CV Writing A Complete Guide PLUS CV Writing With ChatGPT

Write An Amazing CV / Resume To Get The Job You Want PLUS ChatGPT & CV Tips PLUS Submit Your CV As An Assignment
CV Writing A Complete Guide PLUS CV Writing With ChatGPT
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CV Writing A Complete Guide PLUS CV Writing With ChatGPT

What you’ll learn

Make your CV stand out even when you have no experience or are currently studying
How to approach writing and including all the key sections of a CV; skills, work experience, qualifications & more
Get a downloadable CV template that is taught in the course and you can use straight away
How to handle pictures and aspects of your CV that showcase your personality
Positioning yourself as a generalist or a specialist based on your experience and the role you are applying for
How much you should adjust your CV based on the advertised role requirements
What hobbies, sporting achievements and other interests are important to include on a CV
Differences in CVs across various careers such as health, finance, law and others
How to include volunteering experience, internships and contract work on your CV
Tools like Novoresume for managing your CV in the cloud and keeping it updated
Answers to common questions in live Q&A webinars where the instructors present CV tips & techniques

CV Writing A Complete Guide PLUS CV Writing With ChatGPT


There are no course requirements or pre-requisites
A CV template is provided in the course for you to create or update your CV


“This course is jam packed with expert advice from talented individuals who really know their craft by the back of their hands. Furthermore, this course is very easily digestible with informative videos in a very user friendly breakdown. Clear, concise and carefully put together. definitely 5 stars” – Semyn R.”This course really helped a lot I was able to get positive feedback from employers. This course is something I can recommend to someone.” – Nicholus M.”I’m getting the very important information that i wasn’t aware of.” – Lungani M.”What incredibly valuable information this course provides. Excellent for anyone who needs to write, update or improve their CV” – Les W.”This course took me through a personal journey of self discovery and realization which is something I did not expect at all. Thank you!” – Tshumelo M.”I loved this course, it helped me see different ways I can put my CV to work and make it more effective as well as find areas of improvement.” – Murphy Lomboli”I believe it has been an eye-opener to some of the mistakes one has been unaware of. I can definitely recommend the course to any soon-to-be graduate like myself.” – Rethabile MalekeIn this course you will get the benefit from our 40 years of combined experience in recruitment, mentoring, coaching and career progression. Learn exactly what to put in a CV so that you maximise your opportunities in the workplace. Whether you are just starting out in your career or climbing the ladder, a CV is incredibly important to keep up to date and ensure that it best represents your professional value proposition.You will learn our top tips for writing and improving a CV to get the job or promotion you want. These are proven techniques that brings together Tracey’s 20 years of graduate recruiting experience with Peter’s 20 years of line management and consulting experience. There are engaging lessons, student Q&A, activities, downloads, PLUS you will submit your updated CV as an assignment and much more. Don’t delay, get the CV you want … today … when you submit your updated CV as an assignment we will provide feedback on it to help you individually.This course is engaging, practical and takes you on a powerful journey that supports your individual transformation as a student, or professional at any stage of your career.Get the following when you enrol:Engaging lessons that teach you key concepts and build up your confidence so you can apply what you’ve learntA wipeboard lesson that teaches you an overview of the course and your journey of personal transformation to achieve your goalActivities for each major lesson so you can take action and apply what you have learnt and make sufficient progressDownloadable worksheets that you can refer to and get the tips and tricks you need for your activities and actionsAn assignment at the end of the course that ensures you continue to take action and achieve your goalsAccess to Tracey Ashington at any time through the messaging and assignments feature of the platformEncouragement from other students who are focused on the same goal, just like youArticles, resources and additional material to maximise your learning experience and ensure you achieve your goalEnrol today and we look forward to boosting your career with a job-winning CV!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Let’s Celebrate Your Progress In This Course: 25% > 50% > 75% > 100%!!

Lecture 3 Learn About What Is A CV, What Purpose It Serves And How It Helps You Get A Job

Lecture 4 Three Top CV Tips From Peter’s Career: Be Proud, Be Comfortable, Be Authentic

Lecture 5 Introduce Yourself To Your Fellow Students And Tell Everyone What Are Your Goals

Lecture 6 Workbook And Worksheets Available For Download In The CV Writing Masterclass

Lecture 7 Write An Amazing CV: Wipeboard Lesson Your Career Success Journey In This Course

Lecture 8 The Great Resignation Requires A Great Re-skilling

Section 2: Introduction to ChatGPT in CV Writing

Lecture 9 What is ChatGPT and how it can assist in CV writing?

