Create Virtual Reality Apps using React VR React 360

In and Out of React VR and React 360 – a virtual reality technology that holds enormous potential to change the future.
Create Virtual Reality Apps using React VR React 360
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Create Virtual Reality Apps using React VR React 360

What you’ll learn

Learn Full In and out of React VR and React 360
Create Real-Time Virtual Reality Apps using React 360
Start with the implementation of Core React concepts – Installation, State, Props & other Components (Asset, Pano, Text, View)
Render various 3D objects (Cube, Cuboid, Sphere, Clylinder) using Box component
ADVANCE features like Using Models in VR apps, animating objects, lightning the scene, etc
3 live Projects – Solar System, Hide & Seek game, Art gallery tour
Work with various Surfaces, embed Audio & Video in the scene
All the React codes are available in resources tab.

Create Virtual Reality Apps using React VR React 360


A very basic knowledge of web development will be an add-on.
Rest everything is covered in this course with line to line explanations.


In-depth & Hands-On practical course on React VR and React 360.Virtual Reality is a form of interactive computer-generated environment that immerses users in a three-dimensional environment. “Are you guys fascinated in learning a technology that grow wider than our imaginations?” If yes, welcome to this course “Create Virtual Reality Apps using React VR and React 360”. This course is very rare of its kind and includes even a very thin detail of React VR and React 360.In this course you will get to understand a step by step learning of building virtual reality (VR) apps in the technology from where it all started i.e., Facebook’s React VR and its latest version React 360.Every lecture in this course is explained in 2 Steps.· Step 1 : Explanation of the concepts theoretically.· Step 2 : Practicals – Implementing its full code practically on web.The overall inclusions and benefits of this course:· Complete React VR and React 360 explained from SCRATCH to its Real-time implementation.· Each and every concept is explained by a HANDS-ON working example.· To give a virtual look of concepts we used, this course is crafted with Presentations to make the understanding effective and easy.· Codes and assets used in lectures are attached in the course for your convenience.After learning the basics of ReactVR and React 360, this course is attached with following three big projects that showcase each and every concept of ReactVR and React 360 at paper-thin level.· Solar System· Hide and Seek Game· Art Gallery


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to React VR and React 360

Lecture 2 Installation

Lecture 3 Create 1st Project & Understanding project files

Lecture 4 Different components in React VR code

Lecture 5 Understanding the State concept

Lecture 6 Understanding the Props concept

Section 2: 3D Shapes

Lecture 7 Rendering 3D Cube & Cuboid with Box component

Lecture 8 Rendering Sphere & Cylinder

Section 3: Cursor System and Styles

Lecture 9 Cursor System

Lecture 10 Flexbox

Lecture 11 Stylesheet

Section 4: Animations

Lecture 12 Introduction to Animation

Lecture 13 Timing Animation

Lecture 14 Easing animation

Lecture 15 Decay Animation

Lecture 16 Spring Animation

Section 5: Understanding Models

Lecture 17 Introduction to Models

Lecture 18 Rotating Models

Section 6: Lights

Lecture 19 Point Light

Lecture 20 Ambient Light

Lecture 21 Directional Light

Lecture 22 Spot Light

Section 7: Project 1 – Solar System

Lecture 23 Project Requirements

Lecture 24 Configuring the Project

Lecture 25 Adding Sun in Solar System

Lecture 26 Adding Planets in Solar System

Lecture 27 Rotation around own axis

Lecture 28 Rotation around Sun

Lecture 29 Adding planet’s description box – Part 1

Lecture 30 Adding planet’s description box – Part 2

Section 8: Project 2 – Hide & Seek

Lecture 31 Project Requirements

Lecture 32 Adding 3D House & Robot models

Lecture 33 Adding functionality to robots – Part 1

Lecture 34 Adding functionality to robots – Part 2

Lecture 35 Adding Start Screen (Static)

Lecture 36 Adding Start Screen (Dynamic)

Lecture 37 Adding Score Card

Section 9: React 360

Lecture 38 Introduction to React 360

Lecture 39 Installation

Lecture 40 Understanding React 360 Project directories

Lecture 41 Migrating React VR code to React 360

Section 10: Surfaces in React 360

Lecture 42 Cylinder Surface

Lecture 43 Cylinder Surface continued

Lecture 44 Flat Surface

Lecture 45 Rendering multiple surfaces in a screen

Section 11: Rendering 3D Models in React 360

Lecture 46 Rendering 3D Models in React 360

Section 12: Embedding AUDIO in a 360 scene

Lecture 47 playOneShot Audio

Lecture 48 Adding audio to Environment

Lecture 49 Create Custom Audio Player

Lecture 50 3D Audio

Section 13: Embedding VIDEO in a 360 scene

Lecture 51 Render a video on Surface

Lecture 52 Render Video in Background

Section 14: Project 3 – Art Gallery

Lecture 53 Project Requirements

Lecture 54 Creating Project Blueprint

Lecture 55 Placing Modal and Lights

Lecture 56 Understanding logic for Motion in Art Gallery

Lecture 57 Implementing motion logic – Part 1

Lecture 58 Implementing motion logic – Part 2

Lecture 59 Rendering pictures on Surface – Part 1

Lecture 60 Rendering pictures on Surface – Part 2

Section 15: BONUS

Lecture 61 Bonus

Students who are willing to dive into a new world of virtual reality.,Experienced React techies who want to add a cutting edge technology in their resume.,Game developers willing to immerse their players into a 3D virtual gaming environment.,Inquisitive guys who wants to simulate their fantasies in virtual world.

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Udemy | English | 6h 58m | 3.31 GB
Created by: A to Z Mentors

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