Cybersecurity Implement Security Measures to Prevent Attack

Defend yourself and prevent attacks with this concise training-case studies, animations, assignments and trainer support
Cybersecurity Implement Security Measures to Prevent Attack
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Cybersecurity Implement Security Measures to Prevent Attack

What you’ll learn

Understanding cyber security fundamentals
Differentiating between types of malware
Protecting yourself from breaches
Understanding types of cyberattacks to look out for
Protecting your mobile phones
Applying techniques of social networks security
Protecting organizations against critical cyberthreats
Developing effective prevention methods

Cybersecurity Implement Security Measures to Prevent Attack


No prerequisites required except for strong determination to develop cyber security awareness skills.


We can give this course another name “Cybersecurity for Everyone”. Although it targets the organizational cybersecurity behaviours, everyone can benefit from its content. Cybersecurity is the ability to protect your personal or your organizational information systems from impairment or even theft. This is essential to you or to your organization success. Applying effective security measures not only offers liability protection; it also increases efficiency and productivity.This course is designed differently as:You’ll find it’s concise; explanation is right to the point.It has professional instructional videos with expressive graphics and animationsIt’s rich with understanding check quizzes and feedback;and the animation case studies will help you practice what you’ve learnt in real life situations.By the end of this course from Lincademy, you willUnderstanding cyber security fundamentalsDifferentiating between types of malwareProtecting yourself from breachesUnderstanding types of cyberattacks to look out forProtecting your mobile phonesApplying techniques of social networks securityProtecting organizations against critical cyberthreatsDeveloping effective prevention methods


Section 1: Module 1

Lecture 1 Getting Started

Section 2: Module 2

Lecture 2 Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Section 3: Module 3

Lecture 3 Types of Malware

Section 4: Module 4

Lecture 4 Cybersecurity Breaches

Section 5: Module 5

Lecture 5 Types of Cyber Attacks

Section 6: Module 6

Lecture 6 Prevention Tips

Section 7: Module 7

Lecture 7 Mobile Protection

Section 8: Module 8

Lecture 8 Social Network Security

Section 9: Module 9

Lecture 9 Prevention Software

Section 10: Module 10

Lecture 10 Critical Cyber Threats

Section 11: Module 11

Lecture 11 Defense Against Hackers

Section 12: Module 12

Lecture 12 Wrapping Up

Section 13: Evaluation

Mainly professionals, workers and businessmen at workplace.,Everyone

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Created by: LinCademy for Training

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