Data Storytelling and Data Visualization 2022

Learn Data Visualization for Data Analysis and Data Science – Applicable to all tools: Excel, Power BI, R, Python & more
Data Storytelling and Data Visualization 2022
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Joshua Brindley


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Data Storytelling and Data Visualization 2022

What you’ll learn

Storytelling with data
Data visualization
Create rich informative data graphs
Craft compelling narratives with data
Speak the language of data
Create impactful data visualisztions
Discover important context to understand data
Format your graphs for impact
Turn default graphs from tools such as Excel and Google Sheets into effective data communications

Data Storytelling and Data Visualization 2022


Basic Spreadsheet knowledge


The most updated and complete Storytelling with Data and Data Visualization course on Udemy! You’ll learn the skills that make up the entire art of speaking the language of data: from communicating with data, to creating impactful data visualizations, to storytelling with data, to driving action with data-driven decisions, and finally to creating stunning communications, that will leave a lasting impression on an audience and get results. Right now in 2020, there is a huge shortage of people who can effectively communicate with data – recruiters and businesses the world over are seeking professionals who can turn data into a meaningful story. The demand for talented professionals who can compel and audience with a well crated and engaging story from data is increasing at an insane rate. More and more companies are finally figuring out how important it is to be able to converse with data and the role it plays to their success. Students aren’t required to know anything beforehand – I’ll teach you the fundamentals, how to apply them, how to develop into an advanced data visualization expert. Who this course is for: Anyone who has an audience who would benefit from insightful data communications Anyone wanting to learn how to tell stories with data Anyone who wants to create impactful Data Visualizations Already established Data Scientists who want to advance their skillset Entrepreneurs looking to master the art of communicating with data


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 How the Course Works

Lecture 2 Important: Read ME

Section 2: Communicating with Data

Lecture 3 Speaking the Language of Data

Lecture 4 What is a Data Communication?

Section 3: Good and Bad Data Vizualisations

Lecture 5 What Makes an Effective Data Communication?

Lecture 6 Effective Communication Examples

Section 4: Visual Design and Communicating Visually

Lecture 7 Visual Perception – Order

Lecture 8 Visual Perception – Hierarchy

Lecture 9 Visual Perception – Clarity

Lecture 10 Visual perception – Relationships

Lecture 11 Visual Perception – Convention

Lecture 12 Visual Design and the Application to Data Graphs

Section 5: The Right Graph for the Right Data

Lecture 13 Components of a Data Visualisation

Lecture 14 Different Types of Graphs

Lecture 15 Deadly Sins of Graph Design

Lecture 16 How to Avoid Being Mislead with Graphs

Section 6: Designing Your Graph to Tell a Story

Lecture 17 Create a Clear Graph

Lecture 18 Bringing Out the Story with Colour and Formatting

Section 7: Craft an Inspiring Narrative

Lecture 19 Analytics Value Chain

Lecture 20 Uncovering the Context

Lecture 21 BONUS: Anecdote – lessons from work: Learning the Role Context Plays

Lecture 22 Fundamental Data Narratives – with TEMPLATES

Lecture 23 Turning your Graph into a Story

Section 8: Bringing it all together

Lecture 24 Steps to Creating a Powerful Visualisation

Lecture 25 Case Study – Turning an Overwhelming Monthly Report into a Succinct Story

Lecture 26 Case Study – Confusing Report into Data Driven Action

Lecture 27 Data Story Walk Through 1

Lecture 28 Data Story Walk Through 2

Lecture 29 Bonus Lecture

Anyone who wants to create powerful data visualizations for analytics or data science,Anyone with an audience who values insightful information,Anyone looking to create impact data communications that will resonate with an audience,Anyone in business who wants to tell great stories with data

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 46m | 1.97 GB
Created by: Joshua Brindley

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