Creating Stylized Character Illustration Master Class 2023

Create a Stylized Character in Adobe Illustrator From Beginner To Professional Level
Creating Stylized Character Illustration Master Class 2023
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Creating Stylized Character Illustration Master Class 2023

What you’ll learn

You Will Learn How To Draw Stylized Characters
You Will Learn How To Use Various Tools
You Will Learn Give Colours to Shapes
You Will Learn How To draw Advanced Shapes& Strokes

Creating Stylized Character Illustration Master Class 2023


Illustratator Software & PC & Internet Connection


Do you want to learn  How to Draw Stylized Character Illustration in Illustrator Then this course is unquestionably for you. It’s the ideal course for getting started with Adobe Illustrator and becoming a Character Illustrator This course is ideal if you want to dive in and start creating stunning Character Illustrations while learning the essential Illustrator tools and techniques.In this course we will concentrate on creating Stylized Characters With Practical Projects This course is intended for total beginners, and someone who has some prior knowledge and wants to refresh their memory. This course includes practice files and entertaining projects to get you started. Throughout this Illustrator course, you will create your own professional real-art Works About this Course In this Course , we’ll break down color into three basic properties, making this complex element of design easier to tackle right from the start!You’ll learn color tricks, how to use Various Colors , and how to draw various shapes. I’ll  explain how to Draw Advanced shapes with pen tool and pencil tool  and how these ideas can be used in telling your story. Lastly, I’ll share hands-on tips ,How to draw to various Sketch  and Various Realistic Shapes In Illustrator in Correct Way Hope You Will Enjoy This Course and All Way You Will Learn lot to new TechniqueAll The Best


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 1. Getting Started With Our Character

Lecture 2 2. Finishing Our Cap

Lecture 3 3. Drawing Face Illustration

Lecture 4 4.Drawing Eyes For Character

Lecture 5 5. Finishing Our Head for Character

Lecture 6 6.Drawing Hair For Character

Lecture 7 7.Drawing Mouth For Our Character

Lecture 8 8.Extending Hair Shapes

Lecture 9 9.Drawing Neck Shape For Character

Lecture 10 10.Drawing Main body for character

Lecture 11 11. Drawing Nails

Lecture 12 12. Drawing Rest Of Other body parts

Lecture 13 13.Drawing Bat For Character

Lecture 14 14.Drawing Bottom part For Character

Lecture 15 15.Drawing Shadows For Thighs

Lecture 16 16.Creating Buttons for Character

Lecture 17 17.Finalzing Some Shadows

Lecture 18 18.Drawing Some Folds For Character

Lecture 19 19.Finalizing Our Character

Illustratators,Graphic Designers,Story board Artists,Comic Artists

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 20m | 1.18 GB
Created by: Knowledge Hub

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