Create 2D Architectural Drawings with SketchUp Layout

The fast track online course that helps you take your 3D models into 2D space.
Create 2D Architectural Drawings with SketchUp Layout
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Create 2D Architectural Drawings with SketchUp Layout

What you’ll learn

Introduction to SketchUp Layout
Layout project pages and layers
Layout page style and scrapbook elements
Project furniture plan and elements
Project dimensions, grids, elevations
Adjusting project plan visibility and hatches
Project rooms and areas

Create 2D Architectural Drawings with SketchUp Layout


Basic knowledge of SketchUp
A computer with either Windows or Mac to install all the software


Create a seamless 3D and 2D architectural and interior design workflow.Layout has become one of the most powerful and expressive 2D drawing packages offered to architects and interior designers. This useful tool is designed to take the model from Sketchup Pro and convert it into orthographic views, presentation views and other working drawings.If you have a SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Studio License, you’ll find Layout included in the package and you can start using it straight away. In the meantime, join our mini course and learn how to create a lasting impression with your projects thanks to having both 3D and 2D capabilities.What you will learnIn this mini course you’ll learn how to link your 3D SketchUp models to 2D environment in LayOut. We’ll work with project pages and layers, furniture plans, rooms and areas and you’ll get a complete overview how Layout can become an indispensable tool that seamlessly allows 2D drawings to be created out of your 3D model.Lеarn hоw to create 2D drawings and diagrams with Layout3 hours of educational contentTaught by a professional architectInspired by user questionsYou get the drawings file that’s part of the course video FREE when you sign up for this course.Course CurriculumIntroduction to SketchUp LayoutLayout project pages and layersLayout page style and scrapbook elementsProject furniture plan and elementsProject dimensions, grids, elevationsAdjusting project plan visibility and hatchesProject rooms and areas


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Introduction to SketchUp Layout

Section 2: Mastering SketchUp Layout for 2D Drawings

Lecture 3 Model Scenes & Layout Pages

Lecture 4 Project Layers & Styles

Lecture 5 Scrapbook & Furniture Elements

Lecture 6 Dimensions, Grids & Elevation

Lecture 7 Project Visibility, Hatches & References

Lecture 8 Project Rooms, Areas & Final Drawings

Architects,Interior Design Professionals,Construction Professionals working over the “design & build” contracts,Students in architecture, engineering and interior design,Beginner to Advanced Sketchup Users

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 13m | 1.90 GB
Created by: AECO Space

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