Database Management System from scratch Part 2

Learn Database Management Systems from scratch as Database Management System forms the core of computer science
Database Management System from scratch Part 2
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Database Management System from scratch Part 2

What you’ll learn

You will become very familiar with the core concepts of Database Management Systems
You will be able to challenge the interviewer on questions related to Database Management Systems
You will view Computer Science in a different dimension
You will be able to answer all questions of these topics in exams like GATE,PGEE,ISRO
You will be able to get a top grade in your Database Management Systems course in your Bachelor’s degree
Understand how Database Management Systems work

Database Management System from scratch Part 2


Should have a PC with internet connection
Should have watched part 1 course of Database Management System


Welcome to the course Database Management system from scratch !!!Mastering the concepts of Database Management System is very important to get started with Computer Science because Database Management System is the program which is responsible for the ease with which we are able to fetch the data from the database and that is the backbone of internet today. The concepts which we are going to study is going to give a very good understanding of Database Management System and by the end of it you will be able to answer any interview question on Database Management System.Without using Database Management Systems ,it is extremely difficult to communicate with the data in the server. Every server today has Database Management System installed in it. Through this course you will not only master the basics of Database Management Systems but also get ready for venturing into advanced concepts of Database Management Systems.In this course ,every concept of Database Management System is taught in an easy-to-understand manner such that anybody without any prerequisites will be able to master the concepts of Database Management System in the easiest way.Come and join me, I assure you that you will have the best learning experience of not just Database Management Systems but also the core of Computer Science in a different dimension.


Section 1: Introduction to Decomposition

Lecture 1 Closure of Functional Dependency Set

Lecture 2 Rough Idea of Normalization

Lecture 3 Lossless Decomposition

Lecture 4 Lossless Decomposition Continued

Lecture 5 Problem on Lossless Decomposition

Lecture 6 Attribute Preserving Decomposition

Lecture 7 Functional Dependency Preserving Decomposition

Section 2: Problems on Lossless, Attribute Preserving and FD Preserving Decomposition

Lecture 8 Problem 1

Lecture 9 Problem 2

Lecture 10 Problem 3

Lecture 11 Problem 4

Section 3: First Normal Form

Lecture 12 First Normal Form Explained

Lecture 13 Problem to illustrate First Normal Form

Section 4: Second Normal Form

Lecture 14 Second Normal Form Explained

Lecture 15 Conversion of a relation to Second Normal Form

Lecture 16 Problem 1

Lecture 17 Problem 2

Lecture 18 Problem 2 continued

Lecture 19 Advantage of following Lossless Decomposition

Lecture 20 Other Formal Definitions of Second Normal Form

Section 5: Third Normal Form

Lecture 21 Third Normal Form Explained

Lecture 22 Another way of looking at third normal form

Lecture 23 Problem 1

Lecture 24 Problem 2

Lecture 25 Problem 3

Section 6: Boyce Codd Normal Form (BCNF)

Lecture 26 BCNF Explained

Lecture 27 Problem 1

Lecture 28 Problem 2

Lecture 29 Problem 3

Lecture 30 Important Result

Lecture 31 Problem 4

Lecture 32 Problem 5

Lecture 33 Problem 6

Lecture 34 Problem 6 continued

Lecture 35 Problem 7

Lecture 36 Problem 8

Section 7: Operations of Relational Algebra

Lecture 37 Introduction to Relational Algebra

Lecture 38 Selection Operation

Lecture 39 More points on Selection

Lecture 40 Projection Operation

Lecture 41 More points on Projection

Lecture 42 Rename Operation

Lecture 43 Union Operation

Lecture 44 Intersection Operation

Lecture 45 Set Difference Operation

Section 8: Joins

Lecture 46 Cartesian Product

Lecture 47 Join Operation

Lecture 48 Important Points to note

Lecture 49 Natural Join

Lecture 50 Cartesian Product vs Join vs Natural Join

Lecture 51 Quick Summary

Lecture 52 Left Outer Join and Right Outer Join

Lecture 53 Full Outer Join

Lecture 54 Inner Join vs Left Outer Join vs Right Outer Join vs Full Outer Join

Lecture 55 Minimum and Maximum number of tuples possible

Section 9: Problems on Relational Algebra

Lecture 56 Problem 1

Lecture 57 Problem 2

Lecture 58 Problem 3

Lecture 59 Problem 4

Lecture 60 Problem 4 explained with example

Lecture 61 Problem 5

Lecture 62 Problem 5 explained with example

Lecture 63 Problem 6

Lecture 64 Problem 7

Lecture 65 Problem 8

Lecture 66 Problem 9

Section 10: Bonus : How to proceed further

Lecture 67 Bonus : How to proceed further

Anybody who needs to learn Database Management System,Anybody who wants to pursue a career in Computer Science,Anybody who has Database Management System in the Bachelor’s degree,Anybody who is preparing for interview in product based companies,If you are preparing for exams like GATE , PGEE , BITS HD , ISRO ,..etc,If you are a Computer Science Engineer

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Udemy | English | 9h 12m | 8.11 GB
Created by: Vignesh Sekar

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