a fully guided project of creating 1 minute short video about “What Life Look Likes in New York 200 Years Ago?” which was built using several images generated by Midjourney and storyline generated by ChatGPT. We built the video using an AI video editor called Veed which enables us to turn text generated by ChatGPT to audio and images generated by Midjourney to video, then, eventually integrate the audio to the video as the final product.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to the Course

Lecture 2 Highlight of the Course

Lecture 3 Whom This Course is Intended for?

Section 2: Tools & Resources

Lecture 4 Tools & Resources

Section 3: Introduction to Midjourney

Lecture 5 Introduction to Midjourney

Lecture 6 Example of Images

Lecture 7 Entering Prompts

Section 4: Midjourney Full Tutorial

Lecture 8 Getting Started

Lecture 9 Creating Discord Account

Lecture 10 Community Guidlines

Lecture 11 Subscription Plan

Lecture 12 Exploring Midjourney Discord

Lecture 13 Generating Images

Section 5: Creating Contents

Lecture 14 Creating Content

Lecture 15 Generating Content Script with ChatGPT

Lecture 16 Creating Video with AI

Lecture 17 Content Project: Life in NewYork 200 Years Ago

Section 6: Designing Thumbnail

Lecture 18 Designing Thumbnail

Lecture 19 Creating Thumbnail with Picsart

Section 7: Comparison: Tiktok vs Youtube

Lecture 20 Tiktok vs Youtube

Section 8: Building Audience

Lecture 21 Building Audience

Section 9: Monetisation Strategies

Lecture 22 Monetisation Strategies

Section 10: Conclusion & Summary

Lecture 23 Conclusion & Summary

Content creators and social media influencers,AI art enthusiasts,UGC (User Generated Content) specialists

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Udemy | English | 2h 25m | 1.33 GB
Created by: Christ Raharja

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