Creativity problem solving and generating alternatives

Master the skills and tools that will allow you to drive innovation, create alternatives and generate solutions
Creativity problem solving and generating alternatives
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Mihai Alexandru Gafar


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Creativity problem solving and generating alternatives

What you’ll learn

How to generate alternatives
How to include creative thinking in everyday situations
Rational techniques for generating solutions
Creative techniques for generating solutions
Increase self-esteem and confidence
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Creativity problem solving and generating alternatives


Basic knowledge of English and access to a laptop and internet connection.
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In today’s world of automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms soft skills are becoming more and more important. Out of the box thinking, creativity, leadership are just some of the skills that will become more and more valuable since they cannot be transferred to machines.  In this course we will go through various techniques that are used for creativity and problem solving. We will go through rational and creative methods and we will see how these can be combined in order to obtain the best result. We will talk about various techniques, some known and some unknown. If you are interested in how to generate better alternatives, how to incorporate various techniques in your day to day life or business then you have come to the right place. I will step you through all of this information and provide you with real life examples of how these can be applied. Enroll now in order to have lifetime access to this course and all of it’s content.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Course structure

Section 2: Getting into the flow

Lecture 3 Getting into the flow – first steps

Lecture 4 Getting into the flow – state of mind

Lecture 5 Brainstorming

Lecture 6 Section 2 – what to take away and key points

Section 3: Taking rational approaches

Lecture 7 The BEST model

Lecture 8 Thinking like your customer

Lecture 9 Section 3 – what to take away and key points

Section 4: Using creative approaches

Lecture 10 Analogies

Lecture 11 Walt Disney technique

Lecture 12 Mind mapping

Lecture 13 Section 4 – what to take away and key points

Section 5: Getting out of a rut

Lecture 14 Using creative visualization

Lecture 15 Handling problem overload

Lecture 16 Section 5 – what to take away and key points

Anyone who is interested in improving their creativity skills,Anyone who wants to learn rational and creative approaches to idea generation

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Udemy | English | 1h 19m | 1.59 GB
Created by: Mihai Alexandru Gafar

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