Create an Event Booking Website with WordPress

Learn how to set up an automated booking (or appointment) & payment website for events or services you offer.
Create an Event Booking Website with WordPress
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Create an Event Booking Website with WordPress

What you’ll learn

Automate an online booking or appointment system online
Create a website that can take bookings online using WordPress
Create a landing page for the booking system
Take payments online

Create an Event Booking Website with WordPress


A working knowledge of using WordPress is a distinct advantage.
A connection to the internet and a website for the system to be implemented.


The open-source nature of WordPress allows developers to create plugins that can extend the core functionality of this already great tool.  One of the areas that plugins excel is if you want to set up a booking system online.  My wife wanted to set up a booking and payment website for a series of events she was hosting and looked online for someone to set this up.  However, it was not easy to find anyone that could custom build the site for any kind of reasonable price (hint: great business opportunity), so she asked me.  As a veteran WordPress user, I knew there would be a way to do this with WordPress, so I did the research and found what I consider to be the perfect plugin for the job.  This course will take you through the learning curve to setting up this kind of booking (or appointment) system.  The plugin I use is free for basic use, though will require a paid upgrade (at a very reasonable price) if you want to take online payments as well. I’ll start off by showing you the site that we’ll build in the course, and we’ll then go through step-by-step to build that site.  I don’t use all of the features of the plugin, so I’ll also be including a reference section that goes through all of the stuff I don’t use.By the end of this course, you will be able to set up an online booking system for yourself, or for a client.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Clearing out WordPress

Lecture 3 Privacy Policy

Lecture 4 Install Appointment Hour Plugin

Lecture 5 Install Astra

Section 2: Getting Familiar with the Plugin

Lecture 6 Explore the preset calendar

Lecture 7 Addons

Lecture 8 Online Demo and Help

Section 3: Creating the Site

Lecture 9 The Site we will build

Lecture 10 Create new Calendar

Lecture 11 Add services

Lecture 12 Working Dates

Lecture 13 General Settings for the Calendar

Lecture 14 Notification Emails

Lecture 15 Antispam Settings

Lecture 16 Reports

Lecture 17 Addons

Lecture 18 A Second Calendar

Lecture 19 The About Us Page

Lecture 20 Site Header

Lecture 21 Site Footer

Section 4: Creating the Homepage

Lecture 22 Using Gutenberg for the Homepage

Lecture 23 Using Elementor for the Homepage

Section 5: Adding Payments

Lecture 24 Upgrade Appointment Plugin

Lecture 25 Payment Addons

Lecture 26 Paypal Sandbox account

Lecture 27 Paypal Standard

Lecture 28 Auto cancel pending

Lecture 29 Frontend lists

Lecture 30 WooCommerce for easier Payments

Lecture 31 Integrate WooCommerce Plugin

Lecture 32 Creating the Grotto Product page

Lecture 33 Creating the Breakfast with Santa Product Page

Lecture 34 Accept PayPal & Credit Card Payments

Lecture 35 WooCommerce Finishing Touches

Section 6: Reference Section

Lecture 36 Calendar Options – Rename, Publish, Booking Orders

Lecture 37 Calendar Options – Edit

Lecture 38 Calendar Options – Schedule, Add Booking

Lecture 39 Calendar Options – Block Times

Lecture 40 Calendar Options – Stats Clone Delete Shortcode

Lecture 41 Plugin General Settings

Lecture 42 Addons – Improvements

Lecture 43 Addons – SMS and Text

Lecture 44 Addons – Miscellaneous Stuff

Lecture 45 Addons – Payment Gateway Integrations

Section 7: Resources

Lecture 46 Bonus lecture

Anyone that wants to set up an automated event or schedule for services offered, with online payments integrated.,Anyone that wants to move away from a manual booking process.,Anyone wanting to set up an online appointment system.,WordPress users that want to be able to offer custom booking sites to customers.

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Udemy | English | 4h 9m | 3.32 GB
Created by: Andrew Williams

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