Create an RPG Game in Unity

Advanced game design
Create an RPG Game in Unity
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Create an RPG Game in Unity

What you’ll learn

Create an RPG fantasy game in Unity
Upgrade your knowledge of C# coding to an intermediate level
Create a dynamic menu system for storing pickup items
Create a potion mixing system for creating magic attacks
Setting up enemy AI pathfinding navigation

Create an RPG Game in Unity


You should have a basic understanding of Unity and C# coding
You will need a computer capable of running Unity 2021


Do you want to create a great RPG fantasy game in Unity? In this course I am going to take you through the process step by step:Setting up the terrain and level layoutcreating menus and inventory systemssetting up an onscreen mini mapcreating a shop system to buy ingredients for potions or weapons and armoursetting up a dynamic inventory menu where you can mix potions to create unique magic attacksspawning in enemies and boss characters with combat systems and navigation pathfindingsetting up player magic attacks and melee combatsaving and loading player progressThis is a huge course covering more than 40 hours and is intended for learners who have a basic familiarity with Unity and C# codingBy the end of this course you will learn key concepts in advanced game design and upgrade your knowledge of C# coding to an intermediate levelYou will also have a completed RPG fantasy game which you can include in your portfolio, share with friends or even sell onlineI have over 9 years experience of teaching Unity and like all my courses I make learning game design fun and easy, this is why my courses are highly recommended by my learners in the reviews.So, why not enrol today and I look forward to seeing you in my course.


Section 1: Setup

Lecture 1 Downloading Unity

Lecture 2 Resources

Lecture 3 Install probuilder

Section 2: Creating an icon bar

Lecture 4 Creating icon slots

Lecture 5 Create a health meter

Lecture 6 Stamina bar

Lecture 7 Create a background

Lecture 8 Lighting

Lecture 9 Saving out images

Lecture 10 Cutting out images

Lecture 11 Resizing graphics

Lecture 12 Saving images

Lecture 13 Creating the UI bar in Unity

Lecture 14 Saving the canvas

Section 3: Modular House Design

Lecture 15 Downloading assets

Lecture 16 Modular house design

Lecture 17 Houses you can enter

Lecture 18 Adding props

Lecture 19 Editing props

Lecture 20 Adding food

Lecture 21 Wizard’s house

Lecture 22 Changing the sign icon

Lecture 23 The blacksmith’s house

Section 4: Creating the Map

Lecture 24 Downloading terrain assets

Lecture 25 Sorting assets

Lecture 26 Sculpting the terrain

Lecture 27 Painting the terrain

Lecture 28 More details

Lecture 29 Adding a building

Lecture 30 Adding fencing

Lecture 31 Adding a forest

Lecture 32 Open area

Lecture 33 Painting cliffs

Lecture 34 Adding another fence

Lecture 35 Houses

Lecture 36 Sword master area

Lecture 37 Farmland

Lecture 38 Add another tavern

Lecture 39 Wizard’s house

Lecture 40 Mountain pass

Lecture 41 Open space

Lecture 42 Wizard’s area

Lecture 43 A village

Lecture 44 Another forest

Lecture 45 The town

Lecture 46 Static batching

Lecture 47 Setting up the lighting

Lecture 48 Baking the lightmaps

Lecture 49 Lightmap results

Lecture 50 Post processing

Section 5: Player Movement

Lecture 51 Nav Mesh

Lecture 52 Character animations

Lecture 53 Cinemachine

Lecture 54 Camera control script

Lecture 55 Cursors

Lecture 56 Changing cursors

Lecture 57 Setting up characters

Lecture 58 Checking player prefabs

Section 6: Player Select Menu

Lecture 59 Scripting arrays

Lecture 60 Player choose scene

Lecture 61 Scripting player choose

Lecture 62 Saving player name

Lecture 63 Spawning in characters

Section 7: Inventory Menu

Lecture 64 Setting up the inventory menu

Lecture 65 Opening the inventory menu

Lecture 66 Pickups

Lecture 67 Displaying icons

Lecture 68 Multiple pickups

Lecture 69 Displaying a hint box

Lecture 70 Task review

Lecture 71 Different hint messages

Lecture 72 Hint messages

Lecture 73 Finishing pickups

Lecture 74 Opening chests

Lecture 75 Entering buildings

Lecture 76 Fixing the roof bug

Lecture 77 Nav mesh obstacles

Lecture 78 Baking the final navmesh

Section 8: Shop System

Lecture 79 Download NPC characters

Lecture 80 Setup NPC characters

Lecture 81 Speechbox

Lecture 82 Message Text

Lecture 83 Shop menu layout

Lecture 84 Buy script

Lecture 85 Buy for loop

Lecture 86 Check the buying system

Lecture 87 Multiple shops

Lecture 88 Another tavern

Lecture 89 Setting up the Wizard shop UI

Lecture 90 Setup the wizard

Lecture 91 Wizard shop script

Lecture 92 Second wizard

Lecture 93 Magic and spells UI

Lecture 94 Changing cameras

Lecture 95 Potion book layout

Lecture 96 Navigating the potion book

Lecture 97 Open and close the potion book

Lecture 98 Create the potion

Lecture 99 Next and back buttons

Lecture 100 Hint message

Lecture 101 Potion items script

Lecture 102 Checking potion creation

Lecture 103 Magic hints

Lecture 104 Using up items

Lecture 105 Testing the potions

Lecture 106 Review

Lecture 107 Dropping to UI slots

Lecture 108 Testing potion creation

Lecture 109 Removing the Icon

Lecture 110 Fixing the remove

Lecture 111 Spell icons

Lecture 112 Message display fix

Section 9: Music and Sounds

Lecture 113 Main music track

Lecture 114 Changing to tavern music

Lecture 115 Ambient sounds

Lecture 116 Menu sounds

Lecture 117 Buy sounds

Lecture 118 Pickup sounds

Section 10: Magic Attacks

Lecture 119 Installing magic particles

Lecture 120 Setting up the first magic attack

Lecture 121 Refining the fireball

Lecture 122 Fire twist

Lecture 123 Enemy seeker

Lecture 124 Refine enemy seeker

Lecture 125 Player stops near enemies

Lecture 126 Tornado

Lecture 127 Hurricane swirl

Lecture 128 One shot particles

Lecture 129 Task recap

Lecture 130 Static magic effects

Lecture 131 Final magic items

Lecture 132 Launching magic attacks with keys

Lecture 133 Using mana

Lecture 134 Adjusting mana bar

Lecture 135 One use potion attack

Lecture 136 Player invisibility

Lecture 137 Adding magic sounds

Lecture 138 Magic attack animations

Lecture 139 Chest particles

Lecture 140 Build a key

Lecture 141 Key script

Lecture 142 Setting up all player characters

Lecture 143 Orbital camera

Lecture 144 Starting position

Section 11: Combat

Lecture 145 Downloading weapons

Lecture 146 Stats menu

Lecture 147 Character display

Lecture 148 Character Display Script

Lecture 149 Update stats script

Lecture 150 Giving characters weapons

Lecture 151 Switching weapons on

Lecture 152 Scripting weapon buttons

Lecture 153 Blacksmith shop layout

Lecture 154 Buying weapons script

Lecture 155 Changing armor

Lecture 156 Buy armor button

Lecture 157 Displaying armor in the menu

Lecture 158 Closing the blacksmith’s menu

Lecture 159 Attack animations

Lecture 160 Scripting attack animations

Lecture 161 Fixing move while attacking

Lecture 162 Weapon sounds

Lecture 163 Playing weapon sounds

Lecture 164 Weapon trail

Lecture 165 Setting up all player prefabs

Lecture 166 Blacksmith’s house

Lecture 167 Building music

Lecture 168 Weapon select sound

Lecture 169 Destroy crates

Lecture 170 Finishing weapon colliders

Lecture 171 Getting the animations to work for all characters

Lecture 172 Stamina bar

Section 12: Enemies

Lecture 173 Download Enemies

Lecture 174 Enemy move script

Lecture 175 Selecting enemies

Lecture 176 Attacking enemies

Lecture 177 Sound when hit

Lecture 178 Enemy UI bar

Lecture 179 Fixing rotation jitter

Lecture 180 Picking up coins

Lecture 181 Player level

Lecture 182 Weapon power increase

Lecture 183 Magic damage

Lecture 184 Check progress

Lecture 185 Player health

Lecture 186 Finishing magic prefabs

Lecture 187 Armor amount

Lecture 188 Bug fixing

Lecture 189 Setting up other enemies

Lecture 190 Adding healthbars

Lecture 191 Setup enemy weapons

Lecture 192 Setup skeleton animations

Lecture 193 Fixing skeleton attack

Lecture 194 Animator controllers

Lecture 195 Finishing enemies

Lecture 196 Enemy rotation values

Lecture 197 Enemy spawning

Lecture 198 Volume adjust

Lecture 199 Sounds for enemy attacks

Lecture 200 Player reaction

Lecture 201 Laying out spawn points

Lecture 202 Outrunning the enemies

Lecture 203 Setting up the spider

Lecture 204 Spider damage

Lecture 205 Setting up the Dragon

Lecture 206 Dragon shoots a fireball

Lecture 207 Finishing dragon

Lecture 208 Spawning the dragon

Lecture 209 Adding dragon fire sound

Lecture 210 Food replenishes health

Section 13: Map Screen

Lecture 211 Deeds page

Lecture 212 Message script

Lecture 213 Shop script

Lecture 214 Deeds script

Lecture 215 Stopping double deeds

Lecture 216 Mini map camera

Lecture 217 Mini map markers

Lecture 218 Switching off mini map in the inventory

Lecture 219 Map screen

Lecture 220 Map screen coding

Lecture 221 Setting up for game start

Section 14: Saving Data

Lecture 222 Saving data

Lecture 223 Save zone

Lecture 224 Testing saving

Lecture 225 Creating a main menu

Lecture 226 Loading data

Lecture 227 Checking new game

Lecture 228 Fixing bugs

Section 15: Exporting the Game

Lecture 229 Small fixes

Lecture 230 Death screen

Lecture 231 New game reset

Lecture 232 Save script singleton

Lecture 233 Options screen

Lecture 234 Scripting the options

Lecture 235 Book collect message

Lecture 236 Game testing

Lecture 237 Fade out enemy health bars

Lecture 238 Exporting the game

Lecture 239 The exported game

Lecture 240 Final video

Section 16: Bonus videos

Lecture 241 New Free Cam

This course is for learners who want to develop their coding ability when creating games in Unity,For learners who want to make their own RPG fantasy games

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 41h 3m | 30.27 GB
Created by: Pete Jepson

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