Credit Card Security Basics

This brief course is designed to meet the PCI DSS requirements of frontline staff who handle payment cards.
Credit Card Security Basics
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Credit Card Security Basics

What you’ll learn

Describe the basic requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
Prevent breaches and identity theft by using best practices for protecting card data
Describe lessons learned from large credit card data breaches
Identify data fields and features on payment cards with correct terminology
Demonstrate understanding of how credit card transactions are processed and verified
Implement best practices for computer security, including password compliance and control of phishing scams and other malware attacks
Describe encryption requirements for transmitting card data

Credit Card Security Basics


This course is appropriate for all students. No previous training in PCI DSS or computer security is required.


This course provides convenient payment card security training for members of the workforce who come into contact with protected credit card information.
Module titles within the course include:
* An Introduction to Credit Card Security
* Understanding Payment Cards
* Best Practices for Payment Card Security
* PCI DSS Compliance Levels for Merchants
* PCI DSS Compliance Levels for Service Providers
Average course length: 1 hour


Section 1: Credit Card Security, Payment Cards, Best Practices, and Compliance Levels

Lecture 1 CCSP101: An Introduction to Credit Card Security

Lecture 2 CCSP102: Understanding Payment Cards

Lecture 3 CCSP103: Best Practices for Payment Card Security

Lecture 4 CCSP105: Compliance Levels for Service Providers

Section 2: CCSP Final Exam

The CCSP course provides brief, affordable credit card security training for any member of the workforce, enabling professionals to demonstrate PCI DSS training compliance. Anyone who has access to credit cards or credit card data must meet PCI DSS training requirements.

Course Information:

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Created by: Wendy Whitmore

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