CURA Rundown

Learn to use Cura (Properly), in order to trun STL files, into working GCODE files, for successful 3D Prints
CURA Rundown
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Gregg Cerenzio


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CURA Rundown

What you’ll learn

Work with Cura to turn STL files into 3D Printable GCODE files
Learn how to properly use Supports
Learn how to properly use Infill
Learn how to properly position your Z Seam
Learn how to move, rotate, and multiple models
Learn how, and when, to use Brims and Rafts
Learn how to make changes that effect print times

CURA Rundown


Owning an FDM Printer, such as a Creality, SOVOL, Prusa, or ANYCUBIC


3D Printing is tough stuff. Learning to use your printer, is only half the battle. There is also complex software to be learned.3D Printing, requires the use of a program, known as a “Slicer”, to convert an STL file, into a file that can be read by a 3D Printer. This file, is a set of instructions, the printer follows, to print your model. This file, is known as a “GCODE” file.ULTIMATER “CURA” is a widely used program, by 3D Printers world wide, as it is powerful, and 100% FREE. In this course, we will be working with CURA, to teach you everything you need, to download an STL, and print it properlySlicing an STL file, into a working GCODE, that will print successfully, is complicated, and can become extremely frustrating. I will walk you through the most important functions of Ultimaker Cura, in small, easy to follow lectures. Each lecture, will teach you a vital component, of working with STL files, in Cura, to help you understand how prepare a GCODE file, for printing success.This course, is tought in a slow, detailed, plain language manner. New users should be able to follow along, to learn from scratch, while current users, should expect to improve their current knowledge.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Intro to Cura

Lecture 2 Viewing your model with the Cura Camera

Lecture 3 Cura Model Movement & understan

Lecture 4 Model Duplication & Orientation

Lecture 5 Scaling your models

Lecture 6 Intro to Cura Profiles

Lecture 7 INFILL: What it is. What it does. How to use it.

Lecture 8 TEMP & SPEED

Lecture 9 Intro To Supports

Lecture 10 TREE Support

Lecture 11 Understanding & Controlling, your Z-SEAM

Lecture 12 Multi Material Printing with Cura (and Meshmixer)

Lecture 13 Configure your GCODE to use the ABL Mesh

NEW 3D Printer users, looking to learn from scratch,Current 3D Printer users, looking to improve their results

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 32m | 1.64 GB
Created by: Gregg Cerenzio

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