Create Animated infographics and Video in PowerPoint

Master the Art of Animated Info-graphics Design And Video Creation in PowerPoint
Create Animated infographics and Video in PowerPoint
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Create Animated infographics and Video in PowerPoint

What you’ll learn

Master animated video creation with PowerPoint
Download 50+ PowerPoint video infographics templates
Design Best infographics design in PowerPoint
Desing and animate best Infographics In PowerPoint
Learn to use Powerpoint Templates
Learn To Create PowerPoint Templates

Create Animated infographics and Video in PowerPoint


Having PowerPoint on PC/Mac the latest version)
No PowerPoint Skills Required
Internet Connection


Create Animated Infographics and Video in PowerPoint: A Hands-On Course” is the ultimate guide to mastering the art of visual communication with PowerPoint. In this comprehensive course, you will learn how to create dynamic and engaging animated infographics and video presentations using the powerful tools and features of PowerPoint. With hands-on practice activities, you’ll develop your skills in:Using the built-in chart tools in PowerPoint to create basic charts and graphsFormatting and styling charts and graphs in PowerPoint for maximum impactImporting and working with data in PowerPoint to ensure clean and organized sourcesEnhancing the look and feel of your infographics with design elements in PowerPointCreating impactful animations in PowerPoint to make your information graphics more engagingUtilizing advanced features in PowerPoint to create stunning video animations and presentationsThis course is full practice, full hands-on. We will create 10 videos infographics together completely from scratch and every single step will be clearly explained. By the end of it you will master PowerPoint Animation and you will be able to make animated videos in PowerPoint at will. And with more experience you will become more efficient. It’s totally possible to create one video per day!By the end of this course, you will have a thorough understanding of how to create visually appealing animated infographics and videos using PowerPoint. Whether you’re a business professional, student, or aspiring designer, this course is the perfect guide to improve your visual communication skills and take your presentations to the next level with stunning video animations in PowerPoint. Join us now to start creating stunning animated infographics and videos with PowerPoint!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 All the Resources you Need

Section 2: knowledge

Lecture 2 Creating Files

Lecture 3 Creating Slides in Powerpoint

Lecture 4 Shapes in Powerpoint

Lecture 5 Colors and text in Powerpoint

Section 3: Animation in Powerpoint

Lecture 6 Understanding Powerpoint Animation

Lecture 7 Animation pane

Section 4: Infographics Animation in PowerPoint

Lecture 8 Design infographics in powerpoint Part 1

Lecture 9 Animate infographics in PowerPoint 1

Lecture 10 Design infographics in powerpoint Part 2

Lecture 11 Animate infographics in PowerPoint 2

Lecture 12 Design infographics in powerpoint Part 3

Lecture 13 Animate infographics in PowerPoint 3

Lecture 14 Design infographics in powerpoint Part 4

Lecture 15 Design infographics in powerpoint Part 5

Lecture 16 Animate infographics in PowerPoint 5

Anyone wanting to learn how to create animated videos,People who want to enhance their PowerPoint skills,Anyone wanting to add a new skill to their marketing skills portfolio,Online instructors who wish to improve the visual quality of their videos

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 9m | 1.39 GB
Created by: Nshuti Paulin

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