Customer Service English Essentials

Learn the English phrases, sentences, and tips you’ll need to handle customer service situations over the phone.
Customer Service English Essentials
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Luke Priddy


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Customer Service English Essentials

What you’ll learn

Master phrases for handling difficult or angry customers
Learn many expressions for handling a variety of CS situations
Understand how to structure logical explanations and answers
Use empathetic language to create a connection with customers
Resolve communication problems effectively

Customer Service English Essentials


A basic understanding of customer service
The ability to understand some spoken English without help


Isn’t it frustrating when you have to deal with an unhappy customer on the phone, especially when you’re using your second language? It can be a big challenge to express yourself clearly and help a customer resolve their problem, while at the same time trying to show empathy and remain professional. I designed this course to help you get the confidence and English expressions needed to resolve issues with even the most difficult clients. This course is meant for non-native English speakers who deal with English-speaking customers daily, particularly over the phone. You will learn many common English expressions in this course, as well as common vocabulary and tips about intonation and stress to give your spoken English a more native sound (especially over the phone). This course falls in the category of business English. Each lesson is designed to prepare you for nearly every situation you may face, from keeping an angry customer calm to explaining steps in a detailed process, to telling a customer they are wrong, and much much more! If you practice what you learn, your ability to deal with challenging situations and customers, in English, will improve dramatically. You will be able to see my face in each video lesson, and I will use a blackboard at all times. Each lesson focuses on a single aspect of a particular skill. You can go at your own pace and should take your time, with lots of practice between sections. Replaying each lesson is highly recommended.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 About This Course

Section 2: Greeting Customers

Lecture 2 The Greeting

Lecture 3 Getting Details

Lecture 4 The Account Holder

Lecture 5 “What are you calling about?”

Section 3: Follow-up Questions

Lecture 6 Time Details

Lecture 7 Getting More Details

Lecture 8 Confirming Information

Lecture 9 In-depth Questions

Section 4: Explaining a Service

Lecture 10 Phrases to Explain

Lecture 11 Answering Questions

Lecture 12 Overview of Phrases

Section 5: Doing a Walkthrough

Lecture 13 Explaining Steps

Lecture 14 Confirming Completion

Lecture 15 Troubleshooting

Section 6: Communication Gaps

Lecture 16 Things to Keep in Mind

Lecture 17 Asking for Repetition

Lecture 18 “Is that about right?”

Lecture 19 Numbers and Names

Section 7: Angry Customers

Lecture 20 The Formula

Lecture 21 Showing Empathy

Lecture 22 Full Examples

Lecture 23 More Empathy Phrases

Lecture 24 Solutions: Reassuring

Lecture 25 Solutions: Expressing Solutions

Lecture 26 Solutions: Detailed Solutions

Section 8: When They Need to Wait

Lecture 27 Ways to Say ‘Yes’

Lecture 28 Putting Them on Hold

Lecture 29 Coming Back From Hold

Section 9: Passing to Others

Lecture 30 Transferring Phrases

Lecture 31 When You Don’t Know

Lecture 32 When You Can’t Help

Section 10: Correcting a Misunderstanding

Lecture 33 Section Overview

Lecture 34 Correcting Gently

Lecture 35 Clarifying Service Features

Section 11: When It’s the Customer’s Fault

Lecture 36 Basic Expressions

Lecture 37 Showing Your Desire to Help

Lecture 38 Getting Them to Understand

Lecture 39 In-depth Examples

Section 12: Making Exceptions

Lecture 40 Case Overview

Lecture 41 Common Phrases for Exceptions

Lecture 42 In-depth Examples

Section 13: Saying Goodbye

Lecture 43 “Anything else?”

Lecture 44 Future Issues

Lecture 45 Ways to Say “You’re Welcome”

Lecture 46 Mentioning the Survey

Lecture 47 Before You Hang Up

Section 14: Course Summary

Lecture 48 What have we learned? What next?

Non-native English speakers working in Customer Service,This course is not for native English speakers

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 45m | 3.76 GB
Created by: Luke Priddy

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