Cuddle Therapy An Introduction

Learn techniques for giving amazing cuddle sessions that can change your clients’ lives.
Cuddle Therapy An Introduction
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Cuddle Therapy An Introduction

What you’ll learn

Describe the challenges and opportunities unique to cuddle therapy
Demonstrate two consent practices to use with cuddle clients
Practice guiding clients into the three popular cuddle positions
Detail four behaviors of a trauma-informed cuddle therapist
List resources to better support clients in marginalized groups
Design a cozy cuddle space
Choose pricing for your cuddle services
List options for continuing education in cuddle therapy

Cuddle Therapy An Introduction


If you’re feeling called to offer cuddle therapy services, this class will help you better understand the work and if it’s right for you.


Do people feel comforted by your presence and love your hugs? Cuddle therapy may be a perfect way for you to earn money while helping to make the world a kinder place. This course was created for massage therapists interested in cuddle therapy and will also be useful for Reiki practitioners, coaches and other caring people who feel drawn to cuddling professionally. This course includes the challenges and opportunities in pursuing cuddle therapy, guard rails for a safe practice, the work of cuddle therapy, some logistics and a pathway for continuing education.You’ll learn cuddle positions such as Companion, Baby Bear and Lap of Luxury. You’ll also get details about two consent techniques: The Ask and Wait Method and the Blanket Yes Method. You’ll learn tools for being a trauma informed professional and tips for keeping your relationships with your clients professional.If you’ve ever thought to yourself…“I’m an empath. I really want to use my gifts to make a difference in people’s lives.”“I know that human touch has such power. The world needs more kindness and compassion – the pandemic has made that need even more urgent.”“I know people might not understand what I’m even doing, but I feel called to do this. I want to be a cuddle therapist!”…then this work may be for you.


Section 1: Introduction to Cuddle Therapy

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Challenge #1: Licensure

Lecture 3 Challenge #2: Emotional Labor

Lecture 4 Challenge #3: The Client Wants More

Lecture 5 Challenge #4: Marketing Can Be Tricky

Lecture 6 Brainstorming Exercise

Lecture 7 Opportunity #1: Easier On Your Body

Lecture 8 Opportunity #2: Less Training

Lecture 9 Opportunity #3: Improved Massage Skills

Lecture 10 Opportunity #4: An Enriching Career Experience

Section 2: Guard Rails for a Safe Practice

Lecture 11 Definition of “Platonic”

Lecture 12 Consent Practices

Lecture 13 Clothing Considerations

Lecture 14 The Direction of Touch

Lecture 15 The Ask and Wait Method

Lecture 16 Demonstration of Ask and Wait

Lecture 17 The Blanket Yes Method

Lecture 18 Keeping Client Relationships Professional

Lecture 19 Be Mindful of Time

Lecture 20 Keep Interactions Between Sessions Professional

Lecture 21 Be Able to Talk With Clients About the Relationship

Section 3: The Work Of Cuddle Therapy

Lecture 22 Introduction

Lecture 23 Cuddle Position #1: Companion

Lecture 24 Cuddle Position #2: Baby Bear

Lecture 25 Cuddle Position #3: Lap of Luxury

Lecture 26 Time to Practice

Lecture 27 Emotional Labor – Listening

Lecture 28 Emotional Labor – Pacing

Lecture 29 Emotional Labor – Rituals For Self-care

Lecture 30 Trauma Informed – Not Everyone Wants a Hug

Lecture 31 Trauma Informed – Why Is the Client Seeking Services

Lecture 32 Trauma Informed: Be Impeccable

Lecture 33 Trauma Informed: Keep Learning

Lecture 34 Two Exercises

Lecture 35 Inclusivity

Lecture 36 My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem

Lecture 37 21 Day Challenge by Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr.

Lecture 38 Assignment

Section 4: Some Logistics

Lecture 39 Design Your Cuddle Space: Three Words

Lecture 40 Design Your Cuddle Space: The Sensory Experience

Lecture 41 Design Your Cuddle Space: Getting Started

Lecture 42 Pricing: Market Research

Lecture 43 Pricing: Value Your Labor

Section 5: Bonus Content

Lecture 44 Three Bonuses

Though this course is designed for massage therapists, it will be valuable for Reiki practitioners, coaches and anyone curious about cuddle therapy

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Created by: Jean Franzblau

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