Corporate fraud financial statement fraud forensic audit

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Corporate fraud financial statement fraud forensic audit
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Corporate fraud financial statement fraud forensic audit

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corporate fraud
financial statement fraud
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Corporate fraud financial statement fraud forensic audit


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Financial statement fraud is usually facilitated by management to achieve the desired goals. Company management can misrepresent financial statements in order to make the stock attractive to investors and, as a result, manipulate the stock price. In addition, management can misrepresent financial statements to justify bonuses and high salaries given to the employees of the company. This usually happens when management compensation is related to the company’s performance.The main reason for financial statement fraud is that the company’s position looks better on paper. Financial statement fraud is not always motivated by one person, but it is committed by many.As per the study conducted by the Association of Certified fraud examiners, financial statement fraud, in which the perpetrator deliberately causes a material misstatement or omission in an organization’s financial statements, is the least common (10%) amongst the other operational frauds, yet most expensive category of business-related fraudCorporate frauds have emerged as the biggest risks which companies are exposed to, and are increasingly becoming a big threatRegulations are being regularly tightened to ensure monitoring, vigilance and disclosure mechanisms including whistle blowers’ complaints. It is a universal truth that fraudsters are always a step ahead of regulatorsIn case of frauds involving large amounts causing going concern issues (raising doubts in the ability of the company to continue its operation in the near- future


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Basics

Section 2: Financial statement fraud

Lecture 3 Common techniques

Lecture 4 Revenue timing

Lecture 5 Fictitious recoginition of revenue

Lecture 6 Accounting policies and contracts

Lecture 7 Improper deferment of earned revenue

Lecture 8 Timing difference

Lecture 9 Overstatement of Asset and understatement of liabilities

Lecture 10 Improper disclosures

Lecture 11 Inflating Inventory Value

Lecture 12 Misappropriation ,false sales of inventory

Lecture 13 Investment Schemes

Lecture 14 Accounts receivable

Section 3: Other Frauds

Lecture 15 Payment fraud

Lecture 16 Asset Misappropriation

Lecture 17 Money Laundering and corporate espionage

Lecture 18 Corruption

Lecture 19 Whistle Blowing and corporate frauds

Lecture 20 Securities fraud

Section 4: Case Studies_Stock Market

Lecture 21 Stock Market scam _1

Lecture 22 Stock Market scam_2

Lecture 23 Stock Market scam _3

Section 5: Case Studies_Export Sector

Lecture 24 Export sector_1

Lecture 25 Export sector_2

Section 6: Case Studies_media

Lecture 26 Media

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