Creating and Managing Azure Virtual Machines with PowerShell

Learn How to Use PowerShell to Deploy and Manage Virtual Machines in Microsoft Azure
Creating and Managing Azure Virtual Machines with PowerShell
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Creating and Managing Azure Virtual Machines with PowerShell

What you’ll learn

Install PowerShellGet and Other Azure PS Prerequisites
Install Azure PowerShell Module
Connect to Azure via PowerShell
Create and Connect to an Azure Virtual Machine
Identify VM Images on the Marketplace
View and Use Specific VM Sizes
Resize a Virtual Machine
View and Understand VM States
Manage Virtual Machines with PowerShell
Provision and Attach Data Disks to a VM
Create OS Disk Snapshots
Create Disks from Snapshots
Deploy New VMs from Snapshots

Creating and Managing Azure Virtual Machines with PowerShell


Basic understanding of Microsoft Azure
Basic Understanding of How to Launch PowerShell


Azure virtual machines provide a fully configurable and flexible computing environment. This course will teach you how to perform the most common day-to-day tasks in Azure PowerShell, including:
Installing and Configuring PowerShellGetInstalling and Configuring the AzureRM PowerShell ModuleConnecting to Azure with PowerShellCreating Resource Groups with PowerShellDeploying Virtual Machines Using PowerShellConnecting to Virtual Machines Using PowerShellCreating and Attaching Data Disks with PowerShellLocating New VM Images with PowerShellDeploying VMs from Alternate Images Using PowerShellWorking with Marketplace PublishersResizing a Virtual Machine via PowerShellViewing and Modifying VM States with PowerShellManaging Virtual Machines with PowerShellDeleting VMs and Resource Groups with PowerShell
By the end of this course, you will have learned how to perform many day-to-day VM management tasks using PowerShell exclusively.  The skills you learn in this course will set you apart from many other IT professionals – since most IT professionals avoid PowerShell like the plague.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Prerequisites

Lecture 2 Installing PowerShellGet

Lecture 3 Install Azure PowerShell module

Lecture 4 Loading the AzureRM Module

Lecture 5 Connecting to Azure via PowerShell

Section 3: Deploying a Virtual Machine

Lecture 6 Creating a Resource Group with PowerShell

Lecture 7 Creating a Virtual Machine with PowerShell

Lecture 8 Connect to a VM via PowerShell

Section 4: Working with Marketplace Images

Lecture 9 Key PowerShell Commands

Lecture 10 Provisioning a VM via an Image

Section 5: NEW: Getting Started with Data Disks

Lecture 11 NEW: A Word About Disks

Lecture 12 NEW: Creating a Data Disk

Lecture 13 NEW: Adding a Data Disk to a Virtual Machine

Lecture 14 NEW: Preparing a Data Disk for Use

Section 6: Resizing a Virtual Machine

Lecture 15 Key PowerShell Commands

Lecture 16 Resizing a VM with PowerShell

Section 7: VM power states

Lecture 17 Power States

Section 8: Management Tasks

Lecture 18 Stopping a VM with PowerShell

Lecture 19 Starting a VM with PowerShell

Lecture 20 Deleting a VM with PowerShell

Lecture 21 Deleting a Resource Group with PowerShell

Section 9: NEW: Snapshotting a VM

Lecture 22 Set Parameters

Lecture 23 Create Snapshot Configuration

Lecture 24 Take the Snapshot

Section 10: NEW: Deploying a VM from a Snapshot

Lecture 25 Load the Variables

Lecture 26 Initialize the Configuration

Lecture 27 Create the VM

Section 11: Cleaning Up

Lecture 28 Delete the VMLab Resource Group

IT Professionals Interested in Learning Real-World Azure PowerShell Skills

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Udemy | English | 2h 6m | 544.60 MB
Created by: Thomas Mitchell

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