Dart Beginners Course

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Dart Beginners Course
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Bryan Cairns


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Dart Beginners Course

What you’ll learn

Installing an IDE
Flow Control
Error Handling

Dart Beginners Course


Basic computer skills


Learn how to create basic Dart programs. This course is aimed at the absolute beginner with no programming experience. Dart is an expressive and powerful language that has a very friendly learning curve. This makes it a great starting language. Dart helps you craft beautiful, high-quality experiences across all screens, with a client-optimized language, rich and powerful frameworks, flexible tooling


Section 1: Introduction to Dart

Lecture 1 Dart 2 – version changes (some videos will be re-recorded)

Lecture 2 Read me – major changes to Dart and Flutter

Lecture 3 Downloading the software

Lecture 4 Setup the IDE

Lecture 5 Hello World

Lecture 6 Section 1 – Assignment Code

Section 2: Variables

Lecture 7 Comments

Lecture 8 Booleans

Lecture 9 Numbers

Lecture 10 Strings

Lecture 11 Const Variables

Lecture 12 User Input

Lecture 13 Section 2 – Assignment Code

Section 3: Collections

Lecture 14 Enum

Lecture 15 List

Lecture 16 Set

Lecture 17 Queue

Lecture 18 Map

Lecture 19 Section 3 – Assignment Code

Section 4: Flow Control

Lecture 20 Assert

Lecture 21 IF ELSE

Lecture 22 Scope

Lecture 23 Switch

Lecture 24 Loops

Lecture 25 For Each

Lecture 26 Section 4 – Assignment Code

Section 5: Functions

Lecture 27 Basic functions

Lecture 28 Optional parameters

Lecture 29 Named parameters

Lecture 30 Functions as objects

Lecture 31 Anonymous Functions

Lecture 32 Section 5 – Assignment Code

Section 6: Error handling

Lecture 33 Exceptions

Lecture 34 Try Catch Finally

Lecture 35 Throwing Exceptions

Lecture 36 Section 6 – Assignment Code

Anyone that wants to learn programming in Dart at a basic level

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 0m | 393.35 MB
Created by: Bryan Cairns

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