Control Your Day Microsoft Outlook Email Mastery System

A New Approach to Email Management Using Microsoft Outlook and the best practices of David Allen’s Getting Things Done
Control Your Day Microsoft Outlook Email Mastery System
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Control Your Day Microsoft Outlook Email Mastery System

What you’ll learn

A new way to manage email and tasks using Microsoft Outlook and the best practices of Getting Things Done.

Control Your Day Microsoft Outlook Email Mastery System




Take back control of your Inbox Struggling with email management? Is your Inbox out of Control? Control Your Day(CYD) offers a new and better way to manage your email and tasks using Microsoft Outlook. The system incorporates productivity concepts made famous by David Allen in his book Getting Things Done (GTD). The CYD system is in use by thousands of people in countries all over the world. There is no special software required just a standard copy of Microsoft Outlook. With CYD you will stop using multiple folders, to-do lists and reminders to stay organized, instead you will manage everything from one view inside of Microsoft Outlook.  This course will introduce you to the concepts of CYD, provide you with some great email productivity tips and explain how to replace folders with categories, use rules to auto process email messages, create search folders to organize your mail based on due date instead of received/sent date and add next actions and contexts to your messages. Once you are comfortable with the concepts I walk you through how to use CYD to take back control of your day. If you have any questions, just send me a note through Udemy and I will respond as quickly as possible. Get started today! 


Section 1: Email / Productivity Concepts

Lecture 1 Getting Things Done (R)- David Allen

Lecture 2 Schedule your email processing times

Lecture 3 The Four D’s

Lecture 4 Inbox Zero

Lecture 5 Think Before You Hit Send

Lecture 6 Format Your Messages For Success

Lecture 7 Unsubscribe

Lecture 8 Use Multiple Email Addresses

Section 2: Introduction

Lecture 9 Course Overview

Lecture 10 CYD Overview Part 1

Lecture 11 CYD Overview Part 2

Lecture 12 CYD Sneak Peek

Section 3: Outlook Features

Lecture 13 Outlook Setup Tips

Lecture 14 Outlook Categories

Lecture 15 Outlook Rules Engine

Lecture 16 Virtual Search Folders

Section 4: Setting up Control Your Day

Lecture 17 CYD – Outlook Setup

Lecture 18 CYD – Add Due Date and Next Actions Columns

Lecture 19 CYD – Setup your initial categories

Lecture 20 CYD – Create CYD Search Folders

Lecture 21 CYD – Create Context Folders

Lecture 22 CYD – Create the CYD Rule

Lecture 23 CYD – Create CYD Quick Steps

Lecture 24 CYD – Clean up your existing system

Section 5: Using Control Your Day

Lecture 25 CYD – Turn on the CYD System

Lecture 26 Weekly Cleanup

Lecture 27 Setup Projects Folders

Lecture 28 CYD – How to create tasks for yourself

Lecture 29 CYD – Working in CYD

Lecture 30 End of Year Cleanup

Lecture 31 Query Builder

Lecture 32 No Flag Folder

Lecture 33 “Big Stuff”

Section 6: Section 7 – Recently Added Content

Lecture 34 Configure Outlook to delay sending messages created during non-working hours

Microsoft Outlook users,Getting Things Done (GTD) Followers

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Udemy | English | 3h 24m | 1.49 GB
Created by: Jim McCullen

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