Customer Relationship Management A Retail Perspective

The success of your business through managing relationships with customers effectively
Customer Relationship Management A Retail Perspective
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Dr. Muhammad Tahir Jan


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Customer Relationship Management A Retail Perspective

What you’ll learn

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Importance of CRM
Customer Retention & Loyalty
The CRM process

Customer Relationship Management A Retail Perspective


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I am excited to share with you this course, customer relationship management from a retail perspective. The focus would be to cover so many important topics starting from the definition of CRM to covering the CRM process model. Each topic is designed to enhance not only your academic understanding of the topic but also your practical knowledge. The following topics will be covered in this course:Introduction to CRMDefinition of CRMCritical factors that influence CRMCustomer Retention and Customer LoyaltyUnderstanding the influence of price reduction on customer loyaltyAn overview of the CRM process modelA detailed explanation of the CRM Process model with all of the four (4) stagesCollecting data on customersAnalyzing important informationKeeping in mind the privacy issuesProtecting customer privacy when collecting data on themWhat are the guidelines provided by FTC when collecting dataHow can you collect more data and useful dataAnalyzing customer dataIdentifying your best customersAnalyzing customer data using Market Basket AnalysisUnderstanding RFMThe use of frequency programs in CRMDeveloping effective CRM programsImplementation of the CRM programs, covering important topics like customer pyramid and customer alchemyHow to deal with unprofitable customersAs you can see that this course will cover so many interesting topics. I am confident that after attending this course you will be able to improve your retail/ business performance. See you inside.Dr. Jan


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome & Introduction

Section 2: CRM & Retailing

Lecture 2 Introduction to CRM

Lecture 3 Definition of CRM

Lecture 4 Important Factors for CRM

Lecture 5 Customer Loyalty in Retail Context

Lecture 6 Customer Loyalty & Price

Section 3: The CRM Process

Lecture 7 The CRM Process | A 4-Step Model

Lecture 8 STAGE 1 | Collecting Customer Data

Lecture 9 Identifying Information

Lecture 10 Privacy Concerns

Lecture 11 Protecting Customer Privacy

Lecture 12 Collecting More Information from Customers

Lecture 13 FTC Guidelines

Lecture 14 STAGE 2 | Analyzing Customer Data

Lecture 15 Identifying Best Customers

Lecture 16 Market Basket Analysis

Lecture 17 RFM | Recency, Frequency, Monatory Value

Lecture 18 Frequent Shopper Program

Lecture 19 STAGE 3 | Developing CRM Programs

Lecture 20 STAGE 4 | Customer Pyramid | Implementation of CRM

Lecture 21 Customer Alchemy

Lecture 22 Dealing with Unprofitable Customers

Business Administration,Small and Medium Business Owners,Marketing Executives,Entrepreneurs,Startups,Retailers

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Created by: Dr. Muhammad Tahir Jan

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