Content Marketing Masterclass Create Content That Sells

Master content marketing to grow your business: content creation, promotion, copywriting, SEO, email marketing, & more!
Content Marketing Masterclass Create Content That Sells
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Brad Merrill


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Content Marketing Masterclass Create Content That Sells

What you’ll learn

Increase your sales, traffic, and brand recognition using the power of digital content
Grow a business from scratch or build upon your existing strategy
Understand the cognitive buying journey and how your content can inspire people to take action
Optimize your website for content marketing and drive profitable user action
Develop a system for consistently generating new content ideas
Understand the importance of effective writing and how to become a better writer
Become familiar with some of the most effective types of content
Generate an endless stream of valuable content by repurposing what you’ve already created
Optimize your site for search engines to drive a consistent stream of free traffic
Promote your content and drive traffic from a wide variety of sources
Use valuable content to grow your email list and build an effective sales funnel
Learn about external marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Collect and analyze data to measure your results and optimize future campaigns

Content Marketing Masterclass Create Content That Sells


No prior marketing experience required.


Welcome to the Content Marketing Masterclass, a complete guide to growing your business in the modern world using the power of digital content.I’ve spent more than a decade working at the intersection of business and media, which has provided me with a unique competitive advantage as we’ve entered this world where every company is expected to be a media company.In this course, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to plan and execute a content marketing strategy that drives your business forward. By the end, you’ll have all the tools you need to successfully market your products and services in the digital age.Here are some of the things we’ll cover:Classic Marketing Fundamentals: Basic principles from the “old world” of marketing that you’ll need to understand for this course. Beginners are welcome here!Content Marketing Essentials: What content marketing is, how it works, how to tell a compelling story, and how to create detailed buyer personas to guide your approach.Web Design: How to optimize your website for content marketing and build a well-oiled, lead-generating machine.Generating Content Ideas: Develop a system for getting to know your audience and consistently generating new content ideas.Copywriting: We’ll discuss why effective writing is so important, and you’ll learn all about headlines, structure, vocabulary, tone, calls-to-action, editing, as well as a number of tips to help you become a better writer overall.Types Of Content: Learn about the most effective types of content, and see more than a dozen specific content ideas that you can steal and apply to your own strategy.Content Formats & Repurposing: Get familiar with various content formats and learn how to create an endless stream of fresh content simply by repurposing what you’ve already created.SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Everything you need to know to optimize your site for search engines and drive free, organic search traffic to your content.Content Promotion: Learn to actively promote your content and drive traffic from a variety of sources.Email Marketing: Use valuable opt-in incentives to grow your email list, bring people into your sales funnel, and build deeper relationships with your audience.External Marketing Channels: Learn how platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can tie right into your overall content strategy.Measuring Your Results: Collect and analyze data to measure the results of your content marketing efforts, and ensure that you’re always making progress toward your goals.As you can see, this course covers a lot of ground, and you should walk away with a professional-level understanding of how to market products and services in the modern world. You can apply this knowledge to grow your own business, or to boost your marketing career with your employer or clients.I think you’re going to love this course, and my confidence is backed by Udemy’s 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you get a full refund—no questions asked.With all of that in mind, I hope to see you inside!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Classic Marketing Fundamentals

Lecture 2 What Is Marketing?

Lecture 3 How Marketing Has (And Hasn’t) Changed

Lecture 4 Understanding The Cognitive Buying Journey (And Funnels!)

Lecture 5 A Good Way To Visualize AIDA

Lecture 6 A Word Of Warning

Lecture 7 Glossary Of Marketing Terms

Section 3: Content Marketing Essentials

Lecture 8 What Is Content Marketing, And How Does It Work?

Lecture 9 Defining Your Goals

Lecture 10 The Importance Of Storytelling: How To Tell Compelling Stories

Lecture 11 How To Create Detailed Buyer Personas

Lecture 12 Action Steps: Goals & Buyer Personas

Section 4: Web Design

Lecture 13 Why Good Design Matters

Lecture 14 The Importance Of Responsive Design

Lecture 15 How Minimizing Your Design Can Maximize Your Results

Lecture 16 Why You Should Be Using Landing Pages (And When)

Lecture 17 Baking Social Proof Into Your Site

Lecture 18 Planning For Edge Cases

Lecture 19 Why I Recommend Using WordPress

Lecture 20 Action Steps: Web Design

Section 5: Generating Content Ideas

Lecture 21 The Importance Of Having A Reliable Ideation System

Lecture 22 Creation Begins With Consumption

Lecture 23 Conducting A “Brain Dump”

Lecture 24 The #1 Tool For Content Research And Competitive Analysis

Lecture 25 Questions Straight From Your Target Audience

Lecture 26 Eavesdropping On Niche Communities

Lecture 27 How Your Existing Audience And Content Can Help You Generate New Ideas

Lecture 28 Action Steps: Generating Content Ideas

Section 6: Copywriting

Lecture 29 The Importance Of Effective Writing

Lecture 30 How To Write Perfect Headlines

Lecture 31 Matching Your Audience’s Tone And Vocabulary

Lecture 32 Maintaining Focus With Your Content

Lecture 33 How To Write A Call-To-Action

Lecture 34 How Grammatical Errors Can Cripple Your Marketing Efforts

Lecture 35 How To Become A Better Writer

Section 7: Types Of Content

Lecture 36 Content Types Intro

Lecture 37 How To Create Epic List Content

Lecture 38 Teaching Your Audience With Tutorials

Lecture 39 Two Approaches To Q&A Content

Lecture 40 Interviews & Profiles

Lecture 41 Combining A List With An Interview

Lecture 42 How To Create Valuable Reviews And Comparisons

Lecture 43 Working News Into Your Content Strategy

Lecture 44 Creating Valuable Roundups And Resource Lists

Lecture 45 Thought, Opinion, And Controversy

Lecture 46 Stories As A Content Format

Lecture 47 Statistics And Original Research

Lecture 48 Presenting Complex Data For Visual Learners

Lecture 49 How To Write A Case Study That Turns Readers Into Buyers

Lecture 50 Action Steps: Types Of Content

Section 8: Content Formats & Repurposing

Lecture 51 Content Formats

Lecture 52 How To Generate An Endless Stream Of Fresh Content

Lecture 53 Watch Me Turn One Video Interview Into More Than A Dozen Pieces Of Content

Lecture 54 Action Steps: Content Formats & Repurposing

Section 9: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Lecture 55 A Brief Introduction To SEO

Lecture 56 Understanding Search Engines

Lecture 57 Basic Site Setup For SEO

Lecture 58 Titles And Meta Descriptions

Lecture 59 Themes And Template Settings

Lecture 60 How To Select The Right Keywords And Create High-Ranking Content On Any Topic

Lecture 61 Does Keyword Density Matter?

Lecture 62 Internal Links

Lecture 63 Image Optimization

Lecture 64 Action Steps: SEO

Section 10: Content Promotion

Lecture 65 Why Promotion Is Important

Lecture 66 Strategic Collaboration

Lecture 67 The Formula For A Perfect Guest Post Pitch

Lecture 68 A Simple Way To Get Leading Influencers To Share Your Content

Lecture 69 Teasing Your Content On Social Media

Lecture 70 How To Get Your Content Featured In Popular Resource Lists

Lecture 71 Don’t Neglect This Free Source Of On-Demand Traffic

Lecture 72 How To Promote Your Content In Groups & Niche Communities (Without Being Spammy)

Lecture 73 An Extremely Effective Way To Significantly Grow Your Audience Overnight

Section 11: Email Marketing

Lecture 74 Why An Email List Is Essential For Your Marketing

Lecture 75 How To Entice People To Opt In To Your List

Lecture 76 Lead Magnet Ideas

Lecture 77 Standard Opt-In Forms

Lecture 78 High-Profile Opt-In Forms

Lecture 79 How To Turn Commenters Into Subscribers

Lecture 80 A Counterintuitive Strategy To Increase Your Conversion Rates

Lecture 81 Using Social Proof To Grow Your Email List

Lecture 82 Nurturing Your List: The Key To Maintaining Relationships Over Time

Lecture 83 Action Steps: Email Marketing

Section 12: External Marketing Channels

Lecture 84 External Channels Intro

Lecture 85 Facebook Pages & Ads

Lecture 86 The Perfect Facebook Ad Funnel (For Leads)

Lecture 87 Notes: The Perfect Facebook Ad Funnel

Lecture 88 Facebook Groups

Lecture 89 Marketing On Twitter

Lecture 90 Marketing On Instagram

Section 13: Measuring Your Results

Lecture 91 The Importance Of Data

Lecture 92 Which Data Should You Be Monitoring?

Lecture 93 Moving Forward: What To Do With Your Data

Section 14: Wrapping Up

Lecture 94 The Next Steps

Anyone who wants to grow a business with content marketing: entrepreneurs, marketers, executives, employees, and freelancers will all find value in this course.

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Udemy | English | 3h 46m | 1.64 GB
Created by: Brad Merrill

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