CreateStudio 2D Animation and 2D Animation Marketing Videos

CreateStudio easy 2D animation and 2D animation marketing videos: Learn easy 2D Animation: 2D Animation for Beginners
CreateStudio 2D Animation and 2D Animation Marketing Videos
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Brian Jackson, Writing and Self-publishing


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CreateStudio 2D Animation and 2D Animation Marketing Videos

What you’ll learn

How to create easy 2D video animation
How to create promotional videos that sell
How to combine 2D animation, backgrounds, images, text to speech and text animation
How to render professional-quality 2D animation videos

CreateStudio 2D Animation and 2D Animation Marketing Videos


The only prerequisite for taking this course is a desire to learn
The course provides pointers and options for getting a copy of CreateStudio at a reduced cost
No former 2D animation experience is assumed


Please do not buy this course.  This course is out of date since Vidello released CreateStudio Pro.  Udemy is making me wait until September to unpublish the course.Want to create 2d animation marketing videos that sell but you don’t have the time to learn the complex software programs and processes involved?Why not take the easy and fast route by using CreateStudio easy 2D animation software.  Available on both Windows and MacOS, CreateStudio takes the pain and suffering out of creating 2D animated promotional videos.Imagine opening a professionally designed template and changing a few words and a logo to quickly produce an eye-catching promotional video for your product or service that actually sells.Yes, CreateStudio is that easy to use.Gone is the need to perform character illustration, rigging of bones and complex animation on your own.  CreateStudio makes it easy to use prebuilt 3D characters and actions to produce any video in hours instead of weeks.Even though the program has greatly simplified the task of rendering professional-quality 2D animation, it is the most powerful of the “easy” 2D animation programs on the market and is packed with features including:Template-based animation project developmentMade for you 2D and 3D charactersMade for you character actions for quick and easy animationIntegration with Pexels and Pixabay video and images for fast importBuilt-in music library and easy animation syncingText doodle animationText to speech translation for video narrationUnparalleled text animation and kinetic typographyEasy to use scene transitions and special effectsDevice screens, social media icons and lower thirds animationVideo, image and audio import and integrationCasting realistic shadowsCreateStudio performance improvementCreateStudio is probably the least expensive 2D animation solutionGreat support, Facebook user group and YouTube video tutorialsIncludes a commercial license allowing you to sell CreateStudio videos to customersThis course is directed toward brand new users of CreateStudio.  It moves slowly explaining everything from the basics to the advanced features.  By the end of the course, you’ll know everything there is to know about CreateStudio.Experienced CreateStudio users will be bored watching the entire course but will still find important usage tips and techniques to bring their knowledge to the next level.At this point, I think you’ve got to ask yourself: “What have I got to lose.”  Especially considering how much you have to gain.CreateStudio is inexpensive and risk-free, providing a 30-day money-back guaranty.Why don’t you watch the over one hour of free preview lectures in this course, then take the plunge?  I promise you won’t be sorry; and if you are, simply return the program for a full refund.Don’t wait!  The clock is ticking.Enroll now!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Overview

Lecture 2 CreateStudio vs Other 2D Animation Alternatives

Lecture 3 Course Resources

Lecture 4 Installing CreateStudio

Lecture 5 How to Get Support

Lecture 6 How to Watch This Course

Lecture 7 CreateStudio Feature Updates Since Course Inception

Section 2: Character Animation

Lecture 8 Introduction to Character Animation

Lecture 9 Addendum: Standard License Screen Differences

Lecture 10 Screen Layout and Project Creation

Lecture 11 Inserting and Manipulating Characters

Lecture 12 Working with the Timeline

Lecture 13 Addendum: Resizing Multiple Layers on the Timeline

Lecture 14 Basic Character Animation

Lecture 15 Character Movement (e.g. Walking)

Lecture 16 Changing Character Colors and More

Lecture 17 Addendum: Casting Shadows

Lecture 18 Working with Multiple Characters and Elements

Lecture 19 Rendering Video Output

Lecture 20 Character Animation Workshop

Lecture 21 Character Animation Project

Lecture 22 Conclusion to Character Animation

Section 3: Working with Templates

Lecture 23 Introduction to Working with Templates

Lecture 24 Addendum: Standard License Differences

Lecture 25 Adding Templates and Scenes

Lecture 26 Working with Layer Groups

Lecture 27 Addendum: Adding to Layer Groups, Multiple Layer Selection and Renaming Layers

Lecture 28 Modifying a Template or Scene

Lecture 29 Working with Templates Workshop

Lecture 30 Working with Templates Project

Lecture 31 Conclusion to Working with Templates

Section 4: Animation Finishing Touches

Lecture 32 Introduction to Animation Finishing Touches

Lecture 33 Difference Between Actions, Animations, Motion and Advanced

Lecture 34 How to Improve CreateStudio Performance and Stability

Lecture 35 Adding Backgrounds

Lecture 36 Moving Backgrounds

Lecture 37 Inserting and Manipulating Shapes

Lecture 38 Creating Scene Transitions

Lecture 39 Adding Devices

Lecture 40 Adding Video FX

Lecture 41 Addendum: Adding Voice and Thought Balloons

Lecture 42 Layer Masking

Lecture 43 Looping Animation

Lecture 44 Animation Finishing Touches Workshop (Part 1)

Lecture 45 Animation Finishing Touches Workshop (Part 2)

Lecture 46 Animation Finishing Touches Project

Lecture 47 Conclusion to Animation Finishing Touches

Section 5: Intermission

Lecture 48 Please Leave a Review

Section 6: Text Animation

Lecture 49 Introduction to Text Animation

Lecture 50 Adding and Configuring Text

Lecture 51 Addendum: Adding Free Fonts from DaFont and Google Fonts

Lecture 52 Basic Text Animation and Kinetic Typography

Lecture 53 Addendum: Doodle Text Animation

Lecture 54 Using Colored Boxes to Emphasize Text

Lecture 55 Adding a Text Border and Neon

Lecture 56 Creating Lower Third Animations

Lecture 57 Creating a Countdown Animation

Lecture 58 Color Changing Text

Lecture 59 Text Spacing Animation

Lecture 60 Text with Character Masking

Lecture 61 Text Animation Workshop

Lecture 62 Text Animation Project

Lecture 63 Conclusion to Text Animation

Section 7: Additional Features

Lecture 64 Introduction to Additional Features

Lecture 65 Adding and Syncing Music

Lecture 66 Camera Pan and Zoom

Lecture 67 Text to Speech

Lecture 68 Crude Lip Syncing

Lecture 69 Creating Vignettes

Lecture 70 Adding Glitch Animation

Lecture 71 Addendum: Removing Green Screen Backgrounds

Lecture 72 Animated Progress Bars

Lecture 73 Additional Features Workshop

Lecture 74 Additional Features Project

Lecture 75 Conclusion to Additional Features

Section 8: Scroll Stoppers

Lecture 76 Introduction to Scroll Stoppers

Lecture 77 Licensing and Accessing Scroll Stoppers

Lecture 78 Using Scroll Stopper Templates

Lecture 79 Creating a Scroll Stopper From Scratch

Lecture 80 Rendering and Deploying a Scroll Stopper Video

Lecture 81 Scroll Stoppers Project

Lecture 82 Conclusion to Scroll Stoppers

Section 9: Layer Blend Modes

Lecture 83 Introduction to Layer Blend Modes

Lecture 84 Using Overlay Blend Mode

Lecture 85 Using Screen Blend Mode

Lecture 86 Colorizing with Blend Mode

Lecture 87 Texturing with Blend Mode

Lecture 88 Layer Blend Modes Workshop

Lecture 89 Layer Blend Modes Project

Lecture 90 Conclusion to Layer Blend Modes

Section 10: New Features (April 2021)

Lecture 91 Introduction to New Features (April 2021)

Lecture 92 Video Clip Speed

Lecture 93 Export and Import Projects

Lecture 94 New Features (April 2021) Project

Lecture 95 Conclusion to New Features (April 2021)

Section 11: Cinematography in CreateStudio

Lecture 96 Introduction to Cinematography in CreateStudio

Lecture 97 Rule of Thirds

Lecture 98 Three Camera Angles

Lecture 99 Over the Shoulder Shot

Lecture 100 Cinematography in CreateStudio Project

Lecture 101 Conclusion to Cinematography in CreateStudio

Section 12: Creating Promotional Videos That Sell

Lecture 102 Tips for Creating Promotional Videos That Sell

Section 13: Marketing Your Promotional Videos, Services and Products

Lecture 103 Tips for Marketing Your Promotional Videos, Services and Products

Section 14: Building Your Own CreateStudio Templates From Scratch

Lecture 104 Tips for Building Your Own CreateStudio Templates From Scratch

Section 15: 2D Animation Workshops

Lecture 105 Creating a Digital Timer

Lecture 106 How to Flip a Playing Card

Lecture 107 Merging 2D Animation with CreateStudio

Section 16: Conclusion

Lecture 108 Bonus Lecture

Individuals who are brand new to 2D animation,Individuals who have been frustrated trying to use complex 2D animation software,Individuals who want the perfect balance of performance and features vs simplicity and ease of use

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 10h 39m | 4.14 GB
Created by: Brian Jackson, Writing and Self-publishing

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