Cyber Security Beginners Training Guide to Online Safety

Tips and tricks that teach you how to be safer online so you can prevent malware infections, scams, and identity theft.
Cyber Security Beginners Training Guide to Online Safety
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Jeff Przybylski


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Cyber Security Beginners Training Guide to Online Safety

What you’ll learn

Prevent identity theft
Spot Email spam & scams
Make online purchases safe & secure
Avoid malware infections on your PC
Choose stronger passwords and manage them easily
Browse the Web safely
Post to social networks with privacy in mind
Keep your phones free of viruses

Cyber Security Beginners Training Guide to Online Safety


Course examples shown using Windows but it isn’t required for lecture concepts


Does it seem like your computer is constantly getting bombarded with ads, popups, or scammy emails?

Maybe you suddenly can’t use your PC because of some random screen that
claims you have a bad infection and just pay them some money and they
can have it removed.

Even worse, you start noticing odd charges on your credit card bill
that you know wasn’t made by you (unless you did actually buy that 25th
anniversary edition pet rock – no judgement).

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Most times, many of the bad things mentioned above happen to you
because of actions you take on accident. You think that by clicking on a
button that tells you to “Click here to scan your PC” or receiving a
phone call from Microsoft warning you that you have a virus, that you
are doing the right thing.

But, it’s these exact things that are opening up your systems to the bad guys!

Cyber Security: Beginner’s Training Guide to Online Safety is a course that comes from over
23 years of working with computers and seeing how making some simple
changes can protect you and your PC from potential threats. Whether a
single user, family, or business with hundreds of employees, these
lectures and videos will walk you through step-by-step what to do and
not to do.

build a community of users that can learn from each other!

Cyber Security: Beginner’s Training Guide to Online Safety will be updated over time with advice and examples
from you, our users, so that we can all benefit from shared experiences
and grow in the process. Remember, there’s no shame or judgement if you
accidentally ran across something that tricked you into getting
infected or worse. Share your story and we can all benefit from your

CompuTerrors wants your

Please tell us how we’re doing and what you want to see in each training. We greatly value you as our students and believe in continually improving our courses.


Section 1: Welcome to Cyber Security & Internet Safety

Lecture 1 Introduction Video

Section 2: Web Browsing

Lecture 2 Introduction Video

Lecture 3 Click Bait

Lecture 4 Click Bait Demo

Lecture 5 Search Engine Ads

Lecture 6 Search Engine Ads Demo

Lecture 7 Torrents

Lecture 8 File Downloads

Lecture 9 File Downloads Demo

Lecture 10 HTTP vs HTTPS

Lecture 11 HTTP vs HTTPS Demo

Lecture 12 Privacy

Lecture 13 Privacy Demo

Section 3: Email

Lecture 14 Introduction Video

Lecture 15 Link Hovering

Lecture 16 Link Hovering Demo

Lecture 17 Attachments

Lecture 18 Scams

Lecture 19 Scams Demo

Lecture 20 Spam

Lecture 21 Spam Demo

Lecture 22 Rules

Lecture 23 Rules Demo

Section 4: Malware

Lecture 24 Introduction Video

Lecture 25 Categories

Lecture 26 How They Get In

Lecture 27 Signs of Infection

Lecture 28 Cleaning Up

Lecture 29 Cleaning Up Demo

Section 5: Identity Theft

Lecture 30 Introduction Video

Lecture 31 Social Engineering

Lecture 32 Online Purchases

Lecture 33 Fake Calls

Section 6: Social Networking

Lecture 34 Introduction Video

Lecture 35 Facebook & Twitter

Lecture 36 Dating & Meetup Sites

Section 7: Phones

Lecture 37 Introduction Video

Lecture 38 App Downloads

Lecture 39 App Permissions

Lecture 40 Picture Data (EXIF)

Lecture 41 Picture Data (EXIF) Demo

Lecture 42 Sharing Information

Section 8: Passwords

Lecture 43 Introduction Video

Lecture 44 Strength

Lecture 45 Management Software

Lecture 46 Management Software Demo

Lecture 47 Login Awareness

Lecture 48 Multi-Factor

Section 9: Conclusion

Lecture 49 Congratulations!

Lecture 50 Course Updates

Lecture 51 Resources

Lecture 52 Let’s Connect

This course is meant for beginners or anyone that wants a refresher in how to be safer online. The examples are shown in Windows 10 as well as Microsoft Office 2013 (365) but the lecture concepts can be applied to any environment.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 30m | 731.48 MB
Created by: Jeff Przybylski

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