Creative Problem Solving Tools

Creative Strategies for Solving Problems
Creative Problem Solving Tools
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Creative Problem Solving Tools

What you’ll learn

Creative Problem Solving tools
The Disney Model
Various Brainstorming Techniques
Problem Reversal Technique

Creative Problem Solving Tools


Managing Structured Meetings


Creative problem solving is one of those skills that just cannot be forced. The harder you try, the poorer your creative problem solving skills become!The evidence is plain – how did Einstein come up with his theory of relativity – by bashing his head against a wall? No! In a daydream where he imagined surfing along a light beam!Always remember the more stressed you become and the more time pressure you feel, the worse you are at solving problems creatively. But in today’s workplace, those who can generate the most effective creative ideas are often the best rewarded; so how can you improve your creative problem solving skills without getting stressed about it?For business purposes you might need the crazy approaches from time to time; especially when creating the market strategy, products, trends setting, improving processes or changing vision.Creative Problem Solving is a way of thinking and behaving.Creative is for an idea that has an element of newness or uniqueness, at least to the one who creates the solution, and also has value and relevancy.What you will get:Apply creative thinking skills to solve day-to-day problemsFollow the structured method for generating solutions to problemsEstablish how the seven creative problem solving techniques work:BrainstormingThe Reversal TechniqueThe Disney ModelForced RelationshipsMetaphorsAssumption SmashingLotus Blossom


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Benefits of Problem Solving

Section 2: A simple story behind the creative process

Lecture 3 Convergent Thinking

Lecture 4 Divergent; A simple story behind the creative process

Section 3: The Negative Attitudes that block Creativity

Lecture 5 The Process

Lecture 6 Examples for Finding Ideas

Section 4: 7 Brainstorming Strategies

Lecture 7 7 Brainstorming Strategies

Section 5: Problem Reversal

Lecture 8 Problem Reversal Technique

Section 6: The Disney Model

Lecture 9 The Disney Model

Section 7: Effective Strategies for Generating Ideas

Lecture 10 Forced Relationships

Lecture 11 Lotus Blossom

Lecture 12 Assumption Smashing

Lecture 13 The Metaphor

Section 8: Conclusion

Lecture 14 Conclusion

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