Customer Success How to Put Your Customers First

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Customer Success How to Put Your Customers First
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Customer Success How to Put Your Customers First

What you’ll learn

The objective of this course is to help equip you with principles and frameworks to confront the new market reality that customers are in charge. Upon course completion, you begin to see current and future customers in an entirely new light. This will help your companies succeed and your career flourish.

Customer Success How to Put Your Customers First


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For far too long, companies have put themselves first, ignoring their customers in the process.  They’ve been happy to take people’s money without really considering their points of view.

Now, there’s a real sea change taking place: the most successful enterprises are learning how to put their customers first.

This course, How to Put Your Customers First, lays out the key principles every size and type of business needs to embrace.  It starts with understanding that you are living in a “me first” world.  To succeed in it, you must navigate a new path forward to “we.”

In this course, you are going to learn key elements about putting customers first including:

·       The customer roller coaster every business is on

·       What Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, really believes about customers

·       The real brand gap between companies and customers

·       Why you must reframe your issues with customers

·       The Upside Down Org chart

·       The Five C’s on the Path to Trust

·       The three questions that form the Customer Experience Triangle

·       The three simple rules to adopt to show customers they are first

·       Why making things simple is a critical strategy

·       Over forty ways to become simple

·       The stark difference between right and left brain thinking

·       Why understanding human emotions is so important

·       How to tell customer first stories that touch the heart and deliver results

·       The true value of gratitude

You will also see three case studies that demonstrate how to put customers first and why it’s so important to building a better future:

·       TD Bank

·       Safelite Auto Glass

·       Jason Terry / NBA Player

The journey to putting your customers first will pay off for your company for many years to come.  Please enroll today!


Section 1: First Things First

Lecture 1 It All Starts With Me

Lecture 2 From Me to We

Lecture 3 Moments of Truth

Lecture 4 Three Simple Rules

Section 2: Customers Want Simplicity

Lecture 5 Keeping Things Simple

Lecture 6 Ways to Simplify: Part 1

Lecture 7 Ways to Simplify: Part 2

Lecture 8 Case Study: Jason Terry, NBA Player

Section 3: Customers Want Purpose

Lecture 9 Right vs. Left Brain

Lecture 10 Have a Shared Purpose

Lecture 11 Case Study TD Bank

Section 4: Customers Want Their Stories

Lecture 12 Customer First Storytelling: Heartbridge

Lecture 13 Stories That Move People

Lecture 14 Case Study: Safelite Auto Glass

Section 5: Course Wrap Up

Lecture 15 Wrap Up

If you work with customers and are interested in the topics of marketing, market research, sales, customer service, and strategy, this course is for you. It will help you have a deeper understanding of today’s changing and more demanding customer.

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Created by: Chuck Wall

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