Lecture 10 How can ChatGPT improve the quality of a CV

Lecture 11 Overview of the benefits of using ChatGPT in CV writing

Lecture 12 The role of ChatGPT in streamlining the CV writing process

Section 3: Understanding the job market and job requirements

Lecture 13 Researching job descriptions and tailoring your CV with ChatGPT

Lecture 14 The importance of keyword optimization with ChatGPT

Section 4: Writing effective CV content with ChatGPT

Lecture 15 Crafting a strong personal statement with ChatGPT

Lecture 16 Highlighting your skills and achievements with ChatGPT

Lecture 17 Writing an effective work experience section with ChatGPT

Section 5: Formatting and presentation with ChatGPT

Lecture 18 Choosing an appropriate CV format with ChatGPT

Lecture 19 Customizing CV templates with ChatGPT

Lecture 20 Making the most of white space and visual elements with ChatGPT

Section 6: Editing and refining with ChatGPT

Lecture 21 Proofreading for errors and consistency with ChatGPT

Lecture 22 Analyzing the readability of your CV with ChatGPT

Lecture 23 Getting feedback on your CV with ChatGPT

Section 7: Advanced techniques with ChatGPT in CV writing

Lecture 24 Using ChatGPT to optimize your LinkedIn profile

Lecture 25 Customizing your CV for ATS (applicant tracking system) with ChatGPT

Lecture 26 Incorporating industry-specific keywords with ChatGPT

Section 8: Conclusion

Lecture 27 Recap of using ChatGPT in CV writing

Lecture 28 Final thoughts and next steps

Section 9: Getting Started With Your Amazing CV: What To Include, What Not To Include etc

Lecture 29 Learn What Information You Should Put Into Your Amazing CV

Lecture 30 Learn About How To Include Personal Details In Your Amazing CV

Lecture 31 What Not To Include In Your CV: Unnecessary information

Lecture 32 You’ve Achieved 25% >> Let’s Celebrate Your Progress And Keep Going To 50% >>

Lecture 33 Laying Out Your CV: How To Organise Your Personal Details

Lecture 34 Checking In So That You Apply What You Have Learnt By Taking Action

Section 10: The Main Sections Of Your Amazing CV: Education, Work Experience, Skills

Lecture 35 Learn How To Write The Education Section Of Your Amazing CV

Lecture 36 Learn How To Write The Work Experience Section Of Your Amazing CV

Lecture 37 Learn How To Write The Skills Section Of Your Amazing CV

Lecture 38 Checking In So That You Apply What You Have Learnt By Taking Action

Section 11: Learn About Other Aspects Of Your Amazing CV: Hobbies, Social Work, References

Lecture 39 Learn About The Hobbies Section Of Your Amazing CV

Lecture 40 Learn About Including Social Work & Charity Related Roles In Your Amazing CV

Lecture 41 Learn About References In Your Amazing CV

Lecture 42 Checking In So That You Apply What You Have Learnt By Taking Action

Lecture 43 You’ve Achieved 50% >> Let’s Celebrate Your Progress And Keep Going To 75% >>

Section 12: Learn About Length & Format & Get Access To A Useful Downloadable CV Template

Lecture 44 Learn About Length & Format To Help You Write Your Amazing CV

Lecture 45 Get Access To A Really Useful CV Template For You To Download And Use

Lecture 46 Checking In So That You Apply What You Have Learnt By Taking Action

Section 13: Live Conversation And Q&A With Tracey And Peter: We Answer Your CV Questions

Lecture 47 Introducing the Live Q&A Lessons Featuring People Like You Asking Your Questions

Lecture 48 “Should I add a photo on my CV?” Tracey & Peter Answer In live Conversation

Lecture 49 “Whats good balance between appearing professional & showcasing personality?”

Lecture 50 “Under experience on my CV, do i put a bullet point job for each of my jobs?”

Lecture 51 “Do I always have to update my CV based on the job description advertised?”

Lecture 52 “If you have no work experience, to what extent can you add other achievements?”

Lecture 53 You’ve Achieved 75% >> Let’s Celebrate Your Progress And Keep Going To 100% >>

Lecture 54 “If the template requires you to put work experience, but you still studying?”

Lecture 55 Part Time Jobs, Side Hustles, Entrepreneurial Work And Including On Your CV

Lecture 56 “Should you include a short summary of yourself at the beginning of your CV?”

Lecture 57 “Would you advise someone to do volunteer work to build up their CVs?”

Lecture 58 Peter Shares His CV In The Live Q&A Discussion; Peter And Tracey Discuss It

Section 14: Learn Novoresume Tool For CV Writing & LinkedIn Top Tips For Improving Your CV

Lecture 59 Introducing This Section: Novoresume CV Tool and LinkedIn For Sourcing CV Info

Lecture 60 Learn Novoresume For Updating Your CV: Peter Walks Through His Own CV

Lecture 61 Learn LinkedIn Top Tips And How You Can Use LinkedIn To Improve Your CV

Section 15: Assignment: Update Your CV Using What You Have Learnt; Upload It To Get Feedback

Lecture 62 Your Assignment: Update Your CV And Submit It For Tracey To Give You Feedback

Section 16: Conclusion

Lecture 63 Bonus Lecture

Lecture 64 You’ve Achieved 100% >> Let’s Celebrate! Remember To Share Your Certificate!!

Anyone who wants an amazing CV to drive their career growth and maximise their job opportunities,Students and newly qualified people keen to ensure their CV gives them the best possible entry into the workplace,Career professionals with experience in the workplace will also benefit from the tips in this course

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Created by: Peter Alkema

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