Data Quality Masterclass The Complete Course

Learn Data Quality Management from A to Z. This complete guide covers all Data Quality Principles, Techniques and more
Data Quality Masterclass The Complete Course
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Data Quality Masterclass The Complete Course

What you’ll learn

What is Data Quality and why it is important
What are the different Data Quality Management techniques
What are the different Data Quality Dimensions
What are the important roles within Data Quality Management
Best Practices from the Industry

Data Quality Masterclass The Complete Course


You do not need prior knowledge to enrol to this course. Any previous experience with data will be helpful but not mandatory.


**Learn quickly with my Data Quality Management course that covers the latest best practices from the Data Industry**The course is structured in such a way that makes it easy even for absolute beginners to get started!This course will give you a deep understanding of the Data Quality Management discipline by using hands-on, contextual examples designed to showcase why Data Quality is important and how how to use Data Quality principles to manage the data in your organization.In this Data Quality course you will learn:· What is Data Quality· What is Data Quality Management· Why is Data Quality Important and how it affects your business· What are the different Data Quality Dimensions· What are Data Quality Rules· Profiling· Data Parsing· Data Standartization· Identity resolution· Record linkage· Data cleansing· Data enhancement· What is the Data Quality Process· What are the different Data Quality Roles· Data Quality Tools and their importance· Data Quality Best practices… and much, much more!Enroll today and enjoy:Lifetime access to the course and all future updates6 hours of high quality, up to date video lecturesPractical Data Quality course with step by step instructions on how to implement the different techniquesThanks again for checking out my course and I look forward to seeing you in the classroom!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Download the Course Resources

Lecture 3 Certificate of Completion – how to get it

Section 2: The Basics

Lecture 4 What is Data Quality?

Lecture 5 What is Data Quality Management?

Lecture 6 The Impact of Poor Data Quality

Lecture 7 Estimations on Cost of Poor Data Quality

Lecture 8 Data Quality Issue from real world case studies

Lecture 9 Why do we have bad data?

Section 3: 6 Key Data Quality Dimensions

Lecture 10 What is a Data Quality Dimension?

Lecture 11 Data Accuracy

Lecture 12 Data Validity

Lecture 13 Data Timeliness

Lecture 14 Data Completeness

Lecture 15 Data Uniqueness

Lecture 16 Data Consistency

Section 4: Data Quality Rules

Lecture 17 What are Data Quality Rules

Lecture 18 Steps to Implement your own Data Quality Rules

Lecture 19 Example of implementing Data Quality Rules

Lecture 20 Data Quality Rules – Example 2

Section 5: Data Quality Techniques/Tools

Lecture 21 Data Profiling – What is it?

Lecture 22 Data Profiling – use cases

Lecture 23 Data Parsing

Lecture 24 Benefits of Data Parsing

Lecture 25 Data Standardization

Lecture 26 Identity Resolution

Lecture 27 Identity Resolution Process

Lecture 28 Identity Resolution Benefits

Lecture 29 Data Linkage

Lecture 30 Data Cleansing

Lecture 31 Data enhancement

Lecture 32 Data inspection and monitoring

Section 6: Data Quality Roles

Lecture 33 Data Quality Roles intro

Lecture 34 Data Quality Manager

Lecture 35 Data Quality Analyst

Lecture 36 Data Owner

Lecture 37 Data Steward

Lecture 38 Data Custodian

Lecture 39 Data consumer

Section 7: Data Quality Process

Lecture 40 The Data Quality Management process

Lecture 41 Step 1 – Define the Data Quality Improvement goals

Lecture 42 Step 2 – Data Profiling

Lecture 43 Step 3 – Conduct Data Quality Assessment

Lecture 44 Step 3 addition – Using Root Cause Analysis Tools

Lecture 45 Step 4 – Resolve Data Quality Issues

Lecture 46 Step 5 – Monitor and Control

Section 8: Data Quality Tools

Lecture 47 Why Data Quality Tools are important?

Lecture 48 What is important in a Data Quality Tool?

Lecture 49 The Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Solutions by Gartner

Lecture 50 Informatica

Lecture 51 IBM

Lecture 52 SAP

Lecture 53 Talend

Lecture 54 Precisely

Lecture 55 Ataccama

Lecture 56 How to choose the right Data Quality Tool?

Section 9: Optional Section – Data Governance

Lecture 57 Why invest time learning about Data Governance?

Lecture 58 What is the difference between Data Governance and Data Quality

Lecture 59 Data Governance Definition

Lecture 60 Why do you need Data Governance

Lecture 61 Data Governance Gone Wrong

Lecture 62 Data Governance Core Principles

Lecture 63 Data Governance Roles & Respnsibilities

Section 10: Data Quality Best Practices

Lecture 64 Top 5 Best Practices to implement

Section 11: Optional Section – Example of a Data Quality Tool

Lecture 65 Intro

Lecture 66 Setting up your account

Lecture 67 The Interface

Lecture 68 Connect to Data

Lecture 69 Running Jobs

Lecture 70 Job options

Lecture 71 Overview of Data Quality Scoring

Lecture 72 Data Profile page

Lecture 73 Shapes

Lecture 74 Duplicates

Lecture 75 Schema

Lecture 76 Record

Lecture 77 Source

Lecture 78 Pattern

Lecture 79 How to adjust the features

Lecture 80 Outliers

Lecture 81 Rules

Lecture 82 Data Behaviour

Lecture 83 Outro

Section 12: What Next

Lecture 84 Thank You

Lecture 85 Bonus Lecture

Professionals working in a data organization,Professionals that want to undertand what is Data Quality and how it can help their organization,Data Management professionals,Management that wants to gain knowledge in the importance of Data Quality Management,Anyone that wants to learn about Data Quality and add another skill to their resume

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Udemy | English | 6h 1m | 2.27 GB
Created by: George Smarts

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