Darktable Made Easy for Beginners GIMP RAW Editing

Discover how to edit your RAW files with Darktable, which is free. Say goodbye to Adobe! Oh, and edit RAW with GIMP too.
Darktable Made Easy for Beginners GIMP RAW Editing
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Darktable Made Easy for Beginners GIMP RAW Editing

What you’ll learn

How to edit in Darktable
How to organize your images with the lighttable view
How to Import your photos
How to export high-quality images to share with the world… web and print
How to color correct your images
How to sharpen your images
How to use the Tone Curve to add contrast
How to edit your RAW files with GIMP
How to add a vignette
How to create presets + Styles
How to retouch in darkroom
How to use Masks!
How I approach editing in darktable with 4 real-world editing challenges… start to finish!

Darktable Made Easy for Beginners GIMP RAW Editing


Images are provided to use to practice what you learn
Nothing else is required


Darktable Made Easy For Beginners!  This darktable class was created for darktable beginners! Discover how to edit photos like a pro, including how to re-touch, use masks, fix “multi-light” white balance issues, and more.This class will get you started with editing your RAW files in darktable & GIMP. Everything from importing to organizing and exporting.Oh, and we can’t forget about the dozen+ editing tools you’ll use on a regular basis to achieve your creative vision.Plus, you’ll learn how to retouch directly in darktable. And how to use the most powerful tool in all of darktable… Masks!How to install darktable…First, you’ll start off by learning how to install darktable… it’s quick and easy.Quick start guideNext, you’ll discover four essential skills all darktable users want to know:How to import your photosQuick editing tipsHow to export your photosHow to edit your RAW files with GIMPDiscover the lighttable viewNext, you’ll discover how to work with your photos in darktable…Discover the lighttable view interfaceHow to organize your photosDiscover how to edit your photos in darkroomYou’ll learn the 12+ most used tools in darkroom for editing your photos. Plus, advanced tools for retouching your photos are included. Oh, and you’ll discover the most powerful tool in darkroom; Masks.Learn where editing startsLearn how darkroom creates an editing challenge and how to overcomeLearn about the Histogram + Tonal RangesHow to fix lens distortionMake quick basic edit adjustmentsHow to fix the white balanceHow to crop, straighten, + rotate your imagesHow to add contrast to your photosHow to recover details in your highlights and shadowsHow to use Masks for precise editsHow to retouch your photos in darkroomHow to remove digital noiseHow to sharpen your photosHow to add a vignetteHow to create presets + stylesHow to batch edit your photosHow to create a watermarkEditing challenges…You’ll now see everything put together as I share how I edit images from start to finish!Butterfly TransformationPortrait Retouching”Multi-Light” White Balance ChallengeEpic Yosemite EditIf you’re ready to cut the Adobe cord and their monthly subscription sign-up and I’ll see you in the inside!


Section 1: Start Here

Lecture 1 Class Resources + How To Get the Most Out of This Class

Lecture 2 Elevate Your Photography Skills

Section 2: Quick Start Guide

Lecture 3 Install + Overview of Darktable

Lecture 4 How To Import Your Photos

Lecture 5 Quick Edit

Lecture 6 How To Export Your Photos

Lecture 7 Edit RAW Files in GIMP

Section 3: lighttable

Lecture 8 Discover the Interface

Lecture 9 How To Organize Your Photos

Section 4: darkroom

Lecture 10 Discover the Interface

Lecture 11 darktable 3.8 Updates

Lecture 12 Where does editing start?

Lecture 13 First Editing Challenge

Lecture 14 Discover the Histogram + Tonal Ranges

Lecture 15 Fix Lens Distortion

Lecture 16 UPDATE

Lecture 17 Basic Edit Adjustments

Lecture 18 Fix White Balance

Lecture 19 How To Crop + Rotate

Lecture 20 How To Create Contrast

Lecture 21 How To Recover Highlight + Shadow Details

Lecture 22 How To Edit With Masks

Lecture 23 How To Retouch Your Photos

Lecture 24 How To Remove Digital Noise

Lecture 25 How To Sharpen Your Images

Lecture 26 How To Add a Vignette

Lecture 27 How To Create Presets + Styles

Lecture 28 How To Batch Edit

Lecture 29 How To Add a Watermark

Section 5: Editing Challenges

Lecture 30 Butterfly Transformation

Lecture 31 Portrait Retouching

Lecture 32 “Multi-Light” White Balance Challenge

Lecture 33 Epic Yosemite Edit

Section 6: Extra Project

Lecture 34 Bonus Project

Lecture 35 Retro Effect

Section 7: Bonus

Lecture 36 Bonus Lecture

Ready to abandon Adobe for a free RAW editor? Then, this class is for you!,Photo editing beginners,Darktable beginners,Digital photographers,Photographers of all levels

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 16m | 3.99 GB
Created by: Chris Parker

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