Creative Thinking How To Be More CREATIVE

Increase your Creative Brain Power in very simple steps
Creative Thinking How To Be More CREATIVE
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Creative Thinking How To Be More CREATIVE

What you’ll learn

The difference between CREATIVITY & INTELLIGENCE.
Barriers to Creativity and how to defeat them.
The FIVE TECHNIQUES to be more CREATIVE and how to apply each one of them in detail.
How human brain works.
How Ideas are generated in our brains.
Techniques to make our brain generate a better ideas.

Creative Thinking How To Be More CREATIVE


The course requires no previous experience, Just Patience.


Creativity is an endless loop of innovative ideas and effective actions, the course will cover techniques for both, getting a better ideas and doing a better actions. The course has 5 Sections:1- Welcome: .Where you will know the basic rule for using this course.2- Intro:This section gives you a good introduction about creativity world:. What is Creativity and why the effort to become more creative.. How the human brain works and how can we use this knowledge to increase our creativity.. Barriers to creativity and how to defeat them.. The difference between CREATIVITY & INTELLIGENCE, and how will the smart one react in a situation differently from the creative one.3- Creativity Techniques:This is the core section of the course where you will actually learn the process of being more creative using the 5 TECHNIQUES which are:  1- Subtraction Technique  2- Division Technique  3- Multiplication Technique  4- Task Unification Technique  5- Attribute Dependency Technique. There will be a detailed explanation for every technique and a lot of real life examples on how to apply them.4- Creativity As An Idea:In this section you will learn how our brain generate ideas and effective techniques to make our brain generate better ideas to use them in the previous techniques.5- Conclusion:. A summary of the course and what to do next.


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Promo

Lecture 2 Who Is This Course For

Lecture 3 How To Use This Course

Section 2: Introduction

Lecture 4 What Is Creativity

Lecture 5 Why Be Creative

Lecture 6 How Human Brain Works

Lecture 7 Creativity VS Intelligence

Lecture 8 Barriers To Creativity

Section 3: Creativity Techniques

Lecture 9 Creativity As A Template

Lecture 10 Subtraction Technique

Lecture 11 Division Technique

Lecture 12 Multiplication Technique

Lecture 13 Task Unification Technique

Lecture 14 Attribute Dependency Technique

Lecture 15 Final Notes

Section 4: Creativity As An Idea

Lecture 16 What Is An Idea

Lecture 17 Don’t Think Out Of Box

Section 5: Conclusion

Lecture 18 Conclusion And What Is Next

This course is for beginners. Intermediates and advanced can also learn special skills in this course.

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