Crypto NFT Masterclass 3 in 1 Course

Beginner to Advanced Crypto and NFT Course! Learn how to Buy, Sell, Trade, Stake and Setup and Backup any Crypto Wallet.
Crypto NFT Masterclass 3 in 1 Course
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Mitchell Bouchard


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Crypto NFT Masterclass 3 in 1 Course

What you’ll learn

Lean how to Set Up any Crypto Wallet
Lean how to Buy Cryptos and NFTs
Lean how to Sell Cryptos and NFTs
Learn how to Save Money
Lean how to Stake Tokens
Lean how to use a Hardware Wallet
Lean how to Yield Farm
Lean how to Backup your Seed Phrase
Lean about the Top Crypto Blockchains
Learn how to Create a Crypto and NFT Portfolio!
Learn how to back up your Seed Phrase to Metal
Learn how to avoid Crypto Scams
Learn how Crypto Transactions Work

Crypto NFT Masterclass 3 in 1 Course


All you need is an Internet Connection!


Welcome to the Crypto & NFT Masterclass, where you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This course is designed for beginners and advanced learners who want to enter the revolutionary space of blockchain technology. You’ll learn from Mitchell T. Bouchard, a best-selling instructor with over 525,000+ students, who has spent the past six years researching, investing, collecting, testing, listening and loving cryptos and NFTs.Course OverviewThis masterclass is divided into three major sections that will take you from beginner to pro in crypto and NFTs. Here’s what you’ll learn in each section:Section I : Beginner SkillsIn this section, we’ll start by answering the question, what are cryptocurrencies and what are NFTs? You’ll learn how to set up self-custodial wallets, where you’ll own your private keys and won’t rely on any third parties to hold tokens for you. You’ll also learn about crypto wallets, including how to back up your seed phrase, the differences between self-custodial and non-custodial wallets, as well as the key differences between hot wallets and cold wallets. Additionally, we’ll go over the top crypto sectors and the top layer 1 crypto projects. By the end of this section, you’ll learn how to research, identify, and build your own custom crypto portfolio with set goals in mind.Section II : Intermediate SkillsIn this section, we’ll dive deeper into the crypto space. We’ll show you how to set up and navigate the Crypto dot com app, one of the best online exchanges that provides a simple and effective way to purchase, buy, sell, stake and receive crypto tokens. We’ll discuss building a strong crypto mindset, as investing can be emotional if you let it. You’ll also learn how transactions work and what you can do with your NFTs. By the end of this section, you’ll learn how to research, identify, and build an NFT portfolio that makes sense to you.Section III : Advanced SkillsIn the advanced section of the course, we’ll get into the complexities of crypto and NFTs. We’ll start by setting up a cold storage wallet, which is the best way to hold your digital assets. You’ll learn how to earn a yield by staking your coins using the Crypto dot com app. We’ll also show you how to utilize a DEX (a decentralized exchange) that allows you to connect your wallet and provide liquidity to pools, resulting in true passive income. We’ll teach you how to get into ISPO projects, where you can earn free fungible and non-tokens with little to no risk. You’ll also learn how to set up and manage your wallets while earning a generous yield.Course BenefitsBy the end of this course, you’ll have a solid understanding of the crypto space and NFTs. You’ll learn how to set up your own wallets, research and identify the best crypto and NFT projects, and build your own custom portfolio. You’ll also learn how to earn a yield by staking your coins, utilize a DEX to provide liquidity to pools, and get into ISPO projects with little to no risk.Enroll now in the Crypto & NFT Masterclass and revolutionize your financial future!



Lecture 1 Welcome to the Course! (Main Intro)

Lecture 2 Download Course Workbook!


