Crypto Trading Professional Course

Learn and understand crypto trading using Price Action with guaranteed 98% winning rate.
Crypto Trading Professional Course
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Adedo Joshua


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Crypto Trading Professional Course

What you’ll learn

Understand the reasons and purposes for the creation of blockchain
Learn to study the market effectively
Learn to manage risk, protect your capital while making enough profit
Learn how information and fundamental analysis controls the market and how to take advantage of it
Learn how institutional traders and whale controls the market and how to follow their steps to make good profit and also reducing risk.
Learn how to identify important levels on chart.

Crypto Trading Professional Course


A mobile phone/laptop connected to the internet
A conducive environment to learn
Not less than two hours dedicated time daily to study the market.


The Crypto Trading knowledge you need to be profitable, with a proper explanation on how to read Candle Stick, Chart Patterns, draw Trendlines and locate Order Blocks. A boot camp where you can learn at your own pace, develop your own strategy, build trading confidence and be successful.In addition, learning the best indicator, and how to confidently combine and use it with Price action. This course gives you full life mentorship. To be well grounded in the crypto market, you must habe a mentor that shows you, correct you, and out you through the learning and practical process. Becoming a professional is not just about knowing the theoretical aspect of trading, but mastering and knowing how to implement what you have learnt properly, and to do that, you need a mentor. A mentor that has a record of success and ready to carry others along in their success journey.I, Adedo Oluwaseun, have Mentored over 137 students outside Udemy, students who are considered successful today.”Adedo is the best trader i have seen so far, how he manages risk while making profit is something to pay attention too” – James from Malta.”I love traders that can focus on Price Action without clouding the chart with too much indicators. And that is why i rate Adedo above most trader here” Noah from Sweden.  “He made sure i understood Candle Stick before moving to another topic. I insisted on studying later, but he said ‘NO’ I must understand before we move ahead, and that actually means a lot to me”- Tosin from Nigeria.Why Should You Learn?Its a free market. Its a market that a third party doesn’t determine your profit level. Its a market that never sleep, you can wake up in the middle of the night to make money, as long has you have the skills. This is why you should learn. Its a market where you cant be sacked, a market full of opportunity.What You Will Learn; PRICE ACTION. We believe market tells a story, a story that only few can understand. This story telling is the secret to be profitable, all you need to do is understand the story, be able to read and you will get massive profit from it. To read and understand this story, you need to master Price Action. Price Action is the key to your dream house and your dream car. WE WILL HELP YOU MASTER IT!INSTITUTIONAL TRADING. There are people who controls the market, they are Whales, Market Makers, Smart Money,The Big Bags. They provides liquidity in the market and they determine if price will pump or dump. You will learn how this Institutions trade and how to benefit from their liquidity pull.RISK MANAGEMENT. Managing risk is as important as making profit. If risk is well managed, losses wont be fatal. In this course, we will show you how to manage risk properly with our Risk Management Lecture.And if we fail to give the value we promised, you shall be refunded!!!!!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 The History Of Crypto Currency

Lecture 2 Why crypto Currency

Lecture 3 Analysis Platform


Lecture 4 Formation Of A Candle

Lecture 5 Bullish Reversal Candles

Lecture 6 Bearish Reversal Candles


Lecture 7 Support And Resistance

Lecture 8 Trending Market

Lecture 9 Ranging Market

Lecture 10 Choppy Market

Lecture 11 Market Stages

Section 4: Chart Pattern

Lecture 12 Bull Patterns

Lecture 13 Bear Patterns

Lecture 14 Neutral Pattern

Section 5: Institutional Trading

Lecture 15 Orderblock

Section 6: Indicator

Lecture 16 Relative Strength Index

Lecture 17 Divergence

Section 7: Market Psychology

Lecture 18 Bitcoin Halving

Lecture 19 Self Fulfilling Prophesy

Section 8: Risk Management

Lecture 20 What Is Risk Management

Lecture 21 How Does Risk Management Works

Lecture 22 Risk Management Strategies

Section 9: Fundamental Analysis

Lecture 23 What Is Fundamental Analysis

Section 10: Technical Analysis

Lecture 24 Top Down Analysis

Lecture 25 Breakout Trade

Section 11: Three Type Of Trading

Lecture 26 Swing Trade

Lecture 27 Day Trade

Lecture 28 Scalp Trade

Section 12: Practice Analysis

Lecture 29 XRPUSDT

Lecture 30 GRTUSDT

Lecture 31 GRTUSDT (day trade)

Lecture 32 BTCUSDT (Final Lecture)

Crypto enthusiast who wants to take advantage of the market to make profit,Anyone who wants to make money trading the financial market.,Anyone who needs mentorship and guidance on how to navigate the market successfully

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 8h 11m | 5.84 GB
Created by: Adedo Joshua

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