Data Structures & Algorithms C

Implement DSA for Cracking the Coding Interview with Animated Examples for an Advanced Learning Experience
Data Structures & Algorithms C
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Scott Barrett


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Data Structures & Algorithms C

What you’ll learn

Mastery of Data Structures and Algorithms
Time and Space Complexity of Data Structures and Algorithms
Strengthen Your Skills as a Developer
Confidently Answer Technical Interview Questions

Data Structures & Algorithms C


Basic programming
No experience with data structures or algorithms required


This course is different…After each line of code, an animation of the data structure or algorithm is updated to show exactly what that line of code did.The advanced level animations provide huge advantages to students:Increased understanding of the conceptsGreater rate of retentionThe material can be covered in a fraction of the timeThat means that you can actually learn more material in less time and have higher retention of the material.That is the key combination of factors to prepare you for the technical interview that lands you your dream job!I invite you to watch a few of the videos in this course to see what I mean. The difference will be noticeable right away! I spent over a year to create this course with the goal that an absolute beginner can take it and understand all of the concepts the first time through.What you will get in this course…Over 100 hand crafted HD videos that use animations to illustrate technical concepts.Here is what you will learn in this course:TechnicalBig O notationData StructuresArraysVectorsLinked ListsDoubly Linked ListsStacks & QueuesBinary TreesHash TablesGraphsAlgorithmsSorting Bubble SortSelection SortInsertion SortMerge SortQuick SortSearchingBreadth First SearchDepth First SearchI am excited to help you move forward with your coding and career goals.  Let’s get started!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Code Editor

Lecture 2 VS Code Installation

Lecture 3 Windows – Compiler Install

Lecture 4 Linux – Compiler Install

Lecture 5 Mac – Compiler Install

Lecture 6 Additional Configuration

Section 3: Big O

Lecture 7 Overview (Please Watch)

Lecture 8 Big O: Intro

Lecture 9 Big O: Worst Case

Lecture 10 Big O: O(n)

Lecture 11 Big O: Drop Constants

Lecture 12 Big O: O(n^2)

Lecture 13 Big O: Drop Non-Dominants

Lecture 14 Big O: O(1)

Lecture 15 Big O: O(log n)

Lecture 16 Big O: Different Terms for Inputs

Lecture 17 Big O: Vectors

Lecture 18 Big O: Wrap Up

Section 4: Pointers & Classes

Lecture 19 Pointers

Lecture 20 Classes

Section 5: Data Structures: Linked Lists

Lecture 21 Linked List: Intro

Lecture 22 LL: Big O

Lecture 23 LL: Under the Hood

Lecture 24 LL: Constructor

Lecture 25 LL: Print List

Lecture 26 LL: Destructor

Lecture 27 LL: Append

Lecture 28 LL: Delete Last (Intro)

Lecture 29 LL: Delete Last (Code)

Lecture 30 LL: Delete Last (Rewrite)

Lecture 31 LL: Prepend

Lecture 32 LL: Delete First

Lecture 33 LL: Get

Lecture 34 LL: Set

Lecture 35 LL: Insert

Lecture 36 LL: Delete Node

Lecture 37 LL: Reverse

Section 6: Data Structures: Doubly Linked Lists

Lecture 38 DLL: Constructor

Lecture 39 DLL: Append

Lecture 40 DLL: Delete Last

Lecture 41 DLL: Prepend

Lecture 42 DLL: Delete First

Lecture 43 DLL: Get

Lecture 44 DLL: Set

Lecture 45 DLL: Insert

Lecture 46 DLL: Delete Node

Section 7: Data Structures: Stacks & Queues

Lecture 47 Stack: Intro

Lecture 48 Stack: Constructor

Lecture 49 Stack: Push

Lecture 50 Stack: Pop

Lecture 51 Queue: Intro

Lecture 52 Queue: Constructor

Lecture 53 Queue: Enqueue

Lecture 54 Queue: Dequeue

Section 8: Data Structures: Trees

Lecture 55 Trees: Intro & Terminology

Lecture 56 Binary Search Trees: Example

Lecture 57 BST: Big O

Lecture 58 BST: Constructor

Lecture 59 BST: Insert – Intro

Lecture 60 BST: Insert – Code

Lecture 61 BST: Contains – Intro

Lecture 62 BST: Contains – Code

Section 9: Data Structures: Hash Tables

Lecture 63 Hash Table: Intro

Lecture 64 HT: Collisions

Lecture 65 HT: Constructor

Lecture 66 HT: Hash Function

Lecture 67 HT: Set

Lecture 68 HT: Get

Lecture 69 HT: Keys

Lecture 70 HT: Big O

Lecture 71 HT: Interview Question

Section 10: Data Structures: Graphs

Lecture 72 Graph: Intro

Lecture 73 Graph: Adjacency Matrix

Lecture 74 Graph: Adjacency List

Lecture 75 Graph: Unordered Sets

Lecture 76 Graph: Big O

Lecture 77 Graph: Add Vertex

Lecture 78 Graph: Add Edge

Lecture 79 Graph: Remove Edge

Lecture 80 Graph: Remove Vertex

Section 11: Algorithms: Recursion

Lecture 81 Recursion: Intro

Lecture 82 Call Stack

Lecture 83 Factorial

Section 12: Algorithms: Basic Sorts

Lecture 84 Bubble Sort: Intro

Lecture 85 Bubble Sort: Code

Lecture 86 Selection Sort: Intro

Lecture 87 Selection Sort: Code

Lecture 88 Insertion Sort: Intro

Lecture 89 Insertion Sort: Code

Lecture 90 Insertion Sort: Big O

Section 13: Algorithms: Merge Sort

Lecture 91 Merge Sort: Overview

Lecture 92 Merge: Intro (1)

Lecture 93 Merge: Intro (2)

Lecture 94 Merge: Code (1)

Lecture 95 Merge: Code (2)

Lecture 96 Merge Sort: Intro

Lecture 97 Merge Sort: Code

Lecture 98 Merge Sort: Big O

Section 14: Algorithms: Quick Sort

Lecture 99 Quick Sort: Intro

Lecture 100 Pivot: Intro

Lecture 101 Pivot: Code

Lecture 102 Quick Sort: Code

Lecture 103 Quick Sort: Big O

Section 15: Algorithms: Tree Traversal

Lecture 104 Tree Traversal: Intro

Lecture 105 BFS (Breadth First Search): Intro

Lecture 106 BFS: Code

Lecture 107 DFS (Depth First Search): PreOrder – Intro

Lecture 108 DFS: PreOrder – Code

Lecture 109 DFS: PostOrder – Intro

Lecture 110 DFS: PostOrder – Code

Lecture 111 DFS: InOrder – Intro

Lecture 112 DFS: InOrder – Code

Section 16: Coding Exercises

C++ programmers preparing for an interview,University students taking a data structures and algorithms course

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Created by: Scott Barrett

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