Crash Course Thermodynamics

A concise course that emphasizes the most important aspects of problem solving in Engineering Thermodynamics.
Crash Course Thermodynamics
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Crash Course Thermodynamics

What you’ll learn

Fluid Property Charts
Control Volume Analysis
Conservation of Mass / Continuity
1st Law of Thermodynamics
2nd Law of Thermodynamics
Reynolds Transport Theorem
TS Diagrams
Thermodynamic Devices
Ideal Gas Law
Specific Heats
TdS Equations
Polytropic Equation
Heat and Work

Crash Course Thermodynamics


A basic understanding of Thermodynamic Vocabulary (Temperature, Pressure, Heat, etc.)
An understanding of basic integration and derivation.
The desire to learn Thermodynamics.


This course will teach you how to analyze any thermodynamics problem using the most fundamental form of the major thermodynamic equations (Continuity, 1st Law of Thermodynamics, 2nd Law of Thermodynamics). This approach helps prevent students from having to learn specific equations for specific cases, which often makes thermodynamics give students a headache. While the equations in this course will initially seem more complicated than those commonly found in the textbook, the small added complexity allows the equations to apply to all cases. Therefore, once you learn this fundamental approach, every problem will follow the same steps. Further, once you become comfortable with this approach, I strongly believe you will agree with me that Thermodynamics is not as difficult as it seems.


Section 1: Introduction to Fluid Properties

Lecture 1 Fluid Properties and the State Property

Lecture 2 Internal Energy and Enthalpy Clarifications

Lecture 3 Heat Transfer

Section 2: Thermodynamic Devices

Lecture 4 Thermodynamics as a Model

Lecture 5 Heat Exchangers

Lecture 6 Machines

Lecture 7 Throttling Devices

Lecture 8 Devices Recap

Section 3: Fluid Property Tables and Diagrams

Lecture 9 TS Diagram – Constant Property Lines

Lecture 10 Fluid Property Diagrams vs. Tables

Lecture 11 Refrigeration Cycles

Lecture 12 Property Calculations Example: Part 1

Lecture 13 Property Calculations Example: Part 2

Lecture 14 Property Calculations Example: Part 3

Section 4: Problem Solving and Analysis

Lecture 15 Control Volumes

Lecture 16 Steady-State vs Transient Systems and Open vs Closed Systems

Lecture 17 Application Based Integration

Lecture 18 Work Example

Lecture 19 Reynold’s Transport Theory (RTT) Part 1

Lecture 20 Reynold’s Transport Theory (RTT) Part 2

Lecture 21 Intro to the Law Conservation of Mass, 1st Law and 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

Lecture 22 Law Conservation of Mass

Lecture 23 1st Law of Thermodynamics

Lecture 24 Entropy: Part 1

Lecture 25 Entropy: Part 2

Lecture 26 2nd Law of Thermodynamics: Part 1

Lecture 27 2nd Law of Thermodynamics: Part 2

Lecture 28 Recap and Adjustments for Closed Systems

Section 5: Full Example Problems and Accessory Tools

Lecture 29 Problem Solving Overview

Lecture 30 Full Example Problem #1

Lecture 31 TdS Equations

Lecture 32 Polytropic Equation and Ideal Gas Law

Lecture 33 Specific Heats and Compressibility

Lecture 34 Full Example Problem #2

Lecture 35 Efficiency and Performance

Lecture 36 Full Example Problem #3

Lecture 37 Full Example Problem #4

Engineering students struggling with Thermodynamics,Engineering students that would like to understand a fundamental approach to Thermodynamics,Students who want to learn why Thermodynamics is relatively intuitive

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Udemy | English | 4h 36m | 1.14 GB
Created by: James Andrews

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