Lecture 3 Intro – Beginner Skills

Lecture 4 What are Cryptocurrencies? – Explain Blockchain

Lecture 5 What are NFTs? – Explained

Lecture 6 What is a Crypto Wallet? – How it works

Lecture 7 Hot Wallet Vs. Cold Wallet

Lecture 8 Mobile Wallet – Trust Wallet (Tutorial)

Lecture 9 Desktop Wallet Setup – Exodus Wallet – (Tutorial)

Lecture 10 Web 3 Wallet Set Up – Metamask – (Tutorial)

Lecture 11 Top Crypto Sectors

Lecture 12 (BTC) Bitcoin – Digital Gold – Explained

Lecture 13 (ETH) Ethereum – Smart Contracts – Explained

Lecture 14 (ADA) Cardano – Smart Contracts – Explained

Lecture 15 (SOL) Solana – Smart Contracts – Explained

Lecture 16 (BNB) Binance Coin – Explained

Lecture 17 (AVAX) Avalanche – Explained

Lecture 18 (DOT) Polkadot – Explained

Lecture 19 (ATOM) Cosmos – Explained

Lecture 20 The Future of Crypto – Layer 1s, 2s Explained

Lecture 21 Top Layer 2s – DAPPS

Lecture 22 How Crypto Transactions work!

Lecture 23 CRYPTO Action Plan – INTRO – Download Worksheet : Workbook

Lecture 24 Crypto Action Plan – Worksheet – Download, Crypto Investing Vision

Lecture 25 Crypto Research Sheet – Worksheet – Download, Crypto Ranking

Lecture 26 Crypto Portfolio – Worksheet – Download, Creating a Crypto Portfolio

Lecture 27 How to Track your Crypto Coins (Coinmarketcap Tutorial)

Lecture 28 Tips for Saving Money – 10 Crypto Tips


Lecture 29 Introduction – Part II – INTERMEDIATE SKILLS

Lecture 30 Exchange Wallet Setup – (Crypto.Com App) – (Tutorial)

Lecture 31 10 Things you can do with NFTs

Lecture 32 NFT Action Plan – INTRO – Download Worksheet : Workbook

Lecture 33 NFT Research Sheet

Lecture 34 NFT Portfolio


Lecture 35 Intro – Part III – Export

Lecture 36 Paper Wallets – Cold Storage Option : Gifts

Lecture 37 Ellipal Titan Mini Unboxing

Lecture 38 Ellipal Titan Mini – Set Up + Update!

Lecture 39 How to Buy Crypto on the Ellipal Titan Mini

Lecture 40 How to Receive Crypto on the Ellipal Titan Mini

Lecture 41 How to Sign Transactions on the Ellipal Titan Mini

Lecture 42 Ellipal Titan Mini – How to Delegate Tokens

Lecture 43 App – Staking Rewards (Earning Passive Income)

Lecture 44 App – Sending to Cold Storage (Hardware Wallet)

Lecture 45 Cardano Staking : What is an ISPO?

Lecture 46 How to Set Up a NAMI Wallet (ADA) Cardano – Tutorial

Lecture 47 How to Buy : Add (ADA) Cardano – NAMI Wallet – Tutorial

Lecture 48 How to Buy (ADA) Cardano – NFTs – Tutorial

Lecture 49 How to Sell : Flip (ADA) Cardano – NFTs – Tutorial

Lecture 50 How to Delegate to a Stake Pool (ADA) Cardano

Lecture 51 Why I use Multiple Wallets – ISPOs, Staking, Diversify

Lecture 52 How to Mint Ada Handles

Lecture 53 How to Swap Tokens (ADA) Cardano – (Minswap)

Lecture 54 How to Yield Farm (ADA) Cardano – (Explained + Tutorial)

Lecture 55 Ellipal Mnemonic Metal Unboxing

Lecture 56 Pelican 1170 – Wallet Case!

Lecture 57 How to Store your Cryptos and NFTs like a Pro!

Lecture 58 How to Avoid Crypto Scams!


Lecture 59 Conclusion – You Did It!

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Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 51m | 7.16 GB
Created by: Mitchell Bouchard

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