Customer Invoice Billing Application in PHP MySQL

Developing Invoice Billing Application in PHP & MySQL
Customer Invoice Billing Application in PHP MySQL
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Vivek Vengala


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Customer Invoice Billing Application in PHP MySQL

What you’ll learn

You will be able to build web applications in PHP
Learn PHP & MySQL with handson project
You will be able to create Invoice Billing Application

Customer Invoice Billing Application in PHP MySQL


Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP & MySQL


In this course you are going to build Invoice Billing Application in PHP & MySQL, and it is best suitable for developers who want to learn with hands-on project. This project covers from basic to advanced concepts on working PHP project.This course (Invoice Billing Application in PHP & MySQL) is structured based on the topics. And it is easily understood by any one who has basic knowledge of PHP & MySQL.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 How to Access the Source Code

Lecture 3 How to Access the Source Code (Windows)

Lecture 4 Source Code Download

Section 2: Setting Up Our Billing Project

Lecture 5 Setting Up Project in Local Server

Lecture 6 Going through the HTML Files

Lecture 7 Converting HTML Files to PHP reusable Template Files

Lecture 8 Updating the Navigation Links after converting to PHP Files

Section 3: Database Planning for Billing Project

Lecture 9 Planning Database Tables for Billing Project

Lecture 10 Creating Database & Connecting to it

Lecture 11 Creating Necessary Tables

Section 4: Working on Clients Section

Lecture 12 Working on the Clients Form

Lecture 13 Adding New Clients

Lecture 14 Adding PHP Validations & Displaying Errors

Lecture 15 Poping Up the Form Values on Failure

Lecture 16 Making Mobile & E-Mail fields unique

Lecture 17 CSRF Token Protection

Lecture 18 Viewing the Clients

Lecture 19 Updating the Client Details

Lecture 20 Deleting the Clients

Section 5: Working on Services Section

Lecture 21 Working on Services Section & Creating Database Table

Lecture 22 Adding Services

Lecture 23 Viewing all the Services

Lecture 24 Updating the Services

Lecture 25 Deleting the Services

Section 6: Working on Products Section

Lecture 26 Adding Products

Lecture 27 Viewing the Products

Lecture 28 Updating the Products

Lecture 29 Deleting the Products

Lecture 30 Working on Product Stock Form

Lecture 31 Adding Product Stock into Database Table

Section 7: Working on with Placing Orders/Invoices

Lecture 32 Understanding the Invoice Page & Creating Database Table

Lecture 33 Ajax Client Search

Lecture 34 Ajax Search Products/Services

Lecture 35 Understanding Session Invoice & Creating

Lecture 36 Working on Invoice Session to add more Items

Lecture 37 Redirecting user to create invoice page with customer id

Lecture 38 Displaying Products/Services in Invoice Page

Lecture 39 Updating the Product/Service Quantity

Lecture 40 Removing Item from Session

Lecture 41 Placing the Invoice

Lecture 42 Display all the Invoices

Lecture 43 Single Invoice View Page

Lecture 44 Reducing the Products Stock after placing Order

Lecture 45 CSRF Protection

Section 8: Creating Dashboard Reports

Lecture 46 Working on Dashboard HTML

Lecture 47 Working 30 Days Revenue Block

Lecture 48 Displaying Quick Insights on Dashboard

Lecture 49 Working on the 7 Days Performance Insights Chart

Section 9: Sending Invoice Details through Email

Lecture 50 Preparing the Details to send Email

Lecture 51 Sending Email to Customer

Who want to learn PHP with handson project.,Who want to develop a web applications in PHP,Anyone Who wants to learn PHP & MySQL with Handson Project

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 28m | 2.50 GB
Created by: Vivek Vengala

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