Customer Success How to Listen to Todays Customers

Creating a Winning Social Strategy
Customer Success How to Listen to Todays Customers
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Customer Success How to Listen to Todays Customers

What you’ll learn

The objective of this course is to help participants better understand why companies must listen to their customers by using social media.
Upon course completion, participants will have the knowledge and tools needed to improve their ability to create a winning social media strategy.

Customer Success How to Listen to Todays Customers


There are no special requirements for any additional software or other materials for this course.


Today’s customers have found a better mousetrap that is revolutionizing the way business is done. They are using the power of the social media platform to seize control of the brand conversation and flow of information.
The question for you is simple: how well is your company is listening?
The smartest brands have already embraced the new reality of this platform.  They’ve learned that by directly engaging with their customers in a straightforward manner, they can solve problems and tap into a steady stream of fresh thinking and new ideas about product and service improvements.  But, you have to listen first.
How to Listen to Today’s Customers is packed with the ways and means for you to create a winning social listening strategy.  You will learn:

Why listening to customers on the social media platform is more important than ever beforeHow to make sense out of Big Data

The five steps to crafting a winning social strategy

The twenty-one proven tactics to execute your plan

How Jet Blue has mastered social media through speed and humorThe ways social media has transformed how Adobe listensWhy Mercedes-Benz doubled sales on the platform by reaching an entirely new audienceHow Morton’s Steakhouse wrote the greatest customer service story ever toldHow eight other brands have made social listening a critical part of their success
No matter your experience with social media, there’s plenty of fresh insight in this course to help you succeed.  Every student who successfully completes this course will gain fresh knowledge and insight to propel their company and career forward.
We look forward to sharing much more with you so let’s get started together.


Section 1: Welcome and Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Section 2: Listening on the Platform

Lecture 2 Listening on the Platform

Section 3: Companies That Get It

Lecture 3 Lecture 3: Companies That Get It

Section 4: Case Study: Jet Blue

Lecture 4 Case Study: Jet Blue

Section 5: Exercise: What’s Your Inventory of Knowledge?

Lecture 5 Inventory of Knowledge Exercise

Section 6: Making Sense of Big Data

Lecture 6 Making Sense of Big Data

Section 7: Case Study: Adobe

Lecture 7 Adobe

Section 8: Your Listening Post

Lecture 8 Your Listening Post

Section 9: Crafting a Winning Strategy

Lecture 9 Crafting a Winning Strategy

Section 10: 21 Winning Tactics

Lecture 10 21 Winning Tactics

Section 11: Case Study: Morton’s Steakhouse

Lecture 11 Case Story: Morton’s Steakhouse

Section 12: Course Wrap Up

Lecture 12 Wrap Up

If you work with customers and are interested in the topics of marketing, market research, sales, customer service, and strategy, this course is for you. It will help you have a deeper understanding of today’s changing and more demanding customer.

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Created by: Chuck Wall

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