Creating Simple Characters for Beginners in Blender

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Creating Simple Characters for Beginners in Blender
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Creating Simple Characters for Beginners in Blender

What you’ll learn

character modeling
basic clothing modeling
digital painting in blender
use of the main tools for sculpting in blender

Creating Simple Characters for Beginners in Blender


computer and tablet or tablet


In this training, the student will learn to create mascots and characters for advertising and will be able to serve small and medium-sized companies in their region.we will start with the analysis of the concept art, we will block and sculpt our character a boy in cartoon style. we will also model the clothes using the poly by poly modeling technique to facilitate the opening of the mesh and the application of textures. then we will create materials and paint using the new vertex painting resource available in blender from version 3.2 onwards.finally we will make a basic pose according to our concept art and finally the render and final composition using the cycles renderer.At the end of this training, the student will understand fundamental concepts for the character creation process, such as:- Analyze and understand the concept art and model sheet- blocking of the model aiming at the general structure of the model-basic 3d sculpture-familiarity with the tools and feature of modeling and digital sculpting- vertex painting directly on the 3d model-character rendering for advertising.Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the step-by-step process that will lead you to the first steps in the 3d universe in a solid and promising area that is character modeling for advertising, games, printing and cinema.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Blender

Lecture 2 Interface Adjustments

Lecture 3 Introduction to carving tools

Section 2: modeling character

Lecture 4 Analyzing Concept art

Lecture 5 General model blinding

Lecture 6 Open hands blocking

Lecture 7 Blocking the closed hands

Lecture 8 Shoe Blocking

Lecture 9 refining the block

Lecture 10 Modeling a T-shirt

Lecture 11 Modeling the Short

Lecture 12 hair blocking

Lecture 13 Refining Character

Lecture 14 Refiring the whole model

Lecture 15 Materials and Textures

Lecture 16 correcting the material

Lecture 17 Scene and character tweaks

Lecture 18 Conclusion and final considerations

Section 3: CHARACTER 02

Lecture 19 Concept and Blocking

Lecture 20 Block Legs and Arms

Lecture 21 hand blocking

Lecture 22 Hair Blocking

Lecture 23 refining model

Lecture 24 detailing the shoes

Lecture 25 final detail

Lecture 26 Material paint and render

for designers, modelers and 3d sculpting enthusiasts

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 10h 16m | 7.71 GB
Created by: The Avenew Academy Bootcamp

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