Create a website without writing code

Build a beautiful modern website using the Squarespace platform
Create a website without writing code
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Create a website without writing code

What you’ll learn

Build a website without writing code
Know how to use the Squarespace platform
How to launch their new website live

Create a website without writing code


Students will need to set up a trial account at Squarespace


Squarespace has revolutionized the way that websites are created. You no longer need to be a developer to build a website. Anyone of any skill level can create a beautiful, modern and mobile friendly website on the Squarespace platform. In this course you will learn how to: Set up your account on Squarespace Navigate through Squarespace’s interface and use it’s essential features Add content to your site Design and stylize your site Blogging and e-commerce Launch your website live This course is targeted for all skill levels: The absolute beginner with no knowledge of web design will find value in this course. The creative professional, designer or advanced web user will find value in the in depth explanation of Squarespace. The course is all taught through live video and screen captures. The course is approximately 5.5 hours in total although some parts are optional depending on the individuals previous knowledge of web design. The course is structured in two sections. The first half is an in-depth walkthrough and tutorials on how to use Squarespace. The second half of the course shows me actually designing a site from beginning to end.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 About this course

Section 2: Getting Started

Lecture 2 Why Squarespace?

Lecture 3 Planning out your site

Lecture 4 Setting up your Squarespace Account

Lecture 5 A brief tour of Squarespace 7

Lecture 6 How to select the right template

Lecture 7 How to install a template

Section 3: An extended tour of Squarespace

Lecture 8 An extended tour of Squarespace

Lecture 9 Understanding the pages tab

Lecture 10 Understanding the design tab

Lecture 11 Understanding the metrics tab

Lecture 12 The comments tab & Disqus

Lecture 13 Understanding the Settings Tab pt 1

Lecture 14 Understanding the Settings Tab pt 2

Lecture 15 An extend tour outro

Section 4: Using the visual editor

Lecture 16 An introduction to the visual editor

Lecture 17 Understanding the page settings tab

Lecture 18 How to manage text in Squarespace

Lecture 19 Working with links

Lecture 20 How to use the image block

Lecture 21 How to use the gallery block

Lecture 22 How to use the Quote block

Lecture 23 How to use the video block

Lecture 24 How to install a Facebook like box and use the code block

Lecture 25 How to use the form block and create a contact page

Lecture 26 How to use the map block

Lecture 27 Advanced Layout Techniques with the Line Tool

Lecture 28 How to create buttons

Lecture 29 How to use the summary block

Lecture 30 How to integrate social media into your site

Lecture 31 How to edit the footer

Lecture 32 Visual Editor Outro

Section 5: Style Editor

Lecture 33 About the Style Editor

Lecture 34 Using the Style Editor pt 1

Lecture 35 Using the Style Editor pt 2

Lecture 36 Using the Style Editor pt 3

Lecture 37 Using the Style Editor pt 4

Section 6: Blogging

Lecture 38 About Blogging on Squarespace

Lecture 39 How to set up a blog on Squarespace

Section 7: eCommerce

Lecture 40 About Squarespace’s eCommerce Platform

Lecture 41 Setting up eCommerce

Lecture 42 Overview of eCommerce

Section 8: Cover pages

Lecture 43 About Cover Pages

Lecture 44 How to use cover pages

Section 9: Designing a site from start to finish

Lecture 45 About this section of the course

Lecture 46 How to create a sitemap & plan your site

Lecture 47 Building your sites framework

Lecture 48 Creating a photography page

Lecture 49 Creating an about page

Lecture 50 Creating a contact page

Lecture 51 Adding a logo to the website

Lecture 52 How to edit the footer

Lecture 53 Creating the home page

Lecture 54 Stylizing the site

Section 10: How to launch your website

Lecture 55 It’s time to put your website live

Lecture 56 How to launch your website with Godaddy (and other domain providers)

Section 11: Next steps

Lecture 57 Next steps

This course is open to all skill levels,Beginners with no web design experience will love this course and how simple it is,Designers and creative professionals will love the ability to be able to design incredible sites without writing code,Web designers will fall in love with Squarespace and love the platform,Anyone seeking to learn Squarespace or improve in their knowledge will benefit from this course

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 4m | 1.93 GB
Created by: Jake Jorgovan

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