Creating a Concentration Game Using Unity and C

Learn Unity C# from 40 year programming veteran creating a Concentration card game in this beginner level course
Creating a Concentration Game Using Unity and C
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Creating a Concentration Game Using Unity and C

What you’ll learn

Learn to download, install and configure Unity and Visual Studio
Learn to build a scene using a canvas, panels and objects
Learn to code in C# to control how objects behave
Learn about raycasting and collison detection, one of the most fundamental elements of video game development
Learn to create elements of game UI including game timer, buttons and message display
Learn how to swap graphics for a game object to display playing cards with differnt ranks and suits
Learn how to publish a complete system that can be run outside of Unity and shared with others
Create your very own Concentration card game

Creating a Concentration Game Using Unity and C


No Unity or programming experience needed. You just follow what the instructor does.


All software and resources used in this course are free.In this course, you will learn from an instructor with 40 years application development experience how to create a single scene application in the Unity game engine.  You will build the scene starting with a canvas and adding to it panels and objects.  You will learn to write C# code in Visual Studio to control how the objects you create in Unity behave.  When done, you will have your very own, fully featured Concentration card game.  No unity or programming experience needed.  All you need to do is follow what the instructor does.  This is what you will learn in the course.- How to download, install and configure Unity and Visual Studio for C#- How to use the different panes in the Unity editor- How to use the controls in the Scene pane- How to create a canvas- How to create a panel- How to create objects  – Game Objects  – Text Mesh Pro objects  – Image objects  – Button objects- How to import asset packages- How to create and use prefabs- How to assign objects to public variables- How to create and assign scripts to objects- How to set script functions to be called when buttons are clicked- How to investigate and resolve errors- How to test the application throughout the development process- How to build the application into a stand alone, executable program- How to write C# scripts in Visual Studio  – Directives  – Variables  – Statements  – Conditional logic (IF…ELSE blocks)  – Loops (For,  While)  – Standard functions  – IEnumerator functions (wait for something to happen)  – Functions that accept and return values as parameters  – The Start, Awake and Update functions  – Nested logic  – Sharing data between scripts  – Using raycasting to determine when a user left clicks on an object  – Swapping game object graphics to present playing cards with different ranks and suits


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Installing Unity

Lecture 3 Creating a Project

Lecture 4 Unity Editor Configuration

Section 2: Creating The Game

Lecture 5 Add a Canvas

Lecture 6 Add Game Panel

Lecture 7 Download Asset Packages

Lecture 8 Asset Packages

Lecture 9 Import Asset Packages

Lecture 10 Create Playing Cards

Lecture 11 Add GameScript Code to Deal Cards

Lecture 12 Add CardScript Code to Deal Cards

Lecture 13 Add Game Logic to CardScript

Lecture 14 Add Game Logic to GameScript

Lecture 15 Test Playing a Game

Section 3: Creating the User Interface

Lecture 16 Creating UI Elements

Lecture 17 Add GameUIScript Timer and Selections Code

Lecture 18 Add GameScript Timer and Selections Code

Lecture 19 Test Game Timer and Selections Counter

Lecture 20 Add GameUIScript Code for New Game and Exit Game Buttons

Lecture 21 Add GameScript Code for New Game and Exit Game Buttons

Lecture 22 Test New Game and Exit Game Buttons

Lecture 23 Add MessageScript Code for Messages

Lecture 24 Test Messages

Section 4: Creating Dialogs

Lecture 25 Create Dialog Objects

Lecture 26 Add Code for Dialog Buttons

Lecture 27 Add GameUIScript Dialog Code

Lecture 28 Add GameScript Dialog Code

Lecture 29 Test Dialogs

Section 5: Finishing Up

Lecture 30 Build Application

Lecture 31 Conclusion

Lecture 32 Project Files

Anyone curious about the Unity game development engine and how to write programs using C#,Anyone wanting to learn how to create computer games using Unity and C#

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 49m | 2.34 GB
Created by: Brian Covault

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