Dart Intermediate Course

Continuing on the beginners course
Dart Intermediate Course
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Bryan Cairns


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Dart Intermediate Course

What you’ll learn

Classes, Packages, Scope, and the File System

Dart Intermediate Course


Beginners level dart knowlege


Continue to your journey into the Dart language. This course picks up where the beginner course left off. In this course you will learn classes, scope, packages, and how to work with the file system. We will also explore generic programming. All of the code presented in this class is freely available on GitHub.


Section 1: Imports

Lecture 1 Dart 2 – version changes (some videos will be re-recorded)

Lecture 2 Read me – major changes to Dart and Flutter

Lecture 3 Imports

Lecture 4 More Imports

Lecture 5 Assignment Source

Section 2: Classes

Lecture 6 Introduction to Classes

Lecture 7 Class constructors

Lecture 8 This keyword

Lecture 9 Assignment Source

Section 3: Scope

Lecture 10 Introduction to scope

Lecture 11 Public and private scope

Lecture 12 Getters and Setters

Lecture 13 Static members

Lecture 14 Assignment Source

Section 4: Polymorphism

Lecture 15 Inheritance

Lecture 16 Mixins

Lecture 17 Interfaces

Lecture 18 Abstraction

Lecture 19 Assignment Source

Section 5: Generics

Lecture 20 Introduction to generics

Lecture 21 Example of generics

Lecture 22 Generic class

Lecture 23 Assignment Source

Section 6: File system

Lecture 24 Sync vs Async

Lecture 25 System temp directory

Lecture 26 Listing items in directories

Lecture 27 Accessing files

Lecture 28 Assignment Source

Anyone interested in learning dart

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 4m | 402.47 MB
Created by: Bryan Cairns

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