Creating VR Experiences with React 360

Get started with WebVR. Build React 360 apps from start to finish.
Creating VR Experiences with React 360
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Creating VR Experiences with React 360

What you’ll learn

React 360 Basic Principles and Features (Photos, Videos, Audio, Animations, Complex State Management)
React 360 Advanced Features (Dynamic Surfaces & Native Modules)
Implement Geometric Objects Formerly From React VR (Box, Cylinder, Plane, Sphere)
Understand How to Use an API in React 360 to Fetch and Present Data
Deploy React 360 Applications to Production

Creating VR Experiences with React 360


Familiarity with Javascript or at least one other programming language.
No VR experience required.


***************August 2019 Update************New projects: GeometryVRNew projects: TourismVRDiscord community is up and live.*********************************************Get Started With React360 and WebVR!Are you interested in diving into virtual reality? Are you a programmer who wants to explore what WebVR has to offer? Then this course is for you.If you’re like me, you’ve caught a glimpse of virtual reality and the promises it has in store for us in the near future. Now is a great time to dive into this technology and experiment with great ideas. As virtual reality continues to develop, this field of technology is poised to disrupt numerous industries. There is no killer app (yet) for VR which means that its the wild west for anyone who’s brave enough to explore unknown territories. Additionally, WebVR has made huge strides and right now is easier than ever to dive in. So what are you waiting for?What to expect from this course?This course will teach you the basics of Facebook’s React 360 virtual reality library and how you can  build 360 degree multimedia WebVR applications. You’ll be able to build applications from scratch, deploy them to production and be able to view them on desktop and headsets. Additionally, As we progress through the course, I’ll teach you more advanced features of React 360 and how you can implement them to create more interesting and intricate projects.The course is structured to create 6 complete projects that showcase the many key features both basic and advanced that react 360 has to offer. The 6 projects are the following:HouseTourVR DynamicSurfacesVR TourismVR CryptoDashboardVRSpringBreakVRGeometryVR It doesn’t stop there though! If you purchase this course you can expect new projects and updates monthly. I love to share my ideas, resources, information, and new projects with my students, so you will have exclusive access to all of that including access to the courses Discord channel. RequirementsExperience with Javascript would be helpful but not absolutely necessary. If you know at least one programming language you will do just fine. Additionally, web development experience would be helpful but by no means absolutely necessary. I will walk you through every part of the course.Before you purchase the course, please be aware that this course was developed using a Macbook computer. Therefore, the course is optimized for those platforms. It is possible to follow along with a Windows computer but support will be limited.


Section 1: Introduction: Getting Started with React 360

Lecture 1 Getting Started: Installation, Viewing Your App on Desktop and Mobile

Lecture 2 The Discord Group and Learning Together

Section 2: Project One: HouseTourVR

Lecture 3 Introduction

Lecture 4 Lesson One: Background Image and Layout

Lecture 5 Lesson Two: VrButton & State Change

Lecture 6 Lesson Three: Surface Panels

Lecture 7 Lesson Four: Store & Data Synchronization

Lecture 8 Lesson Five: Styling

Lecture 9 Lesson Six: Audio

Lecture 10 Lesson Seven: Landing Page

Lecture 11 Lesson Eight: Deploying Our VR App

Section 3: Project Two: Dynamic Surfaces

Lecture 12 Introduction

Lecture 13 Lesson One: Writing and Implementing a NativeModule

Lecture 14 Lesson Two: Changing the Shape of a Panel

Lecture 15 Lesson Three: Changing the Size Dynamically

Lecture 16 Lesson Four: Creating and Destroying Dynamically

Section 4: Project Three: TourismVR

Lecture 17 Introduction

Lecture 18 LessonOne: Shared Surfaces

Lecture 19 Lesson Two: Creating an Introduction Scene

Lecture 20 Lesson Three: Dynamically Displaying Hot Spot Information

Lecture 21 Conclusion

Section 5: Project Four: CryptoDashBoardVR

Lecture 22 Introduction

Lecture 23 Lesson One: Adding 3D Objects

Lecture 24 Lesson Two: Adding the Panels

Lecture 25 Lesson Three: Fetching Data with Postman and fetch()

Lecture 26 Lesson Four: Data Store and Synchronization

Lecture 27 Lesson Five: Animation

Lecture 28 Lesson Six

Lecture 29 Conclusion

Section 6: Project Five: SpringBreakVR

Lecture 30 Introduction

Lecture 31 Lesson One

Lecture 32 Lesson Two

Lecture 33 Lesson Three

Lecture 34 Conclusion

Lecture 35 Video Bonus: Using React 360 Common UI

Section 7: Project Six: GeometryVR

Lecture 36 Introduction

Lecture 37 Lesson One: Box

Lecture 38 Lesson Two: Cylinder

Lecture 39 Lesson Three: Sphere

Lecture 40 Lesson Four: Plane

Lecture 41 Conclusion: Things to Keep In Mind

Section 8: Conclusion

Lecture 42 Resources

VR enthusiasts who are curious about what VR can bring to the Web.,Web developers looking to leverage Javascript/React skills to explore WebVR.,Anyone who is excited about a potentially game changing field.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 4m | 4.09 GB
Created by: Daniel Rubio

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