Customer Experience Management Brand Purpose Leadership

Define A Brand Purpose That Adds Value To Your Customers & Your Business
Customer Experience Management Brand Purpose Leadership
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Customer Experience Management Brand Purpose Leadership

What you’ll learn

Learn how to define a brand purpose that will set the scene for your customer experience and align your organisation.

Customer Experience Management Brand Purpose Leadership


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About This CourseThis course, Customer Experience Management: Brand Purpose & Leadership, can be enjoyed as a stand-alone course and – for maximum benefits – taken as the first course of a three-course series entitled Customer Experience Management Bundle: Grow Your Business With A Purpose.In this course, the focus is predominately given to the importance of having a brand purpose. Experts Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan will share the findings and research from their best-selling book, On Purpose: Delivering A Branded Customer Experience People Love, and some of the techniques their company, Smith+Co, uses to help organisations become purposeful in the experience they deliver to customers. They use case studies to illustrate the concepts and then teach you how to apply these principles to your own situation using the tools and guides provided. By the end of it, you will know how to define a brand purpose that will align your organisation and provide the context for your customer experience initiative.What Does It Mean To Be ‘On Purpose’?Eight practices define the essence of being On Purpose. They describe the actions and behaviours of those brands that are transforming their markets through creating meaningful and intentional customer experiences; brands like Burberry, Zappos and Lego. In this rapidly changing world, it is vital for organisations to be agile and deliver customer experiences that differentiate them in the market place and continue to meet changing customer needs to sustain growth.Who Is This Course For?You may already be involved in some kind of brand or experience programme within your organisation. But perhaps things are moving a little too slowly, there is confusion about how to proceed, or you are just not seeing the results you expected. Perhaps you haven’t even started yet and want to get it right the first time. If any of these descriptions resonate, this workshop is for you. This course will be of particular interest to marketeers and leaders responsible for brand purpose.What Will You Learn On This Course?There are three main things that strong brands do; They Stand Up for something that matters to customers, They Stand Out from their competitors and they Stand Firm by creating strong cultures that sustain them. In this course, you will learn how to define a brand purpose that will set the scene for your customer experience and align your organisation. You will be able to apply the five tests of a great purpose and what it requires of your leaders.Your InstructorsShaun Smith has been a leader in expanding management attention from the narrow focus on customer service to the wider, more strategic drive towards customer experience. He is the founder of Smith+Co the UK based customer experience consultancy that has helped organisations create compelling customer experiences that achieve brand differentiation and customer loyalty. Smith+Co has worked with clients in a number of industries including retail, hospitality, financial services, travel and technology to name a few and was selected as the UK’s Management Consultants of the year 2020 by the FT based on independent research by Statista.Shaun is co-author of five acclaimed business books. His latest book On Purpose explores how consumers are increasingly favouring brands that have a purpose beyond profit. Shaun has worked with senior executive teams in many sectors, spoken to audiences in 25 countries and appeared on CNN and CNBC. He is a former Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association and a Member of the Global Speakers Federation. Shaun is a recipient of the PSAE (Professional Speaking Award of Excellence).Andy Milligan advises business leaders internationally on how a sense of purpose builds better business and how to align your brand strategy with your customer and employee experience. He has worked with clients in a wide range of sectors including consumer goods, technology, automotive, finance, aviation, construction and engineering, as well as sports and not-for-profits.He is the co-founder of the award-winning strategic consultancy The Caffeine Partnership and an award-winning author of several best selling business books including Uncommon Practice, Brand It Like Beckham, BOLD and On Purpose. He has been a keynote speaker and workshop leader in Asia, USA and Europe, a regular contributor to BA’s Business Life Magazine as well as appearing frequently on BBC and Sky News.


Section 1: Course Series Foundation: Customer Experience – Grow Your Business With Purpose

Lecture 1 Introduction: Why On Purpose?

Lecture 2 Why Purposeful Customer Experience Matters?

Lecture 3 What Are The 3 Types Of Purpose?

Lecture 4 What Do ‘On Purpose’ Brands Do?

Section 2: Course Introduction – Customer Experience: Brand Purpose & Leadership

Lecture 5 Welcome & Course Overview

Section 3: How To Create A Great Purpose

Lecture 6 Step 1: What Does A Great Purpose Look Like?

Lecture 7 Step 2: Where Do You Get Your Insight?

Lecture 8 Step 3: How Leadership Owns It

Lecture 9 Step 4: Tips On How To Write A Purpose

Section 4: How To Be A Purposeful Leader

Lecture 10 How To Be A Purposeful Leader

Lecture 11 Behaviour 1

Lecture 12 Behaviour 2

Lecture 13 Behaviour 3

Section 5: Course Conclusion – Customer Experience Management: Brand Purpose & Leadership

Lecture 14 Course Conclusion

Section 6: Course Series Conclusion – Customer Experience: Grow Your Business With Purpose

Lecture 15 The Seven Deadly Sins

Lecture 16 Course Series Conclusion

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