Content Marketing Business Growth wContent Marketing AI

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Content Marketing Business Growth wContent Marketing AI
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Content Marketing Business Growth wContent Marketing AI

What you’ll learn

Learn how to use content marketing to grow your business
Supercharge your content marketing with the help of ChatGPT & AI Content Generation
Create simple marketing funnels that actually work, turning strangers into repeat customers
Get more followers, subscribers, and potential customers
Develop a content ideation and creation system that doesn’t burn you out
Understand who your target audience is to create better content
Publish content in the right format and place for your target audience
Use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to deliver and promote your content
Measure the results of your content marketing and iterate for success

Content Marketing Business Growth wContent Marketing AI


No prior knowledge of content marketing is required.
You’ll learn all of the basics of content, so this is the perfect course for beginners.


Welcome to the only class you need to learn how to use content marketing to grow your business and brand. From coming up with great content ideas to creating marketing funnels that actually turn strangers into customers, this course covers it all.After taking this course, you’ll know the exact steps to creating, publishing, and promoting content to achieve any of your goals. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with content marketing:Get more followersIncrease website trafficGrow an email listMake more salesAutomate marketing with ChatGPTand so much more!This content marketing course is based off the instructor’s own experience using content marketing to grow his own 7-figure business. What you learn will be actionable, realistic, and easy to start on any budget for any type of businessWhat will you learn?Content Marketing Basics: Learn why content marketing is important for any modern business, the best formats and platforms to use, and how it all fits in to a digital marketing funnel.Branding Your Business: Truly understand what your business goals and and how content marketing can help you achieve them.Target Audience: Create customer personas based off of demographics to improve how you create content that helps your ideal customer.Content Ideation: Come up with amazing content ideas and develop a system so you never run out of content your audience loves.Content Marketing Formats: Understand the different types of content and which ones are best for your business.Creating Your Content: Learn best practices for writing great articles and making great visual, audio and video content.Publishing Your Content: Know the best platforms for different kinds of content, and tips for easily repurposing content across multiple platforms.Promoting Your Content: Get more views and engagement with social media, email marketing and other forms of traditional marketing.Marketing Funnels: Build digital marketing funnels that turn potential customers into returning ones with your content.Measuring Your Results: Learn how to use analytics on websites, YouTube and social media to improve your content creation and better achieve your goals.Automating Your Content with ChatGPT & AI Tools: Use ChatGPT / GPT-4 to speed up your workflow and save money. ChatGPT can help research, outline & write content for you.This content marketing course covers it all, and if you put into practice all of the techniques taught in the course, you should have a professional marketing system that helps your business grow. You can also use these skills to get a job in the booming digital marketing space.Our Happiness GuaranteeIf you aren’t happy with the course, we have a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund. We always try our best to support you, answer your questions in a timely manner, and update the course if there’s anything you need.What are you waiting for?Start using modern content marketing methods today! I’ll help you come up with a full-fledged content marketing strategy to help grow your business.See you in class!Phil


Section 1: Introduction to the Content Marketing Course

Lecture 1 Welcome to the Content Marketing Course | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 2 DOWNLOAD: The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 3 Where are the New ChatGPT Lessons?

Section 2: Content Marketing Basics

Lecture 4 What is Content Marketing & Why is it Important? | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 5 Tips to Improve Your Course Taking Experience | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 6 DOWNLOAD: Top 10 Content Marketing Ideas | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 7 A Brief Overview of Content Formats & Platforms | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 8 How Does a Content Marketing Funnel Work? | Content Marketing Course

Section 3: Content Marketing: Define Your Brand & Purpose

Lecture 9 DOWNLOAD: Branding Worksheet | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 10 What is Your Brand’s Purpose? | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 11 How to Position Your Brand | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 12 What is Your Unique Selling Proposition? | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 13 Choose Your Brand Personality | Content Marketing Course

Section 4: Content Marketing: Define Your Target Audience

Lecture 14 Who is Your Target Audience? Create Content for Them! | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 15 Understand Your Audience’s Pain Points to Improve Your Content

Lecture 16 Where Does Your Audience ‘Live’ Online? | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 17 Create Customer Personas and Create Content for Them | Content Marketing Course

Section 5: Content Marketing: Come Up with Great Content Marketing Ideas

Lecture 18 Create an Ideation System to Ramp Up Your Content Creation

Lecture 19 Content Marketing Case Study: Idea Brainstorm | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 20 Content Marketing Case Study: Idea Research | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 21 Ask Your Audience to Get Great Content Marketing Ideas

Section 6: Content Marketing: Content Marketing Formats

Lecture 22 What Content Marketing Formats Are There? | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 23 Content Marketing Case Study: Writing / Articles | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 24 Content Marketing Case Study: Visuals / Photography | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 25 Content Marketing Case Study: Video | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 26 Content Marketing Case Study: Audio / Podcasts | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 27 Content Marketing Case Study: Social Media | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 28 Repurposing Your Content to Save Time and Make Life Easier

Section 7: Content Marketing: Create Amazing Content to Market Your Business

Lecture 29 Introduction to this Section | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 30 Write Great Content | Tips for Improving Your Written Content Marketing

Lecture 31 Make Great Video Content | Tips for Improving Your Video Content Marketing

Lecture 32 Make Great Visual Content | Tips for Improving Your Visual Content Marketing

Lecture 33 Make Great Audio Content | Tips for Improving Your Audio Content Marketing

Lecture 34 Make Great Social Media Content | Tips for Improving Your Social Media Content

Section 8: Content Marketing: Publish Your Content

Lecture 35 DOWNLOAD: Social Media Checklist | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 36 Create a Marketing Plan & Content Schedule | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 37 DOWNLOAD: Sample Content Marketing Calendar | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 38 Where Should You Post Articles? | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 39 Where Should You Post Video Content? | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 40 Where Should You Post Audio Content? | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 41 Where Should You Post Visual Content? | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 42 Case Study: Phil’s Facebook Video Content | Content Marketing Course

Section 9: Content Marketing: Content Marketing Funnels

Lecture 43 Create a Content Marketing Funnel | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 44 Content Marketing Case Study: Email Marketing Funnel | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 45 Content Marketing Case Study: Article Marketing Funnel

Lecture 46 Content Marketing Case Study: Video Marketing Funnel | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 47 Content Marketing Case Study: Social Media Marketing Funnel

Section 10: Content Marketing: Promote Your Content

Lecture 48 Introduction to this Section | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 49 DOWNLOAD: Sample Content Marketing Promotion Schedule | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 50 Boost Social Media Engagement | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 51 Promote Content with Email | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 52 Promote Content by Word of Mouth | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 53 Promote Content with Traditional Marketing Techniques | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 54 Promote Content with Collaborations | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 55 Promote Content with Paid Advertising | Content Marketing Course

Section 11: Content Marketing: Measuring Your Content Marketing Results

Lecture 56 What Analytics Should You Look At? | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 57 Content Marketing Case Study: Website Analytics | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 58 Content Marketing Case Study: YouTube Analytics | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 59 Content Marketing Case Study: Social Media Analytics | Content Marketing Course

Lecture 60 Adjust and Improve Your Content Marketing | Content Marketing Course

Section 12: Content Marketing with ChatGPT / AI Tools

Lecture 61 Introduction to the ChatGPT Section

Lecture 62 How to Sign Up for ChatGPT and 5+ Tips to Get the Best ChatGPT Results

Lecture 63 Find Keywords & Content Ideas with ChatGPT

Lecture 64 Create Article, Video, Podcast Outlines with ChatGPT

Lecture 65 Write an Entire Article with ChatGPT

Lecture 66 Generate Catchy Titles & Headlines with ChatGPT

Lecture 67 Come Up with Great Social Media Post Ideas with ChatGPT

Lecture 68 Write Social Media Post Copy with ChatGPT (Instagram, Facebook, etc)

Lecture 69 Create Engaging Polls & Quizzes with ChatGPT

Lecture 70 Create Fun Facts, Inspirational Quotes and Jokes on any Topic with ChatGPT

Lecture 71 Generate Trending YouTube Video Ideas with ChatGPT

Lecture 72 Write a Video Script with ChatGPT

Lecture 73 Generate YouTube Video Tags with ChatGPT

Lecture 74 Write a YouTube Video Descriptions with ChatGPT

Lecture 75 Improve Your Closed Captions on YouTube with ChatGPT

Lecture 76 Research Podcast Ideas & Come Up with a Catch Podcast Name with ChatGPT

Lecture 77 Outline & Script Podcast Episodes with ChatGPT

Lecture 78 Brainstorm Interview Questions & Find Potential Podcast Guests with ChatGPT

Section 13: Course Conclusion

Lecture 79 Thank You Video | Content Marketing Course

Section 14: Bonuses from Video School

Lecture 80 Bonus Lecture: Learn More from Phil + Video School | Content Marketing Course

Anyone looking to grow a business with content marketing,Entrepreneurs, digital marketers, freelancers, online course creators, YouTubers, social media influencers,Beginners just getting started with an online digital marketing strategy,Anyone wanting to grow a business with honest sales techniques that grows an audience that likes, knows and trusts you and your business

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Created by: Phil Ebiner

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