Copywriting Bootcamp Master Copywriting for 2023 Beyond

Copy Writing that Sells: Social Media, Headlines, Email Marketing, Websites & Landing Pages, Content Writing, Copywriter
Copywriting Bootcamp Master Copywriting for 2023 Beyond
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Copywriting Bootcamp Master Copywriting for 2023 Beyond

What you’ll learn

Copy Writing that Sells: Social Media, Headlines, Email Marketing, Websites & Landing Pages, Content Writing, Copywriter
You will learn how to write the best copy for any part of a business or marketing campaign
Write better headlines that catch more attention
Write better copy for website landing pages
Write better promotional emails and product announcements
Write better social media posts that get more engagement
Write copy for audio visual content such as YouTube videos, commercials, and viral campaigns
Craft a complete campaign roll out strategy
Build a portfolio and get clients as a copywriter
Create a brand voice and style that works to sell
Understand your market and competition to better write copy
Know the difference between B2B and B2C marketing
Come away with a complete understanding of modern copywriting

Copywriting Bootcamp Master Copywriting for 2023 Beyond


A desire to improve your copywriting
You don’t need any experience copywriting before, we’ll teach you everything in this course


Do you want to learn copywriting so you can better grow a business, make more sales, and engage with customers?Whether you have your own business, work for another business, or want to get a job as a copywriter, this course will cover everything you need to know to master copywriting in the modern world.What sets this copywriting course apart?Not only will you learn modern best practices of a copywriter, you will also learn how to put together a complete marketing campaign for any type of business, brand or product launch. By the end of this course you’ll know how to write better copy for emails, social media posts, marketing campaigns, video content, web pages, and more. Enroll today and get instant access to:5 hours of premium video contentDownloadable copywriting activity workbookDownloadable course slides with all our tips & best practicesFun practice activitiesCopywriting templatesPremium instructor supportLifetime access to course updatesWith this copywriting course, you will learn how to:Structure an effective marketing campaignCreate a brand’s voice and styleAnalyze the market and competitionWrite Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) marketing contentWrite great headlines that instantly capture attentionWrite better webcopy for landing pages with effective calls to actionWrite promotional emails and product announcementsWrite better social media posts that create more engagement with your followersWrite for audio visual content such as YouTube videos and viral postsGet clients and land a job as a copywriterand so much more!Who is this course for?This copywriting course is for anyone looking to start a new campaign from scratch for their personal business, brand or start up. This course is great for beginners who want to learn the ins and outs of copywriting and get their start in the profession, and marketing professionals looking to sharpen their skills.Everyone who takes this course will come away with the knowledge and skills to write the best copy for any part of any campaign, and how to start landing projects and building your professional portfolio. You will also come away with a comprehensive strategy and effective copy, that can be utilized across all platforms for your own personal campaign.Who are your instructors?This copywriting course is led by two instructors: Brian Birmingham, a professional copywriter who currently works in the film, television and gaming industry writing ad content, special shoot scripts, print copy and more; and Phil Ebiner, a video producer and online content creator who has sold products to millions of people around the world. If you want to quickly and easily learn copywriting, this is the course for you.Cheers,Phil Ebiner & Brian Birmingham


Section 1: Introduction & What is Copywriting?

Lecture 1 Welcome to Class | Copywriting Course

Lecture 2 Quick Tips to Improve Your Copywriting | Copywriting Course

Lecture 3 Download the Exercise Workbook | Copywriting Course

Lecture 4 Download the Course Slides | Copywriting Course

Lecture 5 What is Copywriting & What does a Copywriting Job Look Like?

Lecture 6 Tips to Improve Your Course Taking Experience | Copywriting Course

Section 2: The Marketing Campaign

Lecture 7 What Does an Effective Marketing Campaign Look Like? | Copywriting Course

Section 3: Understand Or Create a Brand’s Voice

Lecture 8 Copywriting Begins with the Brand Voice | Copywriting Course

Lecture 9 Let’s Look at Examples of Brand Voice | Copywriting Course

Lecture 10 Exercise 1: Know Your Brand Voice | Copywriting Course

Lecture 11 Exercise 1 Review: Our Brand Voice | Copywriting Course

Section 4: The Brainstorming Process of a Copywriter

Lecture 12 How to Brainstorm Better: Tips from a Copywriter | Copywriting Course

Lecture 13 Exercise 2: Write 10-15 Words… | Copywriting Course

Lecture 14 Exercise 2 Review: Our Words & Phrases | Copywriting Course

Section 5: Know the Market and the Competition

Lecture 15 Learn How to Understand Your Market & Competition as a Copywriter

Lecture 16 Case Study: Understanding My Market Using Research & Analytics

Lecture 17 Exercise 3: Understanding Your Market | Copywriting Course

Lecture 18 Exercise 3 Review: Understanding Our Market | Copywriting Course

Section 6: Business to Consumer (B2C) versus Business to Business (B2B) Copywriting

Lecture 19 What is B2C (Business to Consumer) & B2B (Business to Business) Marketing?

Lecture 20 Case Study: Two Important Things to Do When Writing to a Business

Lecture 21 Exercise 4: Write a Template B2B Email | Copywriting Course

Lecture 22 Exercise 4 Review: Our B2B Email Template | Copywriting Course

Section 7: Headlines, Subject Lines, and Taglines

Lecture 23 The 3 C’s of Effective Headline Copy | Copywriting Course

Lecture 24 Examples of Great Headlines Copywriting | Copywriting Course

Lecture 25 Case Study: Analysis of Effective YouTube Titles | Copywriting Course

Lecture 26 Exercise 5: Come Up with a Headline for Your Company | Copywriting Course

Lecture 27 Exercise 5 Review: Our Company Headline | Copywriting Course

Section 8: Webcopy: Websites, Landing Pages and Calls to Action

Lecture 28 What Does Effective Website Copywriting Look Like? | Copywriting Course

Lecture 29 What is a CTA? Tips for a Better Call to Action | Copywriting Course

Lecture 30 Let’s Look at Great Website Copy | Copywriting Course

Lecture 31 Exercise 6: Write Sample Webcopy | Copywriting Course

Lecture 32 Exercise 6 Review: Our Sample Webcopy | Copywriting Course

Lecture 33 Case Study: Analyzing Phil’s Website Home Page | Copywriting Course

Section 9: Email Copy: Improve Your Email Marketing

Lecture 34 Why Email is Relevant and Important | Copywriting Course

Lecture 35 Tools and Tips for Growing an Email List | Copywriting Course

Lecture 36 Subject Line Tips: What Makes People Open Your Emails | Copywriting Course

Lecture 37 Let’s Look at Great Email Copy | Copywriting Course

Lecture 38 What Emails Should You Write? Here are Several Examples | Copywriting Course

Lecture 39 Qualities of Effective Promotional Emails | Copywriting Course

Lecture 40 Case Study: Phil’s Email Marketing Strategies and Copy Examples

Lecture 41 Exercise 7: Write a Promotional Email | Copywriting Course

Lecture 42 Exercise 7 Review: Our Promotional Email | Copywriting Course

Section 10: Copywriting for Social Media

Lecture 43 Choosing a Social Media Platform | Copywriting Course

Lecture 44 What Types of Posts Should You Write? | Copywriting Course

Lecture 45 Similarities When Writing on Multiple Platforms | Copywriting Course

Lecture 46 Differences When Writing on Multiple Platforms | Copywriting Course

Lecture 47 Social Media Tips & Tricks for More Engagement | Copywriting Course

Lecture 48 T.H.I.N.K. A Better Way to Write for Social Media | Copywriting Course

Lecture 49 Case Study: How I Utilize Multiple Platforms to Increase Engagement

Lecture 50 Exercise 8: Write Copy for Facebook & Instagram | Copywriting Course

Lecture 51 Exercise 8: Our Facebook & Instagram Posts | Copywriting Course

Section 11: Copywriting for Audio Visual Content

Lecture 52 What is AV (Audio Visual) Content? | Copywriting Course

Lecture 53 How Do You Conceptualize and Script Effective AV Content for Your Campaign

Lecture 54 Tips for Writing Better AV Content | Copywriting Course

Lecture 55 Case Study: Phil’s DIY Promotional Videos | Copywriting Course

Lecture 56 Exercise 9: The Video Spot | Copywriting Course

Lecture 57 Exercise 9 Review: Our Video Spot | Copywriting Course

Section 12: Crafting a Campaign Roll Out Strategy

Lecture 58 Introduction to this Section | Copywriting Course

Lecture 59 Creating a Marketing Campaign with No Audience | Copywriting Course

Lecture 60 Creating a Marketing Campaign with a Limited Audience | Copywriting Course

Lecture 61 Creating a Marketing Campaign with an Existing Audience | Copywriting Course

Section 13: Finding Paid Work as a Copywriter

Lecture 62 How to Find a Copywriting Job | Copywriting Course

Lecture 63 Template: Email Introduction & Pitch | Copywriting Course

Section 14: Course Conclusion

Lecture 64 Thank You | Copywriting Course

Section 15: AI & Copywriting

Lecture 65 Introduction to the ChatGPT Section

Lecture 66 How to Sign Up for ChatGPT and 5+ Tips to Get the Best ChatGPT Results

Lecture 67 Find Keywords & Content Ideas with ChatGPT

Lecture 68 Create Article, Video, Podcast Outlines with ChatGPT

Lecture 69 Write an Entire Article with ChatGPT

Lecture 70 Generate Catchy Titles & Headlines with ChatGPT

Lecture 71 Come Up with Great Social Media Post Ideas with ChatGPT

Lecture 72 Write Social Media Post Copy with ChatGPT (Instagram, Facebook, etc)

Lecture 73 Create Engaging Polls & Quizzes with ChatGPT

Lecture 74 Create Fun Facts, Inspirational Quotes and Jokes on any Topic with ChatGPT

Any businesses or brands looking to improve their marketing with better copywriting,Anyone who wants to write better emails, headlines, social media posts, website landing pages,Entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses,Anyone who works for another business and needs to learn modern copywriting practices

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Udemy | English | 5h 42m | 6.11 GB
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