Creative Infographics in PowerPoint

Do a fun and eye-catching Informational Graphic in PowerPoint
Creative Infographics in PowerPoint
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Natalia Liashenko


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Creative Infographics in PowerPoint

What you’ll learn

Designing the Timeline, Pie Chart and Funnel Infographics in PowerPoint
Create professional PowerPoint Presentations from scratch
Use specific PowerPoint tools

Creative Infographics in PowerPoint


MS PowerPoint 2016 or later version


You certainly know that boring PowerPoint presentation can kill a brilliant idea?Is there a way to make it better, way better? Sure, and I’ll tell you how! A tip: use data to make your presentation more convincing. Don’t use standard Microsoft PowerPoint charts and graphs to visualize the data. They are boring! Instead, do something different, unexpected! A creative infographic! In this course you’ll learn:what informational graphic is and why people use it (very quick insight);build an eye-catching timeline that is good for illustrating, say, the steps of how a company works with its clients;create an amazing pie-chart in a paper cut style to show the different parts of a whole, indicating them with a pleasant flat colors;and an advanced level: build an elegant, half-transparent funnel that you can use as a hierarchy infographic;In the end of this course, you’ll master how to create an infographic in PowerPoint that professional photoshopers do with help of a much more specific software using much more time!Enroll in the course and let’s get started!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Contents of the course

Lecture 2 The theory on what Infographic is

Section 2: Timeline Infographic

Lecture 3 Introduction to a Timeline

Lecture 4 Creating the Main Shape

Lecture 5 The gradient 3D Shape

Lecture 6 Formatting the Icons

Lecture 7 Completing the First Step

Lecture 8 The Second Step

Lecture 9 The Final Coloring

Lecture 10 Completing the Timeline

Section 3: Pie chart Infographic

Lecture 11 Working With the Standard Chart

Lecture 12 Working with the Paste Special

Lecture 13 The Coloring

Lecture 14 Shadowing and a Smart Trick

Lecture 15 Central Circle

Section 4: Funnel Infographic

Lecture 16 Introduction to a Funnel

Lecture 17 Making the Floors

Lecture 18 Cutting the Walls

Lecture 19 Gradient Oval

Lecture 20 Coloring the Floors

Lecture 21 Coloring the Walls

PowerPoint users who want to do an eye-catching informational graphics in their presentations instead of boring charts and graphs

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 2m | 515.64 MB
Created by: Natalia Liashenko

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