Create Exceptional Digital Marketing Using Rule of Thirds

Create a digital marketing plan, focus on your most profitable customers, and provide them with exceptional content
Create Exceptional Digital Marketing Using Rule of Thirds
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Create Exceptional Digital Marketing Using Rule of Thirds

What you’ll learn

Plan and deliver measurable and highly effective digital marketing
Write exceptional, engaging and useful digital content
Have the tools and expertise to learn from everything you do and continuously improve

Create Exceptional Digital Marketing Using Rule of Thirds


You are likely to be in a marketing, business development, management or sales role
You may be running a small business, in a start-up, or in a larger established business in a customer-facing role


This course will help you to create exceptional digital marketing content. Not just great content, all about you, but exceptional and engaging content that inspires, motivates and drives people to do things.I have included lots of practical thinking, ideas and checklists to help reinforce your learning through the videos you’ll watch.As you work your way through the course you’ll build a digital marketing plan, that will ensure you focus on the most important customers, the profitable ones, create a clear and engaging customer journey for them and then fuel it with your exceptional content.This course is based on the Rule of Thirds, my proven and successful balance of content strategy, that is used across the world by successful digital communicators, marketers, and businesses both large and small. I’ve taken thousands of people through this course on a face-to-face basis, consistently scoring 9/10 or 10/10 in feedback and I am excited to offer it to you here on Udemy. I hope you enjoy it, I’m always on hand to answer your questions so please message me and I look forward to the journey with you.- Neil Wilkins


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Plan : Setting Your Mission

Lecture 2 Plan : Mission

Section 3: Plan : Spotting Market Trends

Lecture 3 Plan : Trends

Section 4: Plan : Digital Strategy

Lecture 4 Plan : Digital Strategy

Section 5: Optimise : Personas

Lecture 5 Optimise : Personas

Lecture 6 BONUS UPDATE – Webinar Customer Personas

Section 6: Optimise : Customer Journey

Lecture 7 Optimise : Customer Journey

Section 7: Optimise : Content Strategy

Lecture 8 Optimise : Content Strategy

Lecture 9 BONUS : Live Video Content Tips

Section 8: Deliver : Websites

Lecture 10 Deliver : Websites

Section 9: Deliver : Social Media

Lecture 11 Deliver : Social Media

Section 10: Deliver : Campaigns, Events & Launches

Lecture 12 Deliver : Campaigns, Events & Launches

Section 11: Improve : Listening

Lecture 13 Improve : Listening

Lecture 14 BONUS UPDATE – Webinar Digital Analytics

Section 12: Improve : Share

Lecture 15 Improve : Share

Section 13: Improve : Innovate

Lecture 16 Improve : Innovate

Everyone who needs to communicate effectively and efficiently with customers through digital marketing, online channels and social media,If you haven’t yet figured out how to create sustainable and engaging digital marketing content, this is the course for you

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Udemy | English | 5h 1m | 5.43 GB
Created by: Neil Wilkins

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