Create Launch Grow Your Cryptocurrency Token From Scratch

Learn To Create Your Own Crypto Token Both With And Without Code To Grow Your Business In The Cryptocurrency Space Now!
Create Launch Grow Your Cryptocurrency Token From Scratch
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Create Launch Grow Your Cryptocurrency Token From Scratch

What you’ll learn

Blockchain Technology, the core of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
Blockchain governance and the concept of Nonce.
Various transaction validation methods employed like Proof Of Work, Stake, burn and delegated proof of stake.
Cryptocurrency Basics with Smart Contracts, tokens and coins.
All major types of cryptocurrencies like privacy, infrastructure, stable, entertainment, Internet Of Things among others in use.
Dealing With Centralize Exchanges and Decentralized exchanges.
Various types of popular cryptocurrency wallets.
Create a cryptocurrency token from scratch using coding.
Create a cryptocurrency token from scratch without the use of any code.
Launch your cryptocurrency token successfully on centralize and decentralize exchange.
Grow your cryptocurrency token using various strategies and social media platforms.

Create Launch Grow Your Cryptocurrency Token From Scratch


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The course is designed for both beginners and advance where we will help you get started with the very basics of the technology that can enable you to develop an understanding of the technology. We will learn various ways to create our own cryptocurrency token from scratch using various ways.Join Entrepreneur Investor Aaishwarya Chandra in this comprehensive course on how to create, launch and grow your own cryptocurrency token. For simplicity the course is divided into 7 sections they are,Section 1_Blockchain BasicsSection 2_Cryptocurrency BasicsSection 3_Exchange and WalletsSection 4_Creating Your Cryptocurrency token through codeSection 5_ Creating Your Cryptocurrency token without codeSection 6_ Launching Your Cryptocurrency TokenSection 7_ Growing Your Cryptocurrency TokenThe course comes with several cryptocurrency case studies and study materials to help you master the technology and clear the concepts. Let’s dive in to understand the purpose of each section in detail.1. Blockchain BasicsWhen it comes to blockchain, there are several questions we are stuck with such asWhat is the blockchain made of? What purpose does it serve?How is it made immutable or secure? How people interact with an intangible blockchain and participate in its network?What is mining and other methods of transaction validation?We will try to understand answers to all such questions while understanding the real use cases of blockchain along with some interesting case studies on Ethereum And Polkadot.2. Cryptocurrency BasicsIn this section we will discuss all about cryptocurrency from smart contracts to difference between a token and a currency. We will also cover all the major types of cryptocurrencies in the market based on the utility. For clarity we will cover various cryptocurrency case studies like,Uniswap OR UNILitecoin or LTCPancakeswap or CAKEMonero or XMRSolana or SOLTether or USDTWrapped BNB or WBNBMANA, AXIE, SANDBOXIOTA or MIOTABasic Attention Token or BATMaker or MKR3. Getting started in cryptocurrencyNow that you will have completed the basic section of the course. We will start with creating your digital presence in the world of blockchain. For the purpose we will cover the following major wallets like Trust Wallet, Metamask and several exchanges like Binance, Pancakeswap, Bakerswap among others.4. Creating Your Cryptocurrency token through codeIn this section we will learn to launch our own cryptocurrency token using coding. We will then learn to set up its price and explore various listing options available to us.5. Creating Your Cryptocurrency token without codeIn this section we will learn to launch our token without writing a single line of code. We will then learn to set up its price and explore various listing options available to us.6. Launching Your Cryptocurrency TokenIn this section we will learn all about the different ways to launch our cryptocurrency token in the market using various modes like Initial coin offering, Private sale and listing on major cryptocurrency exchange like Binance.7. Growing Your Cryptocurrency TokenThis is section consisting of various market strategies to help promote our cryptocurrency token. We will learn to make the best use of social media platforms employing top notch strategies to grow our cryptocurrency business.Again, I guarantee you this may not be longest course in the market but it is the only course you’ll need to start your business in the fascinating world of cryptocurrency.So, what are you waiting for? Take this course and start your cryptocurrency creator journey now!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome And Course Navigation

Lecture 2 Glossary To Get You Started

Lecture 3 Problems With Fiats And Need For Cryptocurrency

Section 2: Blockchain Basics, The Core Of Cryptocurrency

Lecture 4 Session Start_Blockchain Basics

Lecture 5 Blockchain Basics

Lecture 6 Blockchain Overview

Lecture 7 Blockchain Immutability In Detail

Lecture 8 What Are Nodes, Light Nodes, Full Nodes and Masternodes

Lecture 9 Security Algorithm, Hashes And SHA-256

Lecture 10 Finding the Nonce

Lecture 11 Blockchain Consensus Mechanism

Lecture 12 Gas in The Blockchain

Lecture 13 Understanding Blockchain Governance

Lecture 14 Blockchain Validation and Mining

Lecture 15 Proof Of Work or PoW

Lecture 16 Proof of Stake or PoS

Lecture 17 Delegated Proof of Stake or DPoS

Lecture 18 Proof Of Burn PoB

Lecture 19 Differences Between Public & Private Blockchains

Lecture 20 Blockchain Solutions – Real Use Cases – UC

Lecture 21 Case Study 1:Ethereum

Lecture 22 Case Study 2: Polkadot

Section 3: Cryptocurrency Basics_Understanding The Cryptocurrency

Lecture 23 Session Start_Cryptocurrency Basics

Lecture 24 What Are Cryptocurrencies?

Lecture 25 What Are Smart Contracts And How Do They Work?

Lecture 26 What is Are Tokens and Currencies In Cryptocurrencies?

Lecture 27 Case Study 3 Uniswap Token

Lecture 28 Case Study 4 Litecoin

Lecture 29 Decentralized Applications or Dapp

Lecture 30 Case Study 5- CAKE

Lecture 31 Privacy Coins

Lecture 32 Case Study 6- Monero or XMR

Lecture 33 Infrastructure Tokens

Lecture 34 Case Study 7- Solana

Lecture 35 Stable Coin

Lecture 36 Case Study 8- USDT

Lecture 37 What Are Wrapped Tokens

Lecture 38 Case Study 9- Wrapped BNB Or WBNB

Lecture 39 Entertainment

Lecture 40 Case Study 10- Mana, AXIE, Sandbox

Lecture 41 Internet Of Things

Lecture 42 Case Study 11- IOTA Or MIOTA

Lecture 43 Web 3.0

Lecture 44 Case Study 12 – BAT and brave browser in web3

Lecture 45 DAO

Lecture 46 Case Study 13- Maker Or MKR

Section 4: Exchanges & Wallets

Lecture 47 Session Start_Exchanges And Wallets

Lecture 48 Exchanges, Centralized Exchanges & Decentralized Exchanges

Lecture 49 Difference Between Centralize And Decentralize Exchange

Lecture 50 Wallets And Wallet Types

Lecture 51 Buying And Selling Using A Decentralized Exchange

Lecture 52 Caution – Understand Public Address And Private Key Before Investing

Section 5: Creating Your Cryptocurrency Token Through Code

Lecture 53 Section Start_Creating Your Token Through Code

Lecture 54 Creating A Wallet On Metamask

Lecture 55 Creating A Binance Smart Chain Mainnet

Lecture 56 Creating A Cryptocurrency Token 1

Lecture 57 Creating A Cryptocurrency Token 2

Lecture 58 Creating A Cryptocurrency Token 3

Lecture 59 Setting The Price Of The Token

Lecture 60 Sending Tokens To Different Wallets

Section 6: Creating Your Cryptocurrency Token Without Code

Lecture 61 Section Start_Creating A Token Without Code

Lecture 62 Creating A New Account

Lecture 63 Sending Money To Wallet

Lecture 64 Creating A Cryptocurrency Token

Lecture 65 Checking Your Created Token

Lecture 66 Setting Price & Trading Your Token

Lecture 67 Case Study 14: Waves

Section 7: Launching Your Cryptocurrency Token

Lecture 68 Section Start_Launching Your Token

Lecture 69 Initial Coin Offering Or ICO

Lecture 70 Private Sale Of Cryptocurrency

Lecture 71 What is IDO and Launchpads

Lecture 72 IDO and Launchpad example

Lecture 73 Creating A Whitepaper & Roadmap

Lecture 74 Launching On Centralize Exchange

Section 8: Growing Your Cryptocurrency Token

Lecture 75 Section Start_Growing Your Token

Lecture 76 How to use Facebook To Promote your Cryptocurrency

Lecture 77 How to use Medium as your brand spokesperson to promote and sell your Token

Lecture 78 How to use Twitter as your brand spokesperson to promote and sell your Token

Lecture 79 Why use Discord to set up your community to promote your Cryptocurrency

Lecture 80 How To Use YouTube

Lecture 81 Using Instagram To Grow Your Token

Lecture 82 Giveaways as part of NFT

Lecture 83 Hiring Influencers To Promote Your Cryptocurrency

Section 9: Conclusion

Lecture 84 Understanding And Avoiding Phishing Attack

Lecture 85 Understanding And Avoiding Eclipse Attack

Lecture 86 Conclusion To The Course

Anyone who wants to learn about cryptocurrency,Anyone who wants to learn about blockchain,Anyone who wants to learn about creating a cryptocurrency token from scratch,The course is designed for a global audience in mind, so anyone from any country can take the course.,Anyone who wants to learn about creating a cryptocurrency token without writing a single line of code.,Anyone who wants to know the latest trend in the cryptocurrency world and be updated with the developments.,Anyone who is not from the technical background but wants to understand this new technology.

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Created by: Aaishwarya Chandra

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