Customer Service Support For Customer Service Executives

Learn Customer Service Skills & Provide Excellent Customer Support, Customer Experience & How To Manage Upset Customers.
Customer Service Support For Customer Service Executives
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Customer Service Support For Customer Service Executives

What you’ll learn

The Fundamental Principle Of Customer Service
The Importance & Role Of Customer Service In Any Business
The Types Of Customer Service & Their Importance
The Core Understanding Of Role Of A Customer Service Executive
The Skills Required To Be A Great Customer Service Executive
The Culture Of Helping & Providing Excellent Customer Experience
The Key To Create Long Lasting Relationship With Customers
The Tricks & Tips To Manage Upset Customers & Delight Them
The Key To Emotional Well Being While Dealing With Customers
The Steps To Use Customer Feedback For Process Improvement

Customer Service Support For Customer Service Executives


Anyone can learn the skill to be a great Customer Service Executive.
The desire to help your customers and give them the best possible support.


Who is this course for? – This Customer Service training is for aspiring and existing Customer Service executives who want to learn what is Customer Service and how to be a good Customer Service Executive. This course is also for entrepreneurs to the learn importance of customer service in any business.Why this course? – Easy to understand concepts and tools that help anyone acquire the skill of providing excellent customer support in less than $20.What else is offered? – This training offers all theoretical knowledge combines with assignments, quizzes and real life customer calls to help enhance the learning of the student. The course also offers a Q&A section, assignment feedback and direct messaging option to provide exceptional cause experience.What do I teach in this course -The true essence of Customer ServiceWhat is Customer Service? Why is Customer Service important?How Service is becoming more important than the productThe importance of Customer Service in all aspects of a businessWho is a Customer Service Executive?What are the roles and responsibilities of a professional Customer Service Executive?The skills important for a Customer Service Executive.How empathy and honesty help provide exceptional Customer Service.The long term implications of great Customer Service.How to handle customer calls through explained real world calls.Understand complete world of Customer Service, Customer Support, and Customer Care.Who is this course for -Anyone who wants to enter the field of customer service and apply for the role of a customer service executive.Existing customer service executives who want to  learn more about customer service and improve their skillsEntrepreneurs who want to grow their company and brand by giving exceptional customer service.Freelancers who want to provide great customer service to their clients and create lasting relationships with them.Customer service is critical for success of any business. You can have just one customer in your business but as long as you provide good service to that customer, you will have a long lasting relationship that helps your company grow. You will also learn everything you need to know to create your own high-performing customer service team. You will have the opportunity to not just learn theories but also take assignments, ask questions specific to you, understand case studies of successful customer service companies and even watch sample customer interactions. “The course starts with a great introduction and overview of Customer Service, then goes onto the how’s and finally has sales call. Overall, a complete course that has helped me understand the importance of customer service and how to excel in providing that excellent customer service.” – John C.”As a beginner who is currently applying for jobs in customer service, I feel this course is exactly what I needed. It has set me up perfectly to know what my job would entail, how to handle customers, and what kind of roles and tasks I could have. The instructor has also given it a perspective from an entrepreneur so in case I ever start my own business, it would make sense that in order to satisfy customers, good customer service is important. I hope I can implement the things taught in this course and do a good job at my company and create a lot of satisfied and happy customers for them.” – VictoriaSpecial credit to Krittika Arora for helping me create this course.In case you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.I look forward to seeing you in the course!Salil Dhawan, Peter Alkema


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction By Salil Dhawan

Lecture 2 Introduction To Customer Service by Peter Alkema

Lecture 3 Introduce Yourself

Lecture 4 Let Us Celebrate Learning Together!

Section 2: Introduction to Customer Service

Lecture 5 What Is Customer Service? Why It It Required? Why Is It Important?

Lecture 6 What Are The Benefits Of Good Customer Service?

Lecture 7 Who Is A Customer Service Executive?

Lecture 8 Assignment 1 Questions

Lecture 9 Congratulations On Completing 25% Of The Course! Let Us Keep Learning!

Section 3: How To Be A Good Customer Service Executive

Lecture 10 How To Be A Good Customer Service Executive? Part 1

Lecture 11 How To Be A Good Customer Service Executive? Part 2

Lecture 12 How To Be A Good Customer Service Executive? Part 3

Lecture 13 Personality Traits For A Good Customer Service Executive

Lecture 14 Assignment 2 Questions

Lecture 15 Congratulations On Completing 50% Of The Course! Let Us Keep Learning!

Section 4: Dealing With Upset Customers

Lecture 16 Initial Interaction With An Upset Customer

Lecture 17 How To Handle Customer Complaints

Lecture 18 How To Solve Customer Complaints

Lecture 19 How To Emotionally Deal With Handling Upset Customers

Lecture 20 Congratulations On Completing 75% Of The Course! Let Us Keep Learning!

Section 5: Tools To Be A Good Customer Service Executive

Lecture 21 What Do You Need To Excel At Your Job? Knowledge And Training

Lecture 22 Customer Call 1

Lecture 23 Customer Call 2

Section 6: Using Customer Service For Process Improvement & To Manage Escalated Complaints

Lecture 24 How To Manage Escalated Complaints And The Power Of Social Media

Lecture 25 How Customer Service Feedback Leads To Process Improvement

Section 7: Thank You For Being A Part Of This Course

Lecture 26 Thank You!

Section 8: (Optional) Webinar With Customer Service Experts

Lecture 27 Introduction & Importance Of Customer Service

Lecture 28 Learn How To Deal With Customer Complaints

Lecture 29 Examples Of Customer Service Complaints & How To Deal With Them

Lecture 30 Advice To Individuals Who Are New To The Field Of Customer Service

Lecture 31 Mindset Is Very Important In Providing Excellent Customer Service

Lecture 32 Customer Service Experiences, Processes, And Process Improvement

Lecture 33 Customer Service Advice Based On Working At A Cake Company

Lecture 34 The Benefits Of Personalized Customer Service

Lecture 35 How To Transition From Physical To Digital Customer Service?

Lecture 36 What Is The Future Of Customer Service In Business?

Lecture 37 Industries That Have An Increased Focus On Customer Service

Lecture 38 Sharing academic journey and experience in PhD on Mechanical Engeneering

Lecture 39 Overview & Benefits Of The Customer Service Course!

This course is for entrepreneurs who want to provide great customer service to their customers.,This course is for freelancers to provide excellent service to their clients,This course is for aspiring as well as existing customer service executives

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Created by: Salil Dhawan

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