Data Entry Course for Beginners

Learn from a Successful Data Entry Professional!
Data Entry Course for Beginners
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Data Entry Course for Beginners

What you’ll learn

How to Become a Data Entry Professional as a Complete Beginner?
PDF, IMAGE file conversion job example and how to do them?
Data Entry and Web Research LIVE DEMO work example directly from Upwork!
Client Project – My $15 Per Hour Easy Data Entry Job Example LIVE!
Practice Files to Practice the Skill and to Build your Portfolio

Data Entry Course for Beginners


You need a computer with internet connection


Welcome to this ultimate Data Entry Course for Beginners, from where you are going to learn about Data Entry project types available on freelance marketplaces such as – Upwork and Fiverr.You’re going to learn about Data Entry from an well experienced, successful, Top Rated Data Entry Professional – who have been providing Virtual Assistance services to clients since 2012!This live project example based Data Entry Course is for all of the peoples who are interested to become a Freelancer, work from home and provide Data Entry services to their clients.I have added few demo project examples for you to try and practice – which will help you for you sure to get the taste of the field easily. Along with the DEMO Data Entry project examples, I have added few project details on which I worked for clients – to give you a clear understanding of:What are some of the types of Data Entry Jobs available in freelance marketplaces?How clients provide us Instruction for the Jobs?How do we work on Data Entry Projects?After watching the lessons, after practicing on the provided practice projects in the course, you will have the CONFIDENCE to move forward, try on getting clients on marketplaces and become a Professional Data Entry Service provider.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 How to Become a Data Entry Professional as a Complete Beginner

Section 2: Data Entry Project Examples

Lecture 2 Microsoft Word Basics

Lecture 3 File Conversion from PDF to Word – Fiverr Project

Lecture 4 Ways to Convert PDF Files Easily

Lecture 5 File Conversion from Image to Excel – Job Example

Lecture 6 Easy MS Excel Work Example

Lecture 7 Website Scrape & Data Entry

Lecture 8 Beginner Friendly Data Entry Job and a Message for You

Lecture 9 Data Entry – Collect Specific Information from a Website

Lecture 10 Data Entry From Website – Job for Beginner!

Lecture 11 $15 – Easy Job – MOTIVATION for YOU!

Lecture 12 Explaining another Data Entry Client Work for You!

Lecture 13 Help with Student’s Client Project

Section 3: Informative

Lecture 14 Opportunities on Fiverr as a Data Entry Service Provider

Section 4: Practice and Portfolio

Lecture 15 Practice Files and Instructions

Lecture 16 How to Work on 3rd Demo Project added to the Practice Files

Lecture 17 Reviewing Your Practice Works! – Updated

Section 5: IMPORTANT!: What to do next?

Lecture 18 IMPORTANT!: What to do next?

Section 6: Additional Section – Upwork

Lecture 19 Get Started with Upwork

Lecture 20 Apply and Don’t Apply Project Info!

Lecture 21 Right way to Apply on Data Entry Jobs? and some other info!

Section 7: Success Guide

Lecture 22 How to Become Successful on Freelancing?

Section 8: Certificate

Lecture 23 How to Download Your Certificate

Peoples who are interested to Learn about Data Entry.,People who has interest to become a Data Entry professional.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 1m | 3.22 GB

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