Cost of Quality Analysis and Reporting

Expertly collect, analyze and present the data you need to drive continual improvement
Cost of Quality Analysis and Reporting
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Ray Harkins, The Manufacturing Academy


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Cost of Quality Analysis and Reporting

What you’ll learn

The major quality cost “buckets”: Preventive, Appraisal, Internal, and External
How to collect and correctly analyze cost of quality data
How to build a cost of quality report
How to format a COQ report for maximum effectiveness
How to use an Excel Pivot Table to summarize your internal Scrap data
How to apply pareto analysis to your COQ report as a mean of kickstarting your continual improvement initiatives
Where payroll, purchases, training costs, internal scrap, return product freight, an all other quality related costs fit into your analysis
Key concepts of Quality Engineering and Quality Management

Cost of Quality Analysis and Reporting


Basic understanding of manufacturing practices
Basic math and Excel skills
Backround in process quality and problem solving


A complete plan of attack for molding your quality cost information into an informative report that will grab the attention of anyone who cares about the bottom line of your company.  Learn the four standard cost of quality categories.  Learn how to gather the essential building blocks of your report.  Then learn to analyze and summarize this data to DRIVE IMPROVEMENT within your company.In this course, you will learn:What raw data to collect and how to collect itThe four cost buckets: Prevention, Appraisal, Internal and ExternalSources of Quality Costs like payroll, scrap data, training data, customer complaints, returned product freight, etc.How to use Excel formulas like VLOOKUP to speed up your data summaryFormatting and distributing your COQ report for maximum impactHow products are costed from raw material through finished goodsTrends and patterns in COQ dataEstimating defect costs in a process seriesHow to effectively use the provided Excel templatesAnd MUCH MORE!!Cost of Quality is the business foundation for your quality engineering, management and continuous improvement initiatives. By learning the skills provided in this class, you will effectively connect your knowledge and activities as a quality professional to the larger objectives of your company. Sign up today to start learning this critical skill!!


Section 1: Cost of Quality Analysis and Reporting, Lecture Material

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Cost of Quality Categories

Lecture 3 Gathering Your Quality Cost Information

Lecture 4 Quality Purchases

Lecture 5 Payroll

Lecture 6 Payroll Summary

Lecture 7 External Quality Costs

Lecture 8 Internal Scrap Data

Lecture 9 Summarizing Internal Rework Hours

Lecture 10 Training Data

Lecture 11 Introduction to Product Costing

Lecture 12 Calculating Internal Scrap Cost, Part 1

Lecture 13 Calculating Internal Scrap Cost (VLOOKUP), Part 2

Lecture 14 Calculating Internal Scrap Cost, Part 3

Lecture 15 Summarizing External Quality Costs

Lecture 16 Total External Quality

Lecture 17 Total Internal Quality

Lecture 18 Total Appraisal Quality

Lecture 19 Total Preventive Quality

Lecture 20 Total Cost of Quality

Lecture 21 Formatting and Distribution

Lecture 22 Month over Month Summary

Lecture 23 More Analysis Methods

Lecture 24 Conclusion

Lecture 25 Extra Lecture: Estimating Defect Costs in a Process Series

Lecture 26 Additional Resources in Quality Engineering

Lecture 27 Product Costing Reference Slide

Lecture 28 Breakdown of Major Cost Categories

Lecture 29 FREE Cost of Quality Templates

Lecture 30 Bonus Lecture

Manufacturing Managers,Quality Managers,Quality Engineers,Industrial Engineers,Supply Chain Professionals,Quality Technicians and Analysts

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Udemy | English | 2h 46m | 1.62 GB
Created by: Ray Harkins, The Manufacturing Academy

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