Data Governance The Complete Course for Beginners

Make yourself standout in meetings about Data Governance. Learn everything that the experts know about Data Governance
Data Governance The Complete Course for Beginners
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Data Governance The Complete Course for Beginners

What you’ll learn

What is Data Governance exactly
Most important things to keep in mind when implementing a Data Governance Program
What is a Data Governance Framework
How to implement a Data Governance in your company
Roles and Responsibilities in a Data Governance Framework
Best practices to keep in mind

Data Governance The Complete Course for Beginners


Basic knowledge of data terminology will help but not mandatory


Welcome to the only course that you will need in order to understand Data Governance and how to approach it in your organization!Data Governance is something that a lot of professioanls discuss but not many properly understand.If you want to be one of the few people in a company meeting that actually undertands Data Governance and the correct way to implement it, then this course is for you!In this course we will cover:What is actually Data GovernanceWhy is Data Governance importantWhat are the Roles & Responsibilities in a Data Governance ProgramData Governance ChallengesThe difference between Data Governance and Data ManagementWhat are the key things to keep in mind when setting up a Data Governance FrameworkData Governance tools and techniquesHow to go about implementing a Data Governance in your companyWhat are the exact steps that you need to undertake to implement Data GovernanceBest practices and much much more!Data Governances may not sound like the most exciting topic but it is in fact one of the most crucial things to get right. Trillions of dollars are lost on an annual basis every year due to poor data practices. Data Governance will help you to improve the integrity, quality, regulatory compliance and everything else related to data in your organization.Enroll today and enjoy:Lifetime access to the course and all future updates3 hours of high quality, up to date video lecturesPractical course with step by step instructions on how to implement a Data Governance in your companyThanks again for checking out my course and I look forward to seeing you in the classroom


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Data Governance Concepts – The Basics

Lecture 2 What is Data Governance?

Lecture 3 7 Reason why you need Data Governance

Lecture 4 Example of what can go wrong without Data Governance

Lecture 5 Why Data Governance usually fails?

Lecture 6 Data Governance vs Data Management

Lecture 7 Data Governance Core Principles

Section 3: Data Governance Organizations

Lecture 8 Data Governance Roles & Responsibilities

Lecture 9 The most important skills for Data Governance experts

Section 4: Steps to Implement Data Governance

Lecture 10 Data Governance Plan – where to start?

Lecture 11 Step 1 – Identify Data Governance Leadership & Scope

Lecture 12 Step 2 – Develop a Data Governance Charter

Lecture 13 Step 3 – Choose a model for Data Governance

Lecture 14 Step 4 – Select the Steering Committee

Lecture 15 Step 5 – Set Up the Data Governance Office

Lecture 16 Step 6 – Choose the Data Governance Working Group

Lecture 17 Step 7- Select the Data Governance Support Team

Lecture 18 Step 8 – Policy and Procedures Development

Lecture 19 Step 9 – The Business Team

Lecture 20 Step 10 – The IT Team

Section 5: Common Data Governance Questions & Answers

Lecture 21 Into to the section

Lecture 22 What is Data Governance?

Lecture 23 Who is Responsible for Data Governance in a company?

Lecture 24 What is the difference between Data Governance vand Data Management?

Lecture 25 What is a Data Governance Framework?

Lecture 26 Difference between Data Governance and Enterprise Data Governance

Lecture 27 What is the most challenging part of Data Governance?

Lecture 28 How long does it take to establish a Data Governance Program?

Lecture 29 What is most important for establishing effective Data Governance?

Lecture 30 How do you measure success in Data Governance?

Lecture 31 What is a typical Data Governance Program roadmap?

Section 6: Data Governance Tools

Lecture 32 Data Governance Tools intro

Lecture 33 How to select the Data Governance tool?

Lecture 34 Collibra

Lecture 35 Informatica

Lecture 36 Talend

Lecture 37 IBM

Lecture 38 Erwin by Quest

Lecture 39 ASG Technologies

Lecture 40 SAP

Section 7: Practice Test

Section 8: What Next

Lecture 41 Thank you

Lecture 42 Bonus Lecture

Data professionals looking to deepen their knowledge on Data Governance best practices,Managers looking to introduce Data Governance in their team,Professionals that want to know what Data Governance is in order to lead conversations around it

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Created by: George Smarts